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Sara Evans' Nanny

Strikes Back

10/26/2006 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

sara_evans_nanny-1Although Sara Evans and her estranged husband Craig Schleske have called a truce to the mud slinging in their high-profile divorce, the couple's former nanny, Alison Clinton, is still waiting for her apology.

Evans has claimed in legal papers that the nanny had an affair with Schleske. Now, the nanny's friends are fighting back. They've started a website,, to help clear Clinton's name.

Last week, Clinton passed a lie detector test that seems to back up her claim that she never had an affair with Schleske.

There's a demand on the site for an apology from Evans, because "No one should smear innocent people like Alison Clinton with false allegations."

According to the website, Clinton was especially shocked since "Sara had even asked Alison to be a back-up singer and dancer on her upcoming tour just weeks before."

Besides being the estranged couple's former nanny, Clinton was also Evans' personal assistant and co-president of the singer's fan club. Evans also served as Clinton's matron of honor at her July 2006 wedding to Chris Lee.

Despite Evans' accusations of infidelity, Clinton's marriage remains strong. The site adds, "While Sara's injustice likely means she will not be a part of their lives anymore, Alison and Chris know they will always have each other."


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get over it. your 15 minutes are up.

2928 days ago


Evans is a whack job with no class. She should be begging for forgiveness. Evans threw her friend under the bus just to smear her husband. Allison should not accept an apology because it would not be sincere anyway.

2928 days ago


Sara is having an affair with Tony and did all this to cover up her own infidelity and purposely point the arrow at someone else. What a f'ing BIOTCH. WAY TO STAND YOUR GROUND ALISON!!!!!!!!!! And Tony, I'd run if I were you. You're getting messed up with a PSYCHO.

2928 days ago


And all this matters because????

2928 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

maybe there nanny should mind her own business,yhat the problem with all marriages,somebody always sticking ther nose where it doesnt belong

2928 days ago



2928 days ago

Stacy Harris    

'Alison owes it to her fans to answer the questions I have raised with respect to the lie detector test she took after taking it following her comment that she would take one if asked. It would be interesting to know who asked, if Alison will undergo a REAL polygraph (meaning one administered under controlled circumstances), why she chose to go the checkbook journalism/cash for trash route, and if she is aware that a galvanic skin response test is inadmissible in any court but the court of public opinion.

Also, why would an anorexic, reportedly down to 70 pounds, with fears to her health being exacerbated by the strain of a court proceeding and the threat of being subpoenaed, want any further publicity on this matter, let alone a sanctioned Web site?

The listing of Alison’s publicist, Jason Rose and attorney Ronnie Berke as media contacts on a site for which no one other than a German site registrar is claiming ownership brings further questions about Alison’s motivation, now that her name has been redacted from court filings, and that of Ronnie Berke, who is supposed to be in compliance with Judge Robert E. Lee Davies’ (a favorite judge among celebrities whose cases are assigned to the Williamson County Court) order.

2928 days ago


What Sara did is just wrong, Accusing someone who is married of cheating without actual proof is the worst thing you can do. I to will be suing if it was me. Alison is lucky to have a man that trust and believes her. I'm sure it's still cousing a lot of stress in their marriage.

2928 days ago

connie darby    

Too many protests on the nanny's part not to be guilty. She hirred the test done. I also think she may have been the one to break the story, as she has been on every tv show that will have her. She comes across as an attention hungry mongrel--a too skinny one. Very unpleasant woman.

2928 days ago


Alison can "wait" in one hand and POOP in the other and see which one fills up first. Don't f'n care anymore about this topic

2928 days ago


Connie Darby: I'd go on every flippen TV channel too if I were being accused of something I DID NOT do. Its called STAND UP FOR YOURSELF.

2928 days ago


To Stacy Harris: Your comment makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

2928 days ago


Sara Evans is an asshat and a horrible singer/dancer! She did all of this for publicity.... I didn't even know who she was until all this bullsh*t came out.

2928 days ago


It dose'nt take much to say I'm SORRY, just two words, so please Apologize
to Alison. It's strickly up to you, but that would be the right thing to do.May God be the Glory.
Sincerely: R J

2928 days ago


This woman has every right to defend herself. The media was used to slander this woman so why shouldn't the media be used to clear her as well?

As for a law suit, it has already been reported that in that state, if a person is named in a divorce, you cannot sue. Hopefully she is getting some cash from all of the tv shows she has been on. She deserves it.

2928 days ago
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