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Sara Evans' Nanny

Strikes Back

10/26/2006 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

sara_evans_nanny-1Although Sara Evans and her estranged husband Craig Schleske have called a truce to the mud slinging in their high-profile divorce, the couple's former nanny, Alison Clinton, is still waiting for her apology.

Evans has claimed in legal papers that the nanny had an affair with Schleske. Now, the nanny's friends are fighting back. They've started a website,, to help clear Clinton's name.

Last week, Clinton passed a lie detector test that seems to back up her claim that she never had an affair with Schleske.

There's a demand on the site for an apology from Evans, because "No one should smear innocent people like Alison Clinton with false allegations."

According to the website, Clinton was especially shocked since "Sara had even asked Alison to be a back-up singer and dancer on her upcoming tour just weeks before."

Besides being the estranged couple's former nanny, Clinton was also Evans' personal assistant and co-president of the singer's fan club. Evans also served as Clinton's matron of honor at her July 2006 wedding to Chris Lee.

Despite Evans' accusations of infidelity, Clinton's marriage remains strong. The site adds, "While Sara's injustice likely means she will not be a part of their lives anymore, Alison and Chris know they will always have each other."


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Maybe Sara hasn't apologized because she really is correct about her husband and nanny. Afterall, in the divorce hearings, her lawyer said that they have photos of the two of them being "intimate". There is some reason that Sara believes that they had an affair. I just don't buy that she was out to destroy her friend. Polygraph tests aren't always accurate. Plus, Alison obviously is good at lying. People with eating disorders often are, because they have this "secret" problem with food.

Their actions in court solidified my belief that Sara is innocent. She just looks to hurt and empty, but her husband is still chasing after her trying to get her attention - just like someone who is caught and knows he screwed up.

2896 days ago


I live in Nashville, and attend a lot of the very hot spots. Sara brought all of this on her own. She is the one who made it public, so she started the hurt the kids are going thru. Hell. they was married for a very very long time, so yes they will/DO have history you know PICTURES/MOVIES stuff like that. They have kids,

2896 days ago


Someone keeps sayin "Allison Clinton's Fans" HUHHHHH????? Evans was wrong to name her if she didn't do it - but - where would she (the nanny) or anyone connected to her ever get the idea that she has FANS??

2896 days ago


What the hell does this Clinton lady have fans for? What'd she do except possibly bang the ladies husband? Alright perhaps she didn't. I don't really care just irritated that people try and get those 15 minutes however they can. If she is such a "God Fearing" person as it says in her pathetic website shouldn't it be enough that the Lord knows the truth and her family. Get over it.

2896 days ago

Stacy Harris    

The comment that my initial post didn't make sense was correct. I hit the "send" button too soon.

The post I intended is found in Stacy's Music Row Report at

As for the reference to "Alison's fans," Alison Clinton Lee has a following, whether is it as large as she believes or as small as her critics suggest. It's not a value judgment, as I've never heard her sing, but Sara Evans once endorsed Alison as a performer and Alison retains those aspirations.

2895 days ago


Alison, Get over it and get a life. If you do not want anyone talking about you then stop having affairs with your friends husbands? What makes you so special that you had to create an apology web site for yourself? People have fights, disagreements and cheat with their friends mates all the time (not always cheat with their friends husbands like you have)and they do not have an apology site? Forget it! All you want is publicity and a record deal. You cannot sing? You and your whimp husband need to shut up and stay out of married peoples relationships. So, do not eat. Do not blame Sara. You had this disease long before you knew her? Take responsibility for your own stupid decisions and stop balming everyone else for your actions. Get into treatment for being a bad friend, being a wana be singer, and your eating disorder. Leave Sara and eveyone else out of your crapy life!

2893 days ago


I believe that there was an affair between the former nanny and Sara's husband. The former nanny deserves to have her name on the divorce papers. I would love to see the true lie detector results. The girl knows she is guilty and trying to get her name in the paper, just like Monica whatever her last name was.
Her husband is a fool for believing her. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

2893 days ago


Mary, did you ever go to school? Do you know the difference between a question mark and a period? Do you know how to write a sentence?

2892 days ago


Has everyone looked at this website? It is a shameless ploy for attention! If she is so innocent and sooooooo embarassed by these accusations...why the frig would she make a website professing her innocence? That is some of the lamest sh*t I have ever seen! And putting that stupid song on the bottom? What the hell does that have to do with anything? She's lame, the song, lame...she needs to eat a cheeseburger and move on with her life...

2889 days ago

Dale Brown    

Why do we waste time, energy and ink on celebrities? Why should be care?

2883 days ago
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