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Madonna "Startled" By Big Adoption Mess

10/25/2006 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna told Oprah yesterday that she was surprised by the media blitzkrieg she's faced since adopting a Malawian baby, and says the media is, naturally, to blame.

The Queen of Pop taped an interview yesterday on O's show that will air today – even though Oprah, as Rush & Molloy report, really doesn't like talking with her guests via satellite. But that's just how important it was for Oprah to get the first interview with Madge since her controversial adoption. And, according to an audience member who saw the interview, Madonna says that she met baby David's father Yohane Banda and looked him in the eye and got oral and written approval from him to adopt his child.

Meanwhile, FOX 411 reports that little David is happily settled in at the Ritchie-Ciccone household in London. Madonna's other kids, Lourdes and Rocco, "adore" David, and husband Guy Ritchie is "very happy" to have David in the family. Yohane Banda, for his part, tells Time magazine that he is resigned to giving up his child forever: "I don't want my child, who is already gone, to come back. I will be killing his future if I accept that."

"Hassenback" Raped Twice and Murdered

Not everyone has it out for "The View's" resident Miss Smartypants Elisabeth Hasselbeck – ok, maybe almost everyone, including the producers of "Law & Order: SVU," who recently had a character named "Elizabeth Hassenback" raped twice and murdered. And yesterday on "The View," the real Elisabeth got mad about it.

On the show, as the New York Post reports, Hasselbeck recounted her conversation with executive producer Neal Baer of "L&O: SVU" and how she called him out for the unnecessarily proximate reference to her in the episode and his rather noticeable fake tan -- and then she threatened to boycott all "L&O" cast members from the show. When Baer offered an apology, Hasselbeck said she replied: "You don't sound sorry, it's not about feelings. . . and I want you to know I think it's socially irresponsible and I want to have you hear it from me before I vent on 'The View.' " Baer hung up on her shortly thereafter.

Ashton Worried By Bad Rumer

Rumer Willis is an impressionable teenager, and she ought to be home studying rather than out partying with the likes of Lindsay Lohan – or so says her pillar-of-authority stepfather Ashton Kutcher. A "source" tells Life & Style Weekly (via MSNBC) that "education is very important to Ashton, and he's afraid Rumer will think partying is better than studying." But, says L&S, Rumer isn't listening to her 28-year-old stepdaddy. "Rumer can't stop gushing about how cool Lindsay is. [She] feels honored by Lindsay's attention."

Babs More Paranoid Than Homeland Security

Maybe Barbra Streisand is just really trying to make sure she knows where superfan Rosie O'Donnell is at all times. As The Smoking Gun reveals in the rider for her current concert tour, Babs is requiring metal detectors at every door, on-call security staff, and even a police-dog sweep of the venue before she takes the stage for soundcheck. And not only does there have to be all this security, but plain-clothed guards have to be "neatly dressed in dark jackets, blazers, or sweaters." Amongst the other curiosities in Barbra's rider are 150 folding chairs for her staff and five – count 'em, five – living room sets, all of which have to be fabric covered, but not in vinyl.

Party Favors: Clooney and Coens Team Up Again, Strokes Guitarist Has Twins, Esther Williams Recovering From Infection

George Clooney and the Coen brothers are set to team up again for their third film effort, a comedy called "Burn After Reading" about a CIA agent who loses the disk on which his memoirs are saved, reports the Hollywood Reporter. The trio have previously made "O Brother Where Art Thou" and "Intolerable Cruelty" together ... Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi and British wife Amanda de Cadenet have had twins, reports People. The twins are the couple's first kids, and de Cadenet has a child from her previous marriage to Duran Duran's John Taylor ... Actress-swim champ Esther Williams is in the hospital for treatment of a minor infection, and will stay there through the rest of the week. Williams, who is in her mid-80s, is expected to recover fully.


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We aren't attacking Guy Richie because we know Madonna is the publicity whore, not him. I have the utmost amount of sympathy for Guy.

2858 days ago


All of you ignorant people that are constantly harping on and on about "Elizabeth hasselbeck" just sound so jealous and envious of her personal success. Give it a rest and go do something with your life so that you may be proud of what you quite possibly might acheive! Go your morals and values! Keep it up you're doing a great job!

2858 days ago


Elisabeth has delusions of grandeur. Why in the f^%Y would anyone use her "no-name" on purpose on a hit t.v. show? The only people that vaguely know of her are her family, friends, hack football player husband and the View staff and it's remaining audience. How is it that this bitch gets to threaten to boycott L&O castmates and get away with it? Yet Star gets fired for telling the truth? I signed off on that show the day after Star left. If the writers did use her name on purpose, they only put on paper what most of America "wishes" would happen to that silly, babbling whiner.

2858 days ago


If you really think about it the majority of the kids who are adopted right here in the United States has one or both parents still alive and I don't hear anybody asking for the adoptive parents to help the bio parents financially so they can keep their children. These bio parents made the decision (unless the children were taken by DFCS) to place their children up for adoption. This bio dad in Africa made the same decision. The bio father new exactly what he was doing and even stated it earlier after the adoption that he's happy his child will have a future, etc. He was right there in court WITH TRANSLATORS who explained exactly what was happening and he spoke with Madonna via translators about his son. Truth be told, he was pressured from the activist there in Africa to recant his previous statement and claim "he was confused". Madonna didn't seek out that child and make him give his child to her, that child was put on the list by the orphanage as being available to be adopted. If he was not available then he would not have been put on the list. Madonna not only adopted a child from Africa she took a step further and donated money for orphanages. I wonder how many people out there saying "Madonna is wrong" are sending money to Africa to help the orphans.

2858 days ago


CLASSY COMMENTS "TIA" ! You just proved my previous point!

Way to go...keep on babbling we are so interested to hear what people like you think! NOT!

2858 days ago


All the L & O series use "from the headline" stories so why is this bothering this woman because of close name usage? She wasn't raped twice then murdered. Last night's episode of SVU was obviously a take on Tom Cruise's antipsychotic drug Scientology views when a young teenager who is bipolar stops taking her medication due to a rock star's influence & kills someone hurting 6 others & accuses 2 friends of rape. The previews for the original L & O this week show Chevy Chase as a drunk celebrity shouting Jewish slurs at the law enforcement. Don't see Tom or Mel asking for boycotts of the shows!

2858 days ago


More viewers for Law & Order. That show kicks ass. =)

2858 days ago


God be with you BABEE. The hate you spew in all of your posting makes me think you must be a very angry person and that's too bad. Life is so short. What's in a name anyway?

And to "adoptive mom", wow would you give back one of the kids you've adopted? Hope they never read what you wrote here. They may feel their days with you are numbered.

Apparently Madonna could care less about the publicity. She doesn't watch the tele or read the rags.

2858 days ago


I keep on reading the argument from people posting on these and other message boards asking the question: "Why don't American celebrities adopt American children?" Well...just look at the controversy surrounding Madonna attempting to adopt this African boy David...The point is...the media went out of its way to track down the father and inform him that the woman attempting to adopt his son is rich and famous...thus confusing the issue!!!

BTW, the boy Madonna is attempting to adopt has been in a orphanage for a year and a half and his father never once came to visit him...from the time he was 2 1/2 months old, 'til now!!! Couple that with the fact that the father agreed to the adoption in court and under oath. that certain media people have gone out of their journalistic way to make the father aware of the fact that he can garner large amounts of money off of this situation, perhaps even being paid for interviews, all thanks to Madonna being famous...Well, the father has suspeciously changed his mind about the adoption!!! The media is paying to create a faux controversy that they have authored the script of.
A disturbing new low for the press!!!

This is clearly the reason why the father is making multiple conflicting statements, almost daily at this point. The media and these so called human rights groups have been manipulating him and asking leading questions. In other words...anti-adoption statements aimed at Madonna which are conveniently dressed as questions. Now, the point is...just imagine if you are a famous celebrity...and you attempt to adopt in the United States...The chances of the media interfering in the adoption and contacting the birth parents would go up a thousand fold. The result, many of these birth parents, more than not, would try to insinuate themselves into the adoption process...This would include doing media interviews at nauseam and perhaps suing for custody.

Look what happened to Michael Jackson, he hired Debbie Rowe to act as a surogate mother for his two older children...Now he can't get rid of her...She's always angling for money pay-outs and constantly suing him for money and or custody. And regardless of what you may think of Jackson or his parenting have to looks like its all about the money here...that and being associated with someone who is famous at all costs. Who cares about what is best for the children???!!! it's about all the dead presidents. Jackson's mistake...he contracted with a surogate who knew his identity.

When Madonna went to Africa and met with her would-be adopted child's father, he had no idea who she was. However, once the press got wind of her adoption efforts, they made sure that the father knew that she is vastly wealthy to extremes and massively famous to boot. And you can bet that if Madonna tried to adopt in America or from any other western nations, she would be besieged with publicity for the rest of her, and the child's, life with the media and others attempting to check into the child's birth background, coupled with vile attempts to exposed the identities of, and make contact with the birth parents...Birth parents who would most certainly soon find themselves pursued by ambulance chasing lawyers looking to file a multi-million custody law suit on the parents' behalf. It is for this and other reasons why smart celebrities avoid adopting in the United States whenever possible!!! You are either faced with adopting in a foriegn country, or adopting here and dealing with being stalked by any relatives that the child you plan to adopt might have. It is sad, but true!!! Just ask Michael Jackson!!!

2858 days ago


Elisabeth is full of sh*t. I'd rather swallow a vatful of acid than listen to her.

2858 days ago

Reality Check    

Sherlock Holmes, I will admit I did not finish reading your post. However, I am hesitant to invest a lot of time in a post, whether or not I agree with it, when I realize the person is not necessarily as informed as they might ideally be before they give an opinion. You blame the media for hunting down the father and "informing him" of how rich and famous his child's adoptive mother was, and yet every article that has been published has discussed the way in which Madonna met with the father, discussed his child with him, and received his approval in person before going through with the adoption. I don't think it was the media in this case, unless he had absolutely no clue from her name or their multiple meetings that she was both rich and famous. Even if he didn't know who she was, which he says he didn't, her wealth is not exactly difficult to decipher based on appearances...

2858 days ago


Well said Sherlock Holmes, well said!!

2858 days ago


Elisabeth - if you are so concerned with the use of a name like yours on TV and the adverse reaction it might bring ... why would you blow up the story even more on your show so the crazies who missed L&O SUV now have a chance to hear the connection between the character and you on The View. Oh but of course, crazy psycho only watch L&O SUV . No crazies watch The View. If the SUV producer was irresponsible in using that name in association with that storyline - you as a mother are just as irresponsible for reairing it on your show. Calling the show and complaining I agree with but publically reiterating it - STUPID and self indulgent.

2858 days ago

Shelita Buffet    

Babs' security measures protect the audience as well as herself from attention seeking psychos. The five living room sets are used in receiving areas backstage. So many people want to come back and greet Babs after the show, she sees them in shifts. On a recent occasion in NYC I was backstage at MSG in a room outfitted with couches replete with wine, crudites and other snacks while we waited our turn to see Barbra. There were at least two other such rooms filled with well wishers. She is not having a yard sale.

2858 days ago

Proud military wife    

I watched the episode of SVU and, to be honest, I didn't even think about the connection. About 99% of the episodes are "ripped from the headlines" and use familiar cases and names. If the SVU producers thought she was "famous" enough to reference her name, she should stop complaining and thank the producers for giving her and the View a free plug.

2858 days ago
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