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Lindsay Out Of It

Who's Chasing Me?

10/29/2006 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan had a rough morning Sunday – and by the looks of it, a pretty rough night, too.

At 6:45 am, a TMZ spy spotted Lindsay at Olive and Sunset in Hollywood, near a dog park. Lindsay was sitting in her parked black Cadillac Escalade and our spy, who was walking his dog, could see Lohan through the tinted windows, "freaking out" and talking on her phone.

Then, Lohan called our spy over and told him that two men in a silver Toyota 4Runner -- parked behind her -- had been following her for the last two hours, trying to "hit" her vehicle. Our spy reports that "she seemed out of it," that it appeared she'd been out all night, and that she'd clearly been crying, with mascara running down her face. "I've called the cops," said Lindsay of her alleged pursuers. "But the cops can't catch them."

Lindsay Lohan: click to launchWhat Lindsay didn't even realize in her reduced state was that the two men in the Toyota were actually paparazzi. Our spy saw them snapping away. And, he says, as their vehicle started to creep up on Lindsay's Escalade, she shifted into drive, hit the gas and took off. The paparazzi followed her.

An email sent to her rep was not immediately returned.


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Message In A Bottle    

"oh she's only a child!" her mom says....yeah f***ing right! If she's too damn weak to do a movie role, she should be home at night resting....oh but she seems to have a lot of energy when it comes to partying! She's a trainwreck waiting to happen.

2884 days ago


Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay!!! Poor girl! Her mother and father did a sh*t job raising her! Her mom is a tw*t letting her get wasted as a teenager! The only person who will get hurt in the long run is Lindsay.

2884 days ago


This goofy broad wants to destroy her career. She need to stay home once in a while. She's out looking for trouble.

2884 days ago

Famous BG    

She was on a good one!

2884 days ago


Wow, this is just getting pathetic. I feel bad for the stars, ESP the younger ones - the ones who at least seem like they have a good potential of being talented actors. I mean, the whole acting thing is a little crazy, as a profession - if you really think about it... but it is rather admirable to watch someone pull off another character with persuassion role after role. I love film, and want to make my own full movie... some day. - I think all the time about actors making or breaking its sucess. So what the hell, isn't every one turning to their last dime for yet another excuse- just to save their ass from getting fired. How is our strife for sucess/living any different from that of an actors? So they make a killing, and are a rare breed - excuse them while they are human - and stop exploiting... stop crossing the lines!

2884 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Sure, Dr. M....she has the right to drive around anytime...she also has the right to spend any night she wants in clubs drinking her ass off and doing who-knows-how-much drugs every night also, right ????
She and others just want-want-want and have the RIGHT to avoid any laws and flaunt their status, but have no responsibility or accountability, is that it???

2884 days ago


first off, i didn't even recognize lindsey from that picture. she looks way different. where are her big cheek bones? she is definitely doing drugs and drinking....which make you paranoid when you have done too much. she is too young to ruin her life, but hollywood has grabbed another child star turned druggie. rehab is where she needs to go.

2884 days ago


Honestly, Lindsay has every right to be upset. Never heard of Paparazzi killing anyone? They were chasing Princess Diana the night she died. Her crash is often blamed on them.

Linsday is a human, just as we are. You may not like her, but she deserves privacy. If someone constantly shoved a camera in YOUR face, in all your private moments, you grief, your joy, and even family death/troubles, wouldn't you be a little pissed too?

2884 days ago

Mad Balls    

FOOLS ....I know what the loh girl needs !!!! Not your insults , dates , drugs or pooparraazzi .....NNNooooooo.....She needah de KevinB ....Yep ....I volunteer to drive her around .....oh course she must pay health , medical , and small stipinde .....Beside the hot sex with the loh girl I will be driving one heck of a badass car .( PPssst , Lind , tell 'em I'm starvros's uncle and I was a MAnservent in the Old country .)....see then I could be your butler .... kinda like a butler with benifets ...I know there's richer guys and dudes' with sixteen packs ............ But I can drive ...seems most of your friends can't ...Better hurry before Jessy S. figures out I am not "Shy dynamic Hunk"
at and takes my offer to breed her poodle ....hurry up !! HURRY HURRY GIRL !!!!.

2884 days ago


i don't get it. is the snap that's accompanying this tid-bit a shot of the approx 6:30am scene? if so, how come her mascara isn't smeared/running like mentioned? also, that doesn't even f***ing look like her, so is this somebody else?

2884 days ago

Mad Balls    

Well DEMOCRATICPOLLINGBASTARD21 plus SINGINGMANHO stuck my ram in flapjack postion with emails for "yours truly" to imagine I am TMZ and I converse with Ms . Lohan at 6.45 am LA time ....oh K ...goes something like this ....GooD EeeEVaanning ....ladies and gentlemen .....
Kevy B. -- Yodello Ms. Lohan you OK ?!?
Lohan (rolling down window) You here for the package ?!?!/
Kevy B -- Oh no I just wondering if your OK ?!?!
Lohan -- Gibsons' right the DAMN JEWS ...
Kevy B -- WHOO WHO WOOOOOooo easy now pretty Ms . Lohan can I drive you home ?!??!
Lohan -- sure .... AND THEN YOU Have me AT YOUR MERCY !!!!
kEVY B--- jezz Ms. Lohan I think you have me confused with someone from the studios ...
LOhan -- HA HA make me laugh .huh..I think thats good?!?!?!
Kevy B-- Sure laughter helps stimulate endorphionas that are natural pain killers ....
KEVy B jumps in car -- Kinda tight in here ...what is this a mazzaratti ?!?!?
Lohan GGirrl- It's a BOXER fool ...even fuzzed out on Grape Maneaters and Coke ...... I KNOW THAT !!!
kEVY b -- You know in this light ,, with that flash of anger ,,, you kinda' remind me of Elizabeth Talyor ...
Loh Girly Girl -- I should kill you but ...KISS ME ..... QUICK ....YOU FOOL !!!!!!

2884 days ago

You know what Linsday could be one day if she married Prince Charles? The Drama Queen of England.

2884 days ago

What I'd love to do with Lindsay.

2884 days ago


My Grampa ( may he rest in peace) told me that if you thought someone was following you to go directly to the nearest police station or fire station. Maybe someone should let these paranoid celebrities know this bit of info so they feel safer when out and about at all hours.Of course one would have to be sober to remember this in time of need...not drunk or strung out on illegal drugs....just my thoughts....

2883 days ago


Reply to monalisa13.

Dear mona: It is no crime to follow another car as long as you do not interfere with it. When one is in a public place, one gives up the roght to privacy. It's no crime to photograph anyone in a public place. And, while I'm not a fan of the photo-hounds, this twit made herself a target by her outrageous behavior.

Each melt-down she has further the media's desire to get mmore dirt. If she doesn't want the publicity, why does she constantly do things to attract it? What if no one was interested in photographing her? Then you'd really see her cry and wail.

2883 days ago
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