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Paris Works a Stripper Pole

10/24/2006 1:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dollar bills were quickly raised into the air when Paris Hilton took over a stripper pole at Jet nightclub in Vegas this weekend. The heiress teased the crowd with an erotic pole dance while her song "Stars are Blind" played on the background.

Moments later, faster than you can say abracadabra, world-famous grunge magician Criss Angel raced up onto the stage and tried to embrace the dancing debutante. The illusionist quickly learned that sharing the spotlight with Paris is a trick he hasn't quite nailed down yet, as Paris quickly swung to the other side of the pole and danced away.


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Did anyone see on one of those entertainment shows that she got the most votes for someone they most wanted to be killed off in a horror movie? Just saying---------

2918 days ago


Chrissss NOOOOOOOOOOO OMG...Baby come find me!! I would love to dance with you. Maybe that's why Paris walked away...She couldn't see a good man..She only finds crappy guys who are rich..CHRIS I WOULD LOVVVVVVEEEE TO have you as my pole!!

2918 days ago

Miss Quote    

Well this clears it up. I always wondered how chicken of the sea packed so much tuna oil into each can and low and behold.

2918 days ago


I couldn't tell which was the pole and which was paris. At any rate that mother of a praying mantis feel waaaayyyyyy to important about her self. She is a self -destructing tragedy waiting to happen.

2918 days ago

Georgia Peach    

#33 Bi-Curious George and #4 Frog Level - OMG - I am LMAO - you are hysterical. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She is such a loser!Thanks for the laugh guys!

2918 days ago


The people who call Paris Hilton a whore must be looking in the mirror.

2918 days ago


I totally agree!!! The haters have such sad,miserable lives and are the biggest whores themselves.
While they're bitching on this board, Paris Hilton is out and about having a great time. Haters = LOSERS!

2918 days ago


#36 and #37 are now dorks.

2918 days ago


Paris is so hot! I wish I had been in that crowd! I guess all the fat chicks, who's weight would probably have brought the pole crashing down, are now going to bitch about her. That should be good for a few laughs hehe

2918 days ago


practice makes perfect...

2918 days ago


She can't dance. She is the OPPOSITE of sexy. I guess money can make people think your pretty when your not. Paris,hun, it's your money that people find hot, nothing else. Chris Angel Mind Freak, you are utterly UN-cool. He's obviously like a high school kid who pretends to be badass but really wants to please the jocks and hopes they invite him to their table. I don't respect anyone who goes to Hyde or hangs out with Paris Hilton. I don't even stay at Hiltons anymore when I travel.

2918 days ago


Number 23, I hate everything you said.

2918 days ago


Yeah, I think she did lack care at home. I can see that she is not a very fulfilled person at all. A happy person who has a real purpose in life doesn't act like that. I've read somewhere where her dad said he's "proud of her". Uh huh. There's the problem, Dad. You don't even know what it means to have a child to really be proud of. And her mom is so fake it amuses me. The parents act so proud of her. For what? Does she ever wonder why she should be alive?

2918 days ago


Criss Angel ruined is own reputation by excessively talking on his show ( it took the " mysterious" allure away from him and showed he's a totally self-absorbed geek... and I mean GEEK!!! Now that even Paris won't do him ( and we know she does anyone), that DEFINITELY proves how dorky this guy must be. Geez, even Travis Barker scored with Paris!
Poor Criss... maybe he can make one magically appear! Although Criss, my advice... don't say a word! It's the only way you might stand a chance.

2918 days ago


Paris is such a user. I am so sick of her and Lindsay Lohan that I cannot stand to see anymore of them. I wish someone would knock them down a notch or two so they will understand that they are actually human instead of some kind of supreme beings. I hate to say it, but sometimes I find happiness in their misery. My bad oops!

2918 days ago
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