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Here Comes the Bride, With a Real Firm Backside

10/30/2006 12:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes: Click to watchWith Tom Cruise apparently concerned about her bod, Katie Holmes proved he has little reason to worry as she showed up to his daughter's soccer game lookin' hot over the weekend.

According to sources, Cruise was willing to do whatever it takes so his bride-to-be "looks the best that she can walking next to him down the aisle," and so far ... it's working! As the wedding date rapidly approaches, Holmes is clearly ready to swap I-do's, looking toned up and slimmed down for the Giorgio Armani wedding dress she'll reportedly be wearing at Giorgio's Italian villa.

As she made her way to and from the game, Holmes looked as though she took a play straight out of the Tom Cruise "How to Treat the Paparazzi" playbook -- acting overly gracious to photogs and walking extremely slow so nobody missed the shot.

The two are set to marry November 18th in Italy.


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What kind of sparkling personality and career did Katie have before Tom? Someone please clarify this for me. Everyone always says, Poor Katie. Who was she before this? She wasn't on any It List or celebrity radar I'm aware of. Two years ago she could walk into a mall and no one would give a rats a$$.

She could give this life back whenever she wants. She has gotten a taste of the good life; wealth, private jets, drivers, chefs, assistants. Her parents know that she and her child will be financially well off the rest of their lives.

Poor Katie. Pa-lease.

2879 days ago


Sue is crazy. Scientology is created by a SCIENCE FICTION NOVELIST! That is not a religion, it's a cult.

2879 days ago


I was wondering about her butt. In older pics you could see how flat it is and all of a sudden she comes out with a big ass? I don't think sooooooo! something ain't right about that one!

2879 days ago

the wise old owl    

The core belief's of Scientoly are as follows:

This area of the galzxy was once ruled by an alien warlord named Xenu. 65 million years ago his empire was over populated horribly so to combat the overpopulation he had trillions of citizens called in for psychiatric evlautations and tax audits, where they were given paralytic drugs, loaded onto space planes,and flown to Planet Teegeeack. Once on this planet, their bodies were stacked in huge piles around valcanoes, while atom bombs were dropped into these valcanoes instantly killing trillions of galactic citizens.

To keep those people from reincarnating to the rest of the galaxy, Xenu set up a special trap. Powerful force-fields kept their souls ( called "Thetans" in Scientoloy jargon ) from escaping, and these tetans were than shown special holographic movies about the various lies they are suppose to believe, with character like Jesus, Mohhammed and Budda. Over time, these theatans began to believe Xenu's lies about false gods, and began to reincarnate on Teegeeack ( but the thetans called this world " earth " ) When itelligent life appeared on Teegeeack, thousands or millions of "Thetan's " cling to every native soul (er, "thetan" ) and fill it's head with nonsensical thoughts and irrational beliefs.

The KEY idea of Scientology is to avoid tax officials and PSYCIATRISTS at all costs, while paying the church a large amount of $$ for special " counseling " ( called " auditing" in their jargon ) to help you reach a special enlightened state called " CLEAR " where you telepathically communicate with these "thetans " clinging to you and force them out of your body, and rid yourself of evil Xenu's influence.

Scientology doles it's doctrine out in tiny doses to it's NEW recruits, and tells the public next to nothing about what it believes. You DON"T hear that whole story until you reach a special rank in their group called "0T3" for " Operating Thetan 3". Their doctrine holds that " if this got out "......the Thetans in people would revolt at hearing the truth and people would get sick and die possibly just by HEARING the story, which of course leads people who aren't Scientologists who hear this story to tell it to others and watch them not die ot get ill from it.


No doubt Katie is in the "Clear " state. Explaining her " Zombie like appearance " Only a freakin NUT would believe in this lunicy. Because most celebrities such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta are too STUPID to realize it, they belong to this group. If you even THINK of joining scientology, you should think be kicked in the " balls " ..... hard.

Anyone who comes on this website defending this cult is insane. I found this infromation in the Urban Dictionary on line. Katie at this stage in her "brain washing " is no doubt a part of " Sea Org " You undergo intense physical labor ( aka Tom's strict work outs ) If you piss off the "slave masters." or " Captains " in anyway you are punished in a manner called " Ethics" . Only someone who is not of " sound mind " would follow this. It's all just a bunch of bullshit.

2879 days ago


What a Dick you are Tom C. Shame on you, You should have married Katie along time ago, you "loved" her so much then without her having to do something about her body, my God, don't you know when you fall in love, you fall in love with the way they are, all their faults, and flaws. You don't change them to please you no matter what Ron Lipshit Hubbard teaches you!!!!

It's too bad Katie doesn't have enough female fortitude to dump your ass at the alter.......

2879 days ago


Again, Wise old owl says it all. Your awesome.

2879 days ago


Katie doesn't look happy -- she looks trapped. She got herself into a whacky situation when she bought into Tom's publicity 'casting for a bride' (just like he did with nicole on 'days of thunder'). (and everyone knows she wasn't his first choice but his fifth. check out She lost all of her friends, her parents hate Tom, and she's only allowed to hang out with other Scientologists. Before Tom, she and Chris Klein did normal things with normal people. Now, in order to be a part of her baby's life, she has to marry the weirdo and convert or he keeps custody. Very sad. Very controlling. A big fat trap. Big sick situation.
"Katie's Baby" is the sequel to "Rosemary's".

2879 days ago


I love the cut and paste feature of my computer as I sit rubbing my hands together like a mad scientist.

2879 days ago


These people are fucking crazy. I didn't look at the video.

2879 days ago


Do you have any actual work planned anytime soon? I know you are busy going to amateur sporting events, shopping and well, shopping. Are you going to get back to work anytime soon? I think the 24 hour nanny has the Suri thing covered. I know, I know, planning a wedding is a lot of work when you only have 17 months and endless amounts of wealth. Sorry to have interrupted you at Barneys.

2879 days ago


Where is Nicole Kidman at all of these events? She has to attend them, too, right?

2879 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post #33 SIGNED by the wise old owl : I am very flattered that you are signing my name to YOUR blog.

However I did not write post # 33. If you look at my original blog you can see that I DID NOT ....." cut and paste " that information. I researched that and also gave CREDIT to the sourse. I rewrote that which is evident by my signature writing of capitolizing certain words. Nice try phoney. But you have been spotted. I am fasinated that you find me that intriging that you feel compelled to immitate me.
Thanks anyway...........nice try.

2879 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post #25 GIGI: Nicole is not there because TOM tells her when and where she can see those children. It was all spelled out for her when she signed their " Contact " before they got married. He got total custody of those kids and she had no other choice. SHe signed a deal with the devil. She could forse the issue but it's obvious she has MOVED ON

. If Katie and Tom ever get married and than divorse. She too will lose all rights to her baby. It's not that different from the Michael Jackson fiasco.

" MAKE $$ your God and it will dog you like the devil for the rest of your life " ( a quote a got from a blogger on this website ) I am sure she regrets that one. However I guess you can't miss something that you never even BONDED with. HIstory repeats itself. It won't be long. Katie will be standing in Ncole's shoes soon.

2879 days ago


I think Katie's gr8ey!! I am so glad her fairy tale is coming true. This kind of story is the important stuff we care about. I wish Tom Cruise would run for President. Katie already looks like Jackie O at those soccer games. Plus their asian baby would make it less of a white house and more representative of our great nation. Then the staff at TMZ could make up the Supreme court. Or Congress. Whichever has more power. Then we can bring our soldiers home and send the Iraqis what they really need, which is McDonalds and Starbucks and People magazine. Democracy rocks!! Peace out, mmkay?

2879 days ago


Oh, God. This is just DISTURBING VIDEO. Come on! "Grace under pressure?" Does the term, "Stepford Wife" ring a bell? Seriously. Guess it can't be drugs since Scientology frowns on that. But really, isn't her behavior like watching a very stoned person operate?

What in the hell does Scientology DO to their people? God, wouldn't you LOVE to know the truth about what goes on behind closed doors? All the dogma and mind numbing tactics? It's amazing that anybody with half a brain falls for it. I don't care how much $$$ you throw my way, I'd NEVER fall into this trap of a life. Where are those "FREE KATIE HOLMES" t-shirts when you need them???

2879 days ago
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