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Madonna "Startled" By Big Adoption Mess

10/25/2006 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna told Oprah yesterday that she was surprised by the media blitzkrieg she's faced since adopting a Malawian baby, and says the media is, naturally, to blame.

The Queen of Pop taped an interview yesterday on O's show that will air today – even though Oprah, as Rush & Molloy report, really doesn't like talking with her guests via satellite. But that's just how important it was for Oprah to get the first interview with Madge since her controversial adoption. And, according to an audience member who saw the interview, Madonna says that she met baby David's father Yohane Banda and looked him in the eye and got oral and written approval from him to adopt his child.

Meanwhile, FOX 411 reports that little David is happily settled in at the Ritchie-Ciccone household in London. Madonna's other kids, Lourdes and Rocco, "adore" David, and husband Guy Ritchie is "very happy" to have David in the family. Yohane Banda, for his part, tells Time magazine that he is resigned to giving up his child forever: "I don't want my child, who is already gone, to come back. I will be killing his future if I accept that."

"Hassenback" Raped Twice and Murdered

Not everyone has it out for "The View's" resident Miss Smartypants Elisabeth Hasselbeck – ok, maybe almost everyone, including the producers of "Law & Order: SVU," who recently had a character named "Elizabeth Hassenback" raped twice and murdered. And yesterday on "The View," the real Elisabeth got mad about it.

On the show, as the New York Post reports, Hasselbeck recounted her conversation with executive producer Neal Baer of "L&O: SVU" and how she called him out for the unnecessarily proximate reference to her in the episode and his rather noticeable fake tan -- and then she threatened to boycott all "L&O" cast members from the show. When Baer offered an apology, Hasselbeck said she replied: "You don't sound sorry, it's not about feelings. . . and I want you to know I think it's socially irresponsible and I want to have you hear it from me before I vent on 'The View.' " Baer hung up on her shortly thereafter.

Ashton Worried By Bad Rumer

Rumer Willis is an impressionable teenager, and she ought to be home studying rather than out partying with the likes of Lindsay Lohan – or so says her pillar-of-authority stepfather Ashton Kutcher. A "source" tells Life & Style Weekly (via MSNBC) that "education is very important to Ashton, and he's afraid Rumer will think partying is better than studying." But, says L&S, Rumer isn't listening to her 28-year-old stepdaddy. "Rumer can't stop gushing about how cool Lindsay is. [She] feels honored by Lindsay's attention."

Babs More Paranoid Than Homeland Security

Maybe Barbra Streisand is just really trying to make sure she knows where superfan Rosie O'Donnell is at all times. As The Smoking Gun reveals in the rider for her current concert tour, Babs is requiring metal detectors at every door, on-call security staff, and even a police-dog sweep of the venue before she takes the stage for soundcheck. And not only does there have to be all this security, but plain-clothed guards have to be "neatly dressed in dark jackets, blazers, or sweaters." Amongst the other curiosities in Barbra's rider are 150 folding chairs for her staff and five – count 'em, five – living room sets, all of which have to be fabric covered, but not in vinyl.

Party Favors: Clooney and Coens Team Up Again, Strokes Guitarist Has Twins, Esther Williams Recovering From Infection

George Clooney and the Coen brothers are set to team up again for their third film effort, a comedy called "Burn After Reading" about a CIA agent who loses the disk on which his memoirs are saved, reports the Hollywood Reporter. The trio have previously made "O Brother Where Art Thou" and "Intolerable Cruelty" together ... Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi and British wife Amanda de Cadenet have had twins, reports People. The twins are the couple's first kids, and de Cadenet has a child from her previous marriage to Duran Duran's John Taylor ... Actress-swim champ Esther Williams is in the hospital for treatment of a minor infection, and will stay there through the rest of the week. Williams, who is in her mid-80s, is expected to recover fully.


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I think the dad should be grateful toMadonna. Because of Madonna, his kid will have opportunities that he otherwise wouldn't even dream about. Without her, he'd have been too busy fighting poverty and aids to think about education, career & the good life. If he was in an orphanage, then the parents had already given up being able to take care of him.
Elizabeth, just when I thought you had made your most rediculous statement, here you go with yet another. I don't watch the view mainly because of you. You should have been the one fired in the first least the 1ST ONE FIRED. FROM NOW ON, JUST BE QUIET.

2814 days ago


Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a raving lunatic!!!!! I'm surprised she hasn't been booted off The View yet.

2889 days ago

u stink    

Give that child back, woman. If you are intent on adopting, go for a child with NO parents. Fix the mess you've made YOURSELF, not the media. Don't just return the baby, but by help his father raise him. That's what you should've done in the first place if you really fell in love with that particular child and he is the only one who you would've wanted to adopt. Even if the father looked you in the eyes and said "yes, take him" I thought you had more common sense than him.

*sigh* Dumbass artists.

2889 days ago


I am so glad that Madonna got to tell her side of the story. Maybe the press will lay off of her now. David is one lucky kid.

2889 days ago


well said "adoptive mom"

2889 days ago

Originalkat are not liking the media attention? You are usually using it for your own gain. Oh..that's all of a sudden are on the Oprah show knowing she has alot of connections in Africa with all her concerns and good work. Please! are ridiculous. go man. I am sure Demi and Bruce are also concerned. Lindsay has weaved herself in their circle very nicely. might think hanging with her is cool but this is a bad way to get started out in life. Get your education and please...don't be so star struck. My have been raised with talented parents and look at you Mod. Wakeup girl!

Babs...I don't blame you on the security stuff. You are taking chances with your show go girl!

George...can't wait for the movie.

2889 days ago


Is Elizabeth H.'s claim to fame the fact that she was on Survivor?? Big deal. So this makes her capable of being on a national talk show? Who even listens to her?

Or is it that she is married to the NY Giants quarterback. Why isn't her last name Manning? That would lend more credibility.

2889 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

of course the media is to blame,they do everything wrong,NOT,it wouldnt be that she was unclear about her adoption,stars go to Malawian because its cheap and hardly no paper work,they wamt to avoid all the procedures ia americia to get a child,with all her past it would be impossible for her to get a child here because of her past,remember she said that"i screwed my way to the top"she just another bad parent that would teach kids bad morals and values.Shes a slut and dont need to be a parent.We will have another baby without a daddy,but she dont care,she just wants a baby

2889 days ago


Madonna can adopt a child from the country of her choosing. I hope they will all be very happy and blessed.

The name thing with Elizabeth is a coincidence and she should get over herself. I saw the esisode in question last week and it was very good. By the way does anyone thing that new check replacing Mariska Hargitay is better than Mariska. I LOVE her character, she rocks!!!!!

2889 days ago

Reality Check    

What is the matter with you people? "Adoptive mom", I don't mean to cause offense, but come on! The kid was in an orphanage. Why shouldn't she assume that if a child is in an ORPHANage, that the child is up for adoption? This father is in it for fame; why else would he have given four separate statements, changing his statement each time, all beginning with him blowing the top on the privacy aspect of this adoption?

Along those same lines, I don't think "Adopt a kid in America" should be making statements until he/she actually looks at the facts. Eighteen months of a trial period? Flying to Malawi and staying for at least a week? Lawyers and pr people dealing with the mess that has come about now that the father is speaking? That's hardly what I would call "cheap and easy". She hasn't been granted an official adoption yet, because of all of this red tape. Everyone has said she's been working on this for a year, and no one has denied the fact that it is far from finished. This is anything but easy for her.

On a side note, why isn't anybody attacking Guy Ritchie for the same reasons they are attacking Madonna?

2889 days ago


You go Ashton, way to be a good step parent. Keep her as far away from that crowd as you can. She will go much farther with a good education that by becoming a notorious brat partier.

2889 days ago


ElisaBITCH is such a moron and so full of herself. She better learn to keep her mouth shut as she is nothing more than a little girl in a grown up world who has no business on TV. I am so sick of her, her stupid comments and her ELF looks and can't wait until she is fired. Can you imagine what her poor husband has to deal with? Ugh!

2889 days ago


Total typos, sorry.

The name thing with Elizabeth is a coincidence and she should get over herself. I saw the esisode in question last week and it was very good.

By the way does anyone thing that new chick replacing Mariska Hargitay is better than Mariska. I LOVE her character, she rocks!!!!!

2889 days ago


OK so let’s say she gives the kid back. Why would anyone think she own the family any money at all? Wouldn't that be extortion on the family’s part? I think it was totally a setup, they think if they can whine to the media they'll get paid for more but all they've done is cause grief for that little boy. THEY GIVE HER NOTHING BUT GRIEF AND SHE SHOULD NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY AT ALL. Don’t be ridicules.

2889 days ago


Is Elizabeth kidding? Just because her name was similar? What about the girl who has that exact name? Because I bet you there is a person out there with that name. Just because she is a celebrity SVU has to apologize? Give me a break she needs a slap. 1000's of people's names have been used for characters on TV and many for murder and violence and now SVU uses one that is only similar to hers and she gets upset. That bytch needs a reality check.

2889 days ago
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