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TMZ Solves Britney Baby Mystery

10/24/2006 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jayden Birth certificateTMZ has obtained a copy of the birth certificate for the latest addition to the Spears/Federline family, and now it's official -- it's a boy!

The certificate, filed today at the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder's office, reveals that the boy's name is Jayden James Federline. The certificate is signed by K-Fed himself, although a close inspection reveals that the signature is more like printing. Daddy Fed inked his name on Sept. 13, one day after Jayden was born.

K-Fed has been taking chances since Jayden's birth. In fact, just last night the new daddy mixed it up with John Cena on WWE's "Monday Night RAW," getting his "revenge" on Cena with a little slap but incurring Cena's wrath. Of course, K-Fed avoided any kind of retribution as Johnny Nitro stepped in on his behalf.

Britney GalleryThere was considerable confusion surrounding the birth of Britney's second child. Originally the baby's name was reported as Sutton Pierce Federline. Recent reports also indicated the baby was a girl. Last week, Celebrity Baby Blog had reported that the name was Jayden James, J.J. for short.

So baby Sean Preston has a lil' bro. No, we're not talking about Kevin.


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jayden is a black persons name. or, i suppose, a piece of white trash. ok so it fits.

2921 days ago

Don M    

People need to get a life. There are more important things that effect our life to get your dander up.

2921 days ago


Jayden James sounds like a porn name... good goin brit

2921 days ago


Did anybody notice Brittney's Initials? BJS. Explains it all she was a destined skank from the get go.

2921 days ago

sick of these 2    

"Name of Mother: Brittany Jean Spear's". SPEAR'S??? Can anyone use an apostrophe correctly? Probably taken directly from a form one or the other or both of them filled out.

2921 days ago


Is knowing the name and sex of this baby going to solve world hunger and make all the wars stop? I don't think so. The world is concerned with the wrong things. SAD!!!

2921 days ago


I feel sorry for the Kidz....I AM sure B is A good MOM but K F AS YR DAD LORD HELP>>>>>>> here son this is DA way WE PIMP are hoez BABY.LMAO

2921 days ago


it is an shame that punk-fed does not have to pay child support, he would never have an dime left to spend on himself

2921 days ago


I'm with not a fan, who cares. Why don't you just leave them alone and I'd bet they would quit being the dopes they try to be. You are what they make you. I wish they would just let Brit take care of the kids and not make an issue out of everything they do. They are just people like everyone else. NO ONE is so great that they need all this. If the world would take GOD as seriously and give him as much attention as they do actors and such, we would all be a lot better off! Thanks

2921 days ago


Okay now people if you didn't care you wouldn't be posting comments for 1 and for 2 who gives a sh*t what they name THEIR KID it's not yours don't gotta live with the decision affects us iN NO WAY AT ALL....get over it lame ass bastards .....> .......BRITNEY did sing HIT ME ONE MORE TIME okay and NOW she's just a dried up wanna be bleach blonde retard poppin out kids like her honey pops his pills that flat tummy you speed fene....loser when she started status hasn't changed all men just wanna bang her cus that's their thing for the women who adore her man get a life she's a drop out wanna be popstar with a gay ass f''ing life

2921 days ago


Okay, so we have a rich dipweed who married a poor even bigger dipweed and now they have begun procreating to produce a next generation of dipweeds. My guess is she'll announce she's pregnant with another dipweed by Christmas and like the second one, she'll say, "it just happened." Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to breed, no matter how much money they have.

2921 days ago


I dont get it, Do we not have better things to wonder about?? There are so many other things we should be wondering about, ie: what is a fair presidents son doing running for senate office in the "city of sin" ( state of sin ) that he realy has no connection to?? Does he realy think he has a snowballs shot in Hell????
NOT in this Dem.s eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!

2921 days ago


Yo mamma wrote "EARL??? damn, a name doesn't get much more honkey than that..."

You mean like in James EARL Jones?

2921 days ago


Who cares!

2921 days ago

sick of pop    

how does a talentless - okay. so maybe dancing is a talent. . . but at any rate. . why am i even posting this message. . . I'm such a sucker for celebrity. . . I wish I was rich and then got famous, then tried to hide the fact that I suckered the public into thinking that I had actual worth and talent. . .

why do we allow ourselves to be obsessed with celebrity and how have I found myself on a site such as this???

2921 days ago
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