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Lindsay Out Of It

Who's Chasing Me?

10/29/2006 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan had a rough morning Sunday – and by the looks of it, a pretty rough night, too.

At 6:45 am, a TMZ spy spotted Lindsay at Olive and Sunset in Hollywood, near a dog park. Lindsay was sitting in her parked black Cadillac Escalade and our spy, who was walking his dog, could see Lohan through the tinted windows, "freaking out" and talking on her phone.

Then, Lohan called our spy over and told him that two men in a silver Toyota 4Runner -- parked behind her -- had been following her for the last two hours, trying to "hit" her vehicle. Our spy reports that "she seemed out of it," that it appeared she'd been out all night, and that she'd clearly been crying, with mascara running down her face. "I've called the cops," said Lindsay of her alleged pursuers. "But the cops can't catch them."

Lindsay Lohan: click to launchWhat Lindsay didn't even realize in her reduced state was that the two men in the Toyota were actually paparazzi. Our spy saw them snapping away. And, he says, as their vehicle started to creep up on Lindsay's Escalade, she shifted into drive, hit the gas and took off. The paparazzi followed her.

An email sent to her rep was not immediately returned.


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car videos    

it will be nice if she will go into rehab to avoid drugs and specially paparazzi..

2885 days ago


6:45 AM? The girl is on coke. I have noticed in some interviews her voice is VERY hoarse, true sign of cocaine abuse. She's young, rich and spoiled, what else can you expect?

It seems as though all of young hollywood is on something, truly sad.

2885 days ago


-WHY is she out at night alone driving her Escalade?
-WHO loves this girl enough to keep up with her, to try to protect her and stay with her at all times to keep her safe?
NO ONE> It is so sad. People (Mom, Sis, agent) just live off of her.
She is a complete lost disaster.
She has no REAL world experience.
She has been unsupervised for years. She is doing what confused, lost unloved kids do. BUT she is doing it with a huge bank account and overly powerful engines in her cars. She is a danger to herself and others.
Her Mother should be ashamed of herself.
DINA is worse than Jessica SImpson's Dad. At least in his shameless effort to sell his daughter to the world he sticks with her and keeps her away from this kind of sad behavior.
Lindsay wil not live a full long life at this rate. Something bad is bound to happen. There are too many crazy, mean and gross people out there to let her roam the streets drunk/high and alone for very much longer. without something tragic occuring.
Wake up someone and take care of this girl. She is too dumb to take care of herself!

2885 days ago


Drugs (meth and cocaine) make you paranoid and it appears she got a full blown case of paranoia, if you know what I mean. Too bad she’s a pretty girl and I love red heads. But chances are she’ll be dead before too long.

2885 days ago


# 10 They killed Diana all for a picture. They were in a car and so was Lindsay. Imagine if random people followed your every move. Just because she lives her life she deserves to be followed? I would be freaking out too if somebody was following me all day and all night. Why do we need to see a picture of her coming out of a restuarant?, or shopping?, swimming? This country doesnt believe in privacy anymore. Living in "reality crazed america" sucks.

#12 When Lindsay and so many other actors wanted to be actors I'm sure they didn't say oh let me become an actor so I can get harrassed everyday. Be accused of being a whore, party head, or a cokehead. She has been acting for a long time and she never had to worry about being harrased about stupid things. Who wants to sit at home at watch tv all day when you can be out having more fun then the average joe? I'm sure if you had money you wouldn't spend your fridays in the house watching Tv and surfing TMZ.

Give her a break! She is young and you tell me what you would do if your daughter became famous and all of a sudden was harrassed everyday. That girl is always getting photographed on her off time and she isn't posing, she is frowning. We as a society need to leave these people alone thinking we can relate to them because all their business in plastered in papers, and on the net. The point is they have money and we don't and until you can play with the big dogs some people need to mind their business.

2885 days ago



2885 days ago

duh...totally !    

CRACK is WHACK girls !

yah, you are all GIRLS !!

this sh*t is getting ridiculous....someone is going to OD or collapse by the New Year

2885 days ago

ya motha    

Maybe if you left the damn girl alone for more than an hour she wouldnt be so f***in freaked out. Why do you feel the need to follow her 24 hours a day. She is a young adult in her 20's of course she is going to get wasted and party./ That is what 20 year olds do. You probably make her that way, damn just leave her alone

2885 days ago


Time for rehab Lindsay.

2885 days ago


If she is hanging around at very high profile clubs what the hell does she expect? If the nutjob is that worried then she should hire a bodyguard and not stay out so late at night. BTW she shouldn't even be in clubs anyway!

2885 days ago


Lindsay already looks older then 20 from all her partying. Very sad that at 21 she will be in a rehab facility.

2885 days ago


if she wants to pull over for a quick line thats her perogative but i think she should have known that it was the papparazzi...maybe she was paranoid soooo you try to be a young,rich,pretty girl in la

2885 days ago


Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean that you're not being followed!!! think about that...

2885 days ago

George William Gockel    

I am wondering that Lindsay Lohan does not know that she might have a stalker after. He wants to make love to Lindsay Lohan all 4 ways on purpose!!!! He wants to get Lindsay Lohan pregnant on purpose!!!! He wants to squeeze and suck Lindsay Lohan's nice and sexy boobs on purpose!!!! He wants to marry Lindsay Lohan on purpose!!!! He is obsessed with Lindsay Lohan!!!! And he is not me.

2885 days ago

Reasonable Guy    

While at times I do think that the paparazzi tends to go over board, they and movie stars should be able to work together. It's funny how some celebrities, mainly movie stars, hate the paparazzi. But when they have a movie coming out, there they are right in front of the cameras, very willing to be photographed. After the promotion is over,its back to ,"why can't they(paparazzi) just leave me be." That to me is very hippocritical. On the flip side, I think some members of the paparazzi are rude. Instead of just asking for a picture or just being polite in taking a picture, the camera gets shoved in a person's face. Both parties need each other. Being a celebrity whether it be in music, sports, t.v. or movies comes with a price and one must understand that from the time they reach stardom ,they will always be under a microscope. That's the price one pays for being famous.Lindsay Lohan, as nice as she may be behind the bright lights and all the glitter ,has brought many negative events on herself. If you want the paparazzi to leave you alone or better yet not take pictures of you in compromising situations, then don't do anything stupid that would warrant negative attention Lindsay. Overall can't we all just get along?. For the paparazzi they make their living by taking pictures of celebrities. For celebrities, they make their living by providing us, the general public, the opportunity to escape from the stresses of life to our movie theaters on any given day. Last time I checked some of the biggest names in hollywood didn't have a problem with paparazzi, Will Smith, Jack Nicholson, Denzel Washington and Tom Cruise to name a few.

2885 days ago
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