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Perez to Photog: You Don't Know Sh**

10/26/2006 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The famous gossipista Perez Hilton got into it last night with a paparazzo who accused the blogger of pilfering photos.

Perez Hilton -- Click to Watch!

The incident occurred outside an Xbox 360 party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The photographer confronted Perez, accusing him of stealing photographs for his blog.

When the photog asked about a specific picture, Perez shot back, "Nobody contacted me to take it down, so shut the f*** up!"


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Perez seemed like such a pissy gay!! Didn't his Mom ever teach him that it doesn't matter what others do, it is what YOU do that matters? If he is indeed stealing photos, then he should lead the way and start doing the right thing....ugh. Perez is a little too involved with his own celebrity to report on his blog objectively.....

2916 days ago


Perez Sucks! He has become a so-called celebrity himself, worshipping his own pitiful image. Legal or not, photo stealing is a no-no. Lou thanks for the post, now Perez has been "exposed" and I just lost my breakfast, Barf!!!

2916 days ago


Perez is a dirt bag! Enough said!

2916 days ago


oh dear...just stumbled on the most hilarious blog EVER!!

2915 days ago

Jody Cortes    

First of all let us get it right people. A paparazzi or pappparoo or whatever you wish to call them.. Todd is NOT one of them. In fact if you watch the video clip its at a Red Carpet Event in which the photographer or his agency has to be Cleared by the PR in order to cover this event. The public in general confuse the term Paparazzi which is photographer that follows, tracks, bugs, and hides to get any type of photo of a famous person. When a red carpet shooter post his photos they go up on a Wire services to sell world wide as news and the "famous person" who photo was taken does have Full knowledge of their photo being taken and in fact wants the photo taken to endorse a film coming up or the designer of an outfit they are wearing.
The photos that Todd took go to a Wire Service and he has to be cleared to be where he is . If Mr. PEREZ HILTON copied any of these and posted them on a blog, without permission then that is stealing. If he is asked to take them down he must or faces a charge fee from the photographer or the Wire service he got the photo from.
The fact the Todd stood his ground is the way he is. He might be a bit strange but he will call a “duck a duck”. He told Mr. Perez and now that is recorded proof the he took photos without his or his Wire services permission. By Law Mr. Perez must take the photos down.
The only thing you really see is someone who got his hand caught in the cookie jar.
Good for you Todd … more of us PRESS PHOTGRAPHERS should stand our ground as so..

2915 days ago

none of your business    

first of all let's clear one thing up. event photographers and paparazzi are two different animals. paparazzi tend to wait at a public venue with a long lens waiting to grab a celebrity "they're just like us" photo. event photographers are assigned to events through assignment editors and publicists. that being said - the gentlemen in the photo is an event photographer and not a paparazzo (i know this because i work with him). secondly perez duchebagerson runs a website which he makes money off of through advertisements. being a sole blogger who uses images and not profiting off of them is one thing, running a business and stealing images is something else. this especially sucks for the photographer when he or she is working on a commission basis and relies on the images sales to pay for their equipment, the rent, insurance etc. you wouldn't want to work all day on something and then have some random person collect your paycheck would you? especially if he is a duchebagerson.

2914 days ago


14:55...14:56....14:57...tick tick tick,Perez. You ARE the biggest loser!!!

2914 days ago


The problem here is that this video and story are mislabled. I am a red carpet event photographer, NOT a paparazzi. I was there at this event down toward the end of the row. I know the photographer on the right personally, and he is not a paparazzi either. He's a well respected event photographer that shoots for one of the largest photo agencies in the world. He also does private shoots with many celebs for magazine covers, etc. We don't chase people down streets or hide in bushes to get our shots. We're INVITED by the PR companies to be there.

I'd say at least 95% of the photographers that are on the red carpet every night have never done paparazzi work. In fact, we can't stand them. We're constantly reminding people that we're NOT paparazzi. It's hard to make people realize that, when web sites like this one and Access Hollywood, ET, Extra, etc. lump us all into the same category with the scum hiding in the bushes and chasing people down the street. It's their little "buzz word" though, so I don't see them changing their ways without a little pressure from us.

The talent we're shooting on the carpet know we're not the bad guys that they see on the street, but the general public doesn't know the difference. A lot of the celebs know us on a first name basis because we see them all the time. We have to go through a very strict process to get approved to shoot these events by the PR companies, and they don't just let anyone on the carpet (at least not on the photo side, lol).

I'm considering a petition to all of the entertainment news agencies to get the word "paparazzi" redesignated to just street photographers who hound the celebs in their private life, and use the term "event photographer" or "red carpet photographer" to describe those of us on the carpet every night working very hard, often for very little money, to provide photos for the magazines and you people to enjoy.

We have to protect our copywrite. Our JOB is taking photos. It's the way we make a living. We don't make money unless our photos sell, and if people keep stealing them, we're just working for free! Would YOU work for free? Just so someone can steal everything you make? If you were a craftsman, and you built something, then set it out on your porch with a for sale sign on it, but everyone just came by and took it off your porch when you weren't looking without paying you, you'd be pretty upset, right?

So TMZ, what's the deal? You know this photographer is not a paparazzi. Why label him as such? Just like Perez isn't a real person. He's a robot built by Lord Xenu, sent to destroy all the world's celebrities! Not to mention he has the sense of humor of a 7 year old. What sane adult writes "Oops I farted" on a picture? I mean seriously. He's a child.

2913 days ago


Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, a man that stalks people for a living complaining when he is taken advantage of. I am waiting for someone to decide that life should imitate movies again. My favorite movie is Paparazzi. The elimination of these unemployables would be a service to society. The studios always made sure that their stars had on overabundance of photo coverage. Why do we need these people wasting time and space? There was a time when stalkers were dealt with by professionals. Our services were available to the government and to certain select citizens and we maintained a civilized world. It is a shame that there is no replacement for us today.

2912 days ago


Perez is a total scumbag. Period the end. He showed his true colors. He can dish it out like the bitch that he is, BUT LIKE the BITCH that he is, he can't take it. Hah! Can someone say loser??

2908 days ago


No one should have to contact Perez to take down the photos, he shouldn't have taken them in the first place - it's a breach of copyright. If he wants to use them for his site, pay for a license to do so.

2908 days ago

Perez Hilton    

Im a big douche bag who eats too much dick, excuse me while i choke I also like to look like sh*t with my ugly hair cut and big fat horrible body. YAY me! I SUCK!!!

2907 days ago
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