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Sara Evans' Nanny

Strikes Back

10/26/2006 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

sara_evans_nanny-1Although Sara Evans and her estranged husband Craig Schleske have called a truce to the mud slinging in their high-profile divorce, the couple's former nanny, Alison Clinton, is still waiting for her apology.

Evans has claimed in legal papers that the nanny had an affair with Schleske. Now, the nanny's friends are fighting back. They've started a website,, to help clear Clinton's name.

Last week, Clinton passed a lie detector test that seems to back up her claim that she never had an affair with Schleske.

There's a demand on the site for an apology from Evans, because "No one should smear innocent people like Alison Clinton with false allegations."

According to the website, Clinton was especially shocked since "Sara had even asked Alison to be a back-up singer and dancer on her upcoming tour just weeks before."

Besides being the estranged couple's former nanny, Clinton was also Evans' personal assistant and co-president of the singer's fan club. Evans also served as Clinton's matron of honor at her July 2006 wedding to Chris Lee.

Despite Evans' accusations of infidelity, Clinton's marriage remains strong. The site adds, "While Sara's injustice likely means she will not be a part of their lives anymore, Alison and Chris know they will always have each other."


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IF it is not true, then Sara owes her an apology. I think her husband is jealous of all of the fame and attention Sara gets. It hurts his male ego.

2896 days ago


the dear sweet nanny just got caught and is trying to blame someone else for what she done and it just so happened to be a famous husband and she is trying to make a name for herself is all. they need to get over it !!!!!!!!!!!

2896 days ago


Beth-PLEASE! She is a good Christian person? So why not LET IT GO? Shouldn't she just then "forgive" Sara and pray for her or something? No, instead she is on every single news show possible and now has a website! It is all about her getting PUBLICITY and nothing more. I am guessing there will be a lawsuit filed soon and it will then be all about the money. Money will surely make her feel better and she will then feel better about her name being defamed. What an absolute joke!

2896 days ago


Her website is a shameful ruse to get people to listen to her music. Alison has "fans"???? WTF??? SHE'S A F'ING NANNY for pete's sake. And if her marriage is as strong as it is supposed to be and he's the "love of her life", then she should shut up, rely on her faith, and PUT THE CHILDREN first. What a disgusting woman, to put up a website like that "Oh I was sick, I am a a victim in all this......and ohhhhh, the IRONY, please listen to this MUSIC."

Ummm Alison, you won't stand a chance in the music business dragging another person in the business through the mud with your shameful, obvious tactics. And the music sucks anyway. Grow up, shut up, and go away. If you were a nanny to Sara's children, then LOVE them by stopping this ridiculousness and letting THEIR PARENT'S figure out what the future might be.

Oh and btw, I loved reading the post's from your "supporter's". Are they on the same drugs that zombie Katie Holmes is on? She was normal once too, until she got hooked up with an opportunist. I thought all Christians knew what greed does to the soul. You are one shameless, greedy, b*tch.

2896 days ago


So, who is this 'Tony' guy?

2896 days ago


Um... does anyone actually know these people? Why are you so quick to judge? If your best friend accused you of adultery in front of the whole country (and you were innocent) wouldn't you want to clear your name as thoroughly as possible? That's what she's doing. That's exactly what I'd do.

This woman just got married a few months ago. Sara's story does not add up.

2896 days ago


Who are we to say who is right and who is wrong when it comes to Sara and Allison? We are only hearing he said - she said and assuming. As for Sara wanting media attention, why? She is an excellent singer and makes plenty of money! She has made a name for herself in the Country Music business and has an excellent reputation as well. As for Allison, I do not know anything about her except for what I have heard and seen on TV, which I cannot say that I care too much for her; however, if Allison is innocent, she sure is acting quilty and having her MOMMY speaking to the media for her as well. If Allison was a friend, 'true friend" that is and is innocent, then she should have enough respect for Sara and try to talk to her instead of going on national TV and taking up for Mr. and backstabbing Sara. A true friend would stay out of it and be an ear for listening and moral support because the truth will prevail eventually. In addition, maybe Sara saw something between Allison and hubby that did not look right and it set up a red flag. None of us know what has been said behind closed doors between any of the parties nor have we seen what has went on behind closed doors. Therefore, who are we to throw stones when we do not know whole the story. As for spreading gossip and calling names, it really shows the level of intelligence some people seem to have and do not have anything else better to do with their time but get so upset and stark raving mad over something that has "NO" personal effect on their lives or will change their lives, except for lookig like an ass from assuming. Ignorance (not knowing) seems to be one thing people love to show because acting like mature adults is not as fun because looking in the mirror might mean facing some personal truths that people do not want to face and run from.

2896 days ago


Alison, in my opinion, was used as a pawn by Sara. What Sara did to Alison was evil, plain and simple. (Sara has since removed Alison's name from divorce papers).

It is also evil for Sara to choose not to apologize to Alison. When Sara wove her fake yarn, she did not expect her estranged husband to fire back with such gusto. Nor did she expect Alison to Rambo her ass.

Alison did what was right for HER to do. Bravo! Sara is a piece of work. When she shows up on the CMA Awards, you can bet on my turning the channel. I'm not interested in being "entertained" by a demon with implants.

2896 days ago


leave sara alone ill have her boobs anyday

2896 days ago

rebecca frederiksen    

if these people would take care of their own damn kids instead of turning them over to a nanny, who really aren't for the most part looking to break up a marriage or glom onto a rich husband, not only would their relationships last longer, their kids wouldn't be so messed up

2896 days ago


So many people on this site are repetitive and the story doesn't affect them at all--so why the wonder about Alison's talking about her best friend falsely identifying her in divorce documents as having an affair? If she should forgive and forget--why can't you?

2896 days ago

Doug LeMere    

I believe Sara has much more to loose by putting out false accuzations. The lady works her fanny off! I feel Ms.Nanny is looking for her last claim of attention. What the hell does this eating disorder have to do with this situation? More attention? Do you want pity? I pity you Ms. Nanny. You had a good thing and you went for some of the candy while you were supposed to be working. I believe you'll be eating a crow sandwich if you keep up the non sense.

2896 days ago

is this for real??    

Has anyone checked out her site? She has a whole "About Alison" section!! This is ridiculous!! She's trying to suck the life out of her 15 minutes, which have been OVER since right after the story broke. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU ALISON! Next time I'm accused of something, I'm gonna make my own website full of pictures of myself and tell everyone all about me. That way, the whole world will see how amazing I am, and everyone will want to be my friend. Come on, get over yourself!!!

2896 days ago


It's so pathetic that she's using this to get her music career going. Geez, go eat a cheeseburger and sit this out quietly if the was honestly innocent. I haven't seen Sara Evans out talking about the story. It's because she's not a media hungry wh*Re like the sick nanny.

2896 days ago


Hey number 5...Alison has fans? FANS??? Get real...she is sucking her 15 minutes for all they are worth...but time is up...she needs to GO AWAY!!

2896 days ago
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