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Madonna to Media: "Shame on You!"

10/25/2006 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna swung back with visible irritation at the media coverage of her controversial adoption this morning on "Oprah," suggesting that the media is "doing a great disservice" to all African orphans by giving her story such intense coverage. In her first interview since taking in 13-month-old David Banda, her message to the people who had taken an interest in her strange adoption saga was, "Shame on you for discouraging other people from doing the same thing."

She also batted aside claims that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had had any influence on her decision to adopt, saying that she'd never even met Angelina. She added that her new baby David had been tested for several diseases and did not appear to have HIV, even though his mother and siblings had contracted the virus.

The Queen of Pop told Oprah that she viewed the interview as an "opportunity to set the record straight." She said that, contrary to the way the story has been told in recent days by David's birth father Yohane Banda, she met Banda in court and got his legal consent to adopt the child. "He was very grateful that I was going to give his child a life," said Madonna, "and that had [David] stayed in the village he would have buried him" due to poor conditions.


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She was ridiculous on Oprah.

Kept forgetting her fake English accent, slipping in and out of it. After a while, Oprah started to fake an accent once in a while, too.

Madonna is not a smart woman.

She said that she doesn't read the newspaper or watch TV. Translation = She thinks so much of herself that she thinks she'll shield herself from whatever the world says about her. Meanwhile, there are other things going on in the world and I can't believe someone would say that they don't keep up on current events. Current events affect us all. She's a mom, for crying out loud. She should keep up on what's going on in the world so that she can teach her kids and plan for their future.

And she said something about how great children are because they don't ask any questions. What's wrong with her kids? They're not asking questions? Normal kids are CONSTANTLY asking questions, It's part of how they learn.

Madonna said some stupid things during this interview. She talks in circles and doesn't make sense much of the time.

At one point, when she was talking about the process she went through to adopt this boy, she said that his father couldn't be found and they weren't sure of his whereabouts. She says the same thing twice, in different words, just to hear her own fake accent bouncing around in her head.

2927 days ago


Why is this important? When Bob Geldorff does anything, no one notices.

2927 days ago


Kate, she didn't adopt a child in America because at least in America we have a civilization. In Africa, these children are soooo
desperate. Maybe they aren't more desperate? I don't know. But I do know a little boy is safe tonight and he now has a family and
a future to look forward to. I do feel ashamed for ever thinking for a moment that this could be fore publicity because I know that
to open your heart to a person takes real courage and a willingness to give your time and your very life to raising them. I'm not a Madonna fan, but I am
a fan of good deeds. Plus, she was already working on building orphanges that NEEDED to be built in Malawi. Wouldn't it be hypocritical of her to turn her back on Malawian children and only open up to Americans?
They're children, not spare parts guaranteed to be made "only in America".

2927 days ago


There's an old saying here in Texas, "There's no one more self-righteous than a reformed whore." (Especially if she comes from Detroit and suddenly has a 'veddy, veddy' British accent.) Madonna liked the press well enough all those years she was shoving her coochie into the camera ... That being said, the boy WAS living in an orphanage because his dad/family couldn't support him and he did have tuberculosis. So maybe Madonkey, I mean, 'Madonna' is reformed enough to be an okay parent now. But she really shouldn't give herself all those airs. We knew her back when ... I won't even go into all the reported sexual trade-offs of her earlier days ...

2926 days ago


Boy, TMZ is going crazy with the backslash marks today ...

2926 days ago


#55 (Jerry) your post gave me a laugh. And #60 Frog .......... I remember as well all the stars she tried to/did bag. Dennis Rodman -- yuk what was she thinking -- remember he said about their encounter that she was "ok but no acrobat." She TRIED but didn't succeed in getting Paul McCartney to bed. Smart man, Paul, but too bad he didn't have the smarts for a prenup.

2926 days ago

Not A Fan    

Forget the whole adoption thing, I can't get over that accent! Does she think that makes her sound more "regal" or intelligent? But on this whole adoption mess, this is my take: I applaud the fact that someone of her economic standing is doing something to change a life, a life that was surely to end too soon. But, hey guess what? We have just as deserving orphans here in the USA! You don't have to go to Africa to get your black token orphan! It just breaks my heart when I see so many needy children in our own backyard needing parents (and yes, we have an adopted American daughter) but see, THAT wouldn't make the headlines. So I'm torn, on one hand I think that when ANYONE adopts it's such an amazingly selfless act but I just can't help but think that there has to be some other less than honourable motive behind this. (Maybe she can't handle that getting older, she's getting replaced by younger more talented women that are taking up the publicity time she used to share. I don't know, that's just a theory). The bottom line is that although no one can save the whole world, the one person you CAN save means the whole world to them. I'm not totally against adopting from other countries, but as an American, I would like to see some of these high profile adoptions take place here in the US, that's all. Or, perhaps Madonna is no longer an American? That could be contended! Then my point is moot as my debate is lost :( On a final note, I agree with Constance, if you're gonna whine do something. Donate to a reputable organization, go down and serve homeless at the local soup kitchen or just do what most do: NOTHING
PS: I still think that accent is the cheesiest thing I've heard in a long time...

2926 days ago


Although it would be preferable to change polcies and beauracracy so that children could comfortably remain in their homelands, the fact is that over 35,000 children die of malnutrition every DAY. While we argue over policy, children die, or watch their parents die then try to grow up alone. I am no Madonna fan, but she did not buy a child. She went through the process that we went through when we adopted our Haitian daughter. And let me tell you, it is not going to be as easy as raising her other children-- this child has suffered, as did my daughter, some serious, life-threatening conditions early in life and it will make a huge impact on that child. She has made a personal commitment that the majority of parents cannot imagine. I supposrt her as she faces one of the biggest challenges a person can take on-- parenting a child who has faced extremes that most of us will never even imagine. My personal experience is that this is one tough job.

2926 days ago


The right thing to do would have been to keep that father and son together by helping out the father financially/educationally so that he has the means to raise his own son and give him a better life. Madonna should give a better life to an orphan without a living parent.

2926 days ago


Kathy and other's, that's bullshit why should she pay them extortion money? I watched the entire interview on Oprah and she not giving the kid back. That would be devastating to that child. Anyone with half a heart would understand that. The child had been in the orphanage since he was 2 week old and on one from his supposed "family" had ever visit him even once. Repeat NO ONE FROM HIS FAMILY HAD EVER VISITED HIM EVEN THOUGH THE LIVE NEAR BY!!! What does that tell you? He had pneumonia and was about to croak when she showed up and took the kid to a hospital for treatment. His father, a poor farmer has be inundated with media hounding him with the question "why did you give your child away??" and became defensive stating he didn't know what he was doing. When every one involved including his own priest knows this to be untrue. The kid is doing great and will have every advantage that she can offer. He's better off where he at.

2926 days ago


#66: Yeah,the accent is phony as hell. Funny...I remember her as being from Detroit...

Anyway,my husband and I are in the process of adopting an American child from a state agency. Believe me there is no easy way to do this. We have submitted to home studies,inspections, given information to the agency on our finances,education,family backgrounds,current and former employment and health status. We even got fingerprinted!. Even though we will soon have our adoptive child with us in our home,there is still tons of red tape and bureaurcratic b.s. we have to deal with on a daily basis. I wish we had the money and fame to have been able to cut through some of the nonsense like Madonna and the Jolie-Pitts.

2926 days ago


I find it incredibly ironic that so many people come on here to criticize other people for criticizing celebrities. They always say the same "You only say that because you're jealous and have no life" bullsh*t. Okay, maybe that's true, but that's the same reason everyone's on here. We don't come to TMZ to see how wonderful the lives of celebrities are, we come here to get dirt and feel better about our own boring lives. ALL of us.
Just felt like it needed to be said. Continue on.

2926 days ago


i agree with #10 whatever happened to adopting children here in america. they are forgotten, you always see those ads with straving children in different countries , hey hello there are starving children here in america as well and tons of children who are orphans.

2926 days ago


Blame the media for your own selfish actions to keep yourself in the press Madonna! Stupid piece of sh*t! Madonna is just pissed because she didn't fool the public into thinking she's a saint! She's a media whore who only does things to benifit herself! Ugly old tw*t!

2926 days ago


To those who advocate adopting "american" children: please understand that many families are scared away by the numbers of birth families who fight to get their children back after surrendering their parental rights. As unjustified as this may sound, it does happen. On the other hand-- the Christian Science Monitor reports that many black American children are adopted by Canadian and Eurpoean families. Let's face it... nobody is standing in line to adopt black kids in the US or elsewhere. Look at the adoption statistics. Compared to South America and China, there are relatively few adoptions in Africa and Haiti.

It amazes me how many people have "opinions" on adoption... the overwhelming majority of which are based purely on emotion and very little on information, let alone experience.

2926 days ago
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