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Fingers the Photogs

10/27/2006 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Like Barbra Streisand and David Schwimmer before her, Kirstie Alley likes to drop the F-bomb.

The former "Fat Actress" was shopping at the chic Beverly Hills boutique Theodore, when Alley noticed the paparazzi and non-chalantly flipped them the bird. Cheers!

Considering how much weight she's lost, you'd think Kirstie would want her picture taken for all the world to see.

Hey Kirstie, lighten up. Every celeb knows the only thing worse than having the paparazzi take your picture -- having them stop!


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Hey Kirstie.....Xenu is calling!

2861 days ago


What a good Scientologist she is. Tommy Cruise must be oh soooo proud.

2861 days ago


Scientology couldn't help her lose weight. She needed Jenny Craig.

Now she is flipping off the camera. HELLO!!!!

What is her trip? She has been on telev ision for months bragging about how much weight she has lost. You'd think she would be happy someone took her pic at all...

2861 days ago


Kirstie only thinks what Scientology tells her to think. Who cares whether she's fat or skinny, she's a rude has-been. As Lou said above, if you don't like the heat get out of the kitchen. These pampered celebrities bitch when they're being photographed but the minute we stop paying attention to them they adopt a kid from Africa like Madonna. Or, like fellow Scientology nut-job Tom Cruise, have a sham baby and then a sham wedding to call attention to his rapidly fading celebrity. Since the only gigs Kirstie can get these days is Pier One or slim-fast I would think she'd be thrilled someone wants to take her picture.

2861 days ago

im just sayin    

She definitely looked better like two or three months ago. She has definitely put weight back on. Maybe thats why she is in a bad mood. TMZ cameras caught her before this store eating double cheeseburgers so now shes mad she has to go try on size 28 jeans. I'd be pissed too!! Of course thats easy for me to say because I wear a size 4!!!

2861 days ago


well i took a long hard look at myself as you suggested. she's still ugly.

2861 days ago


I don't care what Kirstie weighs. I like her fat or thin. I think she has a great personality and I think she is a good actress. She has even won Emmy Awards.

2861 days ago


Its comments like these here that make our teen age girls stick their fingers down their throats. Stupid Stupid Stupid

2861 days ago

the feebs    

What a skanky broad! White trash no matter what she weighs....

2861 days ago


#48 Admirer, #50 Susie and #51 Julia -- I agree with you. From your posts I bet you're bringing your children up with the right values. These negative posters are haters, who only view people superficially.

2861 days ago


LOL, have a difficult time comprehending how those that rant on about such as K's present size as being grossly "fat"...guess they enjoy hunkering down with angled bones,,,find the mordily skinnies truly skeletally grotesque and prefer some meat which is "soft and snuggly"....As for the photogs, tue the celebs seek fame and fortune but the price is often way too high and few can always toloerate the pervasivenss with 24/7 scopings/dogging/etc....Appreciate K for her ability NOT to take herself or many others too ominously "serious"...think many need to lighten up and get over themselves whether celbrity or elsewise!!!!

2861 days ago

Five Five Four    

Kirstie is one lovely and talented lady, what else can I say?

2861 days ago

Lisa D    

#42 E Bomb of OZ , its ppl like you that make the young girls purge and destroy their lives, misinformed not, do not think so, lived it, learned it , so I say to you GO F*** YOURSELF, how do you like me now, liberated from dum f***s like youself, the way your big speech there ,did not appreciate,,I think your the one with BIG problems and need to have some counciling with your issues, which I'm sure are large, once again how do you like me know,,ha ha.

2861 days ago


Kirstie, I am embarrassed you are even from my town. For someone who thinks their "religion" is all that, you sure are a dirty girl. Isn't religion supposed to make one better? Oh, I guess that is only if their religion is truly real. And, for others who don't know this, you also lie about your age. I heard on a radio station one time that someone who was in your class at Southeast High in Wichita had a yearbook and was in your class, and how amazing it is that you are like 4 years younger than her! If I ever run into you here, I would certainly give you the finger! It is sad that you bought the Inn at The Park just so you can turn it in to more Scientology related crap. You are just an old dried-up drug addict who makes Wichita seem like a wacko town. And it needs no help from you!

2860 days ago


At least she's trying to lose weight, ya got to give her credit for that. Some people never even try or just give up. The main reason not to be fat is health. And when the cost of healthcare goes up it affects all of us. If you're overweight and want to be healthy then you need to change you're life, not diet. Join Weight Watcher's, it's about changing the way you eat forever. Not just a month or a year. My best friend has lost over 60 pounds and is now a regular at my aerobic classes. Don’t be un-happy with your body, do something about it. There is no such thing a fat and healthy. Being big boned is a myth, and as far as a medical reasons for being overweight, less than 3% of all the overweight people can claim that as a defense. Push away from the table and walk instead. It’s a start.

2860 days ago
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