Travis Barker Brings Christmas Early

10/27/2006 12:00 PM PDT
Travis Barker did his best post-modern, punk-rock Kris Kringle impression last night in the not-exactly winter wonderland of West Hollywood, and TMZ caught all the magnanimity. The perpetually bemused-looking blink-182 drummer emerged from LA celeb-bunker Area wearing a red hat (but no beard, and no belly) with his posse, and paused genially to sign some autographs.

Then, one of the professional lingerers outside the club complimented Barker on his black satin jacket, which he wore rakishly over one shoulder. And without so much as a ho ho ho, Travis handed over the jacket to the man, all the better to show off the extensive artwork adorning his arms and neck.

Barker and his elves boarded his SUV-sleigh and zoomed off into the night.