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Pitt -- The Calm Before the Storm

10/26/2006 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Brad Pitt's people in the U.S. are still fuming over the invasion of the actor's Hollywood Hills compound by an E! Entertainment camera crew, Brad himself didn't look fazed at all as he returned from a relaxing beach weekend in Goa, India with Angelina and the kids.

The family spent the weekend at a high-end resort in search of some quality rest and relaxation -- and hopefully that's just what they got. Now, after all the peace and quiet, Brad is faced with the big decision of whether or not to press charges against the network -- a decision that could no doubt bring some unwanted stress to the entire family.


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Why doesn't he ever carry Shiloh around? To my knowledge there are no pictures of him with Shiloh, only the other kids! Seems wierd to me. You would think that he would at least carry his own child instead of always letting a nanny carry her. Carry your own child and have some bonding time with her. Geez........

2916 days ago


I think Brad wanted to be a father more than anything, he never looks happy with AJ and you never see them holding hands!

He enjoys being with those kids I think more than he enjoys being with his wife!

As for the prosecuting goes I would definately prosecute those assholes!

2916 days ago


I hope he does press charges but I doubt he will. E has already called him and kissed ass about it the entire fiasco. I no they fire the idiots but at the time they were working for E.

2916 days ago


Again who cares???? Next

2916 days ago


This is an old pic , tmz. They were spotted in Jodhpur Shopping for traditional Indian rings and celebrating Diwali this past weekend.

2916 days ago


To me Brad Pitt is Angelina's bitch. Sure he wanted and wants kids but we are soooo sick and tired of hearing about him and his stupid problems! Brad grow a set of a balls and get them out of Angelina's tw*t! Loser!

2916 days ago


E! should be sued for bringing Debbie Matenopoulos back into our lives. Thought I'd never have to listen to that bitch again.

2916 days ago


Angelina is a filthy whore for having a child out of wedlock and stealing Jennifer's husband.

2916 days ago


#7 I AGREE! She is SO annoying! Why don't they do something to Zahara's hair? I wonder if Angie knows how to braid?

2916 days ago


#9 Erin, Get over it. If Jennifer was doing her duty at home she would still have him. No women can make the husband leave their wife. He wanted to leave we guess. Don't blame it on Angelina. Brad wanted more then sitting around talking to Courtney Cox and her husband. He admires Angelina and the work that she does. Jennifer is just a silly none actress that didn't want children. You can see Brad loves kids.

2916 days ago


someone please tell me WTF he sees in angelina?? i think she looks like morticia adams...yuck, acts like her too. and why no pics with his bio daughter?? is this another tom cruise/baby suri thing?? i don't get it?

2916 days ago


are you people the same ones bitching about angelina holding shiloh closer than the other kids and shielding her from the camera? now brad doesn't hold her in PUBLIC enough? get something real to bitch about. you guys are going to bitch no matter what they do. get a life and quit hating them for being happy.

2916 days ago


#10 LOL....They need to slap some lotion, cocoa butter, whatever you use on her flippen head. DAMN why let it get so nappy

2916 days ago


You people have some serious mental issues. Maybe he is not whistling out of his a$$hole because he just got off a plane. How do you feel when you get off a plane. Give me a break and get a life. Jennifer and Brad are no more, let it go, they have. None of you even no Angelina personally yet you feel the need to call her such vulgar names, I mean come on, spew that venom somewhere else.

2916 days ago


That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard! Because "WE" don't see them holding hands, and kissing in public like tomkat, that means they are not happy? You people are sooooooooooooooooooo stupid!

They don't have to do sh*t in public, just so you haters can have something to talk about! I don't hold my husbands hand everytime we go out. That's absurd! If they were kissy, kissy all the time you would complain about that, sheesh!!

They seem to be doing just fine, back off!

2916 days ago
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