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Danny Bonaduce:

Trick or Treat?

10/30/2006 4:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

danny_bonaduce_wi_240-1We're not sure what he was supposed to be, but a shirtless Danny Bonaduce channeled his inner cheeseball at Dave Navarro's Halloween party on Saturday.

Perhaps not wanting to let his long hours at the gym go unnoticed, Bonaduce ripped his t-shirt off, which nearly revealed his 'red carpet,' upon arriving to the costume ball.

No matter how ripped your body may be, that's still no excuse for coming up with such a lame non-outfit. Boo!


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Partridge Family Fan    

Danny: Riddle me this

Why did you spend all that time, money and effort in rehab, only to come out and continue to behave in the exact same manner that landed you there in the first place?

Or is that the new cool? Showing how rehab didn't affect you?

Don't you think about the taunting and teasing and humiliation your poor kids (and wife) have to suffer because of your childish antics? including stripping your clothes off at a bisexual man's birthday party.

Danny, you're 50 years old, or darn near close to it. At what age do you think you're going to grow up? If not now, when?

Don't you want your kids to say with PRIDE -- yeah, that's my DAD !!! instead of hiding their little heads in shame whenever they hear your name mentioned in public? Stop being so selfish, and think of someone besides yourself before you speak/act.

Everyone (every conscious adult) sees through the short man -- tough guy thug image -- its been done for years in this town, and believe me, Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney did it with a whole lot more style.

I wish you well.
I wish you peace.
I fear you have neither

2883 days ago


Oh I know the guys been coming onto girls for years while married I might add, on tv in front of all of us geesh Danny get a life and get down with your wife and leave us alone! He tells us all about his wife's panties and how dissapointing they are good grief amazing she can tolerate his butt, he should be happy some woman can the way he acts! And do you wanna quit with that havent heard it lately but that is pretty disrepectful to woman, and you wife!

2883 days ago


Danny is just being a Silly Valley Boy

2883 days ago

Randi Bua    

I know Danny is totally a wacko..due to his bi-polar condition, aggrevated by steriods..(no way a fat, endomorphic little kid could grow up & be that ripped without steroids), but what I question, is WHY does his wife stay with him and keep subjecting his kids to his rampages..that's child abuse, as far as i'm concerned..they want to love their father... that's obvious, so at least set boundaries, so that they don't see his destructive behavior,,,so sad..and yes, you guys are probably right..he needs to quit repressing his true much self loathing..isn't that also true of a lot of gays who are afraid to come out??

This man needs of these days he's going to piss off the wrong person or harm himself...either way he's a total train wreck... maybe I'm foolish, but, I pity him.......... randi (girl) , miami

2883 days ago


I mean this guy pours it on right in public on the air always has, heard it while traveling in california
Over and over, what little wifey isn't giving him tease tease
Come on girlies unhappy little Danny.............
Poor little Danny!

2883 days ago


Bonaduce's wife should leave his sorry has been ass and take as much of what money he has left, split with the kids and sue him for child support and leave him only with...the right to work. She is young enough and alright looking enough to find a decent guy and have a better life. I agree with the above poster...he is gonna snap...and when he does...OMG, I'm kickin' back with my popcorn and jack...and gonna love watching the show.

Loser Bonaduce...he wasn't even a cute kid much less adult...gawd awful ugly face, nasty short body, piece of sh*t personality. FREAK

2883 days ago


I can't figure out why they brought him back for another season of his stupid show. I haven't been able to sit through a whole episode. Who honestly watches it??? I'm just curious. He is a crazy nutter and I can't understand why his wife stays married to him. I bet after the show is over...she will be moving on. By then enough of his crazy behavior would give her a good edge upon a divorce.There is really nothing to like about this guy. He is so self absorbed and selfish, just a complete bastard. Hulk Hogan needs to body slam him...haha

2883 days ago


Oh and to prove it I recall practically exactly what he said to, that his wife wears those day of the week panties. Sound familiar.

2883 days ago



2883 days ago


This guy is a drunk and a loser. Who cares about his washed up piece of shit?

2883 days ago


I feel sorry for him, He seems like a straight up guy then goes nuts at every chance, Nice wife and kids from what I've seen, I will listen your watch him if he is around or on but again he is just a bomb waiting to happen. I wish him the best and I'd slam a beer or two with the guy....its just after that I'd want to be long gone,,,,Tick tick tick

2883 days ago


I've wanted to kick that guy's ass ever since I was a little kid watching THe Partridge Family. In fact I could neveer figure out if he was an ugly girl or a boy. I hated it either way. I still want to kick his ass.

2883 days ago


I watched his show sometimes last season, when I wanted a good laugh, he is ridiculous, Im surprized his wife is still with him, it has to be for the money, because I see nothing appealing about this guy! And who ever up there said he is into himself, you are so right, even when hes being an asshole, he thinks hes great...

2883 days ago


Gretchen has a co-dependent relationship w/Danny. C'mon shes just a wacky as he is, marrying him on their first date so they could have sex. He was cheating on her from the get-go but she wanted the trappings that came along w/it. No woman with her act together would deal with that skank. My bro knew him when they were kids & said he was smoking & cursing b/f he was a teenager and was just as disrespectful way back when as he is now.

for those of you who find entertainment in his disrespect of others -- whatever -- whatever turns you on. this skank needs to learn there ARE other people inthe world and their purpose is not to serve him.

Theres A WHOLE LOT more than being attractive than just working out. You got to have a face that doesn't look like an unflushed toilet.

2883 days ago


This guy is a jerk an smart ass....

2883 days ago
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