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Richie to

Undergo Treatment

10/26/2006 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

102006-nicole-richie-1Nicole Richie has checked herself into a private facility for an undisclosed treatment. According to a statement from Richie's reps, published on E! News, "She is working with a team of doctors and specialists whose focus is nutrition..."

Nicole will undergo diagnostic treatments to determine why she can't gain weight. Recent photographs of Richie have created a buzz in Hollywood that she may have issues with food.

Nicole's reps say "this is not a treatment for an eating disorder." The reps add that Nicole wants to deal with her weight issues in the healthiest possible way.

Production on the current season of "The Simple Life" will be put on hold indefinitely.


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Sounds like a "thinly-veiled" attempt to cover up drug abuse.

2926 days ago

Perhaps they should give her a drug test to determine the exact cause of her inability to gain weight.

2926 days ago


Her reps are obviously full of crap.

The best thing that could happen now is if she died. Countless of teenage girls would be inspired to stop their ridiculous weight obsessions. On the other hand, if Nicole survives this then she she'll continue being in the spotlight and all this will be forgotten... thereby diminishing the terrible influence she's had on girls.

2926 days ago


it's all paris's fault

2926 days ago

I really feel for Nicole. There must be so much pressure to do nothing all day but shop and pose for cameras.

2926 days ago


Drug use and abuse AND anorexia==a DEADLY combination. I am so glad that she is now dealing with these issues. I hope that she comes out healthier and stronger than ever. She was the FUNNIEST of the two on the SIMPLE LIFE. The girl has spunk and personality! I am rooting for you Nicole!

2926 days ago


Oh my God #14....Billy boy Billy "boy" say the best thing that could happen is for her to die???? Are you sick or what??!!
Obviously the girl has a problem...drugs, eating disorder...doesn't matter...she needs help...not to be DEAD!! You must not have children or even a heart. What a vicious statement!!!
I have 7 years clean and sober TODAY and would not be here alive if not for the support of those who loved me unconditionally. How can you hate someone that much and not even know them?? My best to Nicole AND her family. I can't imagine the worry and concern you must be going through. I now am a Substance Abuse Counselor...and whether it IS drugs or NOT, my prayers and thoughts are with you. Oh Billy "boy" and others like very sad.

2926 days ago


For someone that is always being photographed either eating or a leaving a trendy L.A. resteraunt....she defintely got some kind of problem, wether its drugs or an eating disorder. She's not right.

2926 days ago

Lenn K    

The sad thing about this situation is her reps said this has nothing to do with the treatment for her weight loss. First, get new reps who won't lie to ya. Second , be real and don't lie about your condition, you know and we know your ass is skinny as a rail. The problem with hollyweird is everything is superficial and these people are driven by egotism and narcisism.

2926 days ago

Bill Hilser    

Having been a newspaper man in Tucson for 10 years, my sources tell me that she is in Sierra de Tucson for drug rehab. 28 days for $30,000. She was admitted about the same time that Rep. Tom Foley was. Foley is in love with young pages...and Nicole LOVES her China White.

Yer pal, Ferrari Bubba

2926 days ago

Nicole and her reps should get treatment for their addiction to BS.

ps - Daddy??? Madonna says she's now my mommy. HELP! HELP!

2926 days ago


wow, my c**k is thicker than her thigh!

2926 days ago


You have our prayers and best wishes Nicole

2926 days ago


I'm just glad she's getting SOME kind of help. Maybe she won't die at a young age now.

2926 days ago


comment #14, Billy, how cold can you get? Let's be nice, here... She probably has a drug problem along with bulemia and anorexia (called bulemerexia). I have been around treatment centers for eating disorders, and am aware of what someone who is battling an eating disorder looks like and may be going through. Addictions often accompany one another. I am no doctor, just been there done that. Narcotics Anonymous and support groups really help people who need it. Take it from the voice of experience. I have been clean and free for several years, but still have to work at it daily. Good luck to Nicole, you gotta work the work.

2926 days ago
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