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Meds or Not, It's All Cool Between Katie & Brooke

10/30/2006 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing mends a celebrity rift like a baby.

Katie Holmes seemed to forget the firestorm of controversy created by her man with regard to Brooke Shields this weekend, when she ran into Tom's former abuse-target at a private party in Los Angeles. Katie's face lit up as she gazed upon Brooke's daughter Grier, and the love-fest (however polite and camera-ready) continued throughout the rest of the conversation.

Looks like any ill-will concerning Tom Cruise's bashing of and subsequent apology to Brooke about her use of medication for her post-partum depression seem to have melted away.

Are playdates with Suri and Grier far behind? Stay tuned.


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Katie and Suri have been hanging out at Brooke's home for awhile now. So play dates have already been happening...

2923 days ago


thats good i knew those girls were to good to fued forever they look good wheres suri? i think the girls will have a day to hang out and give us some more....

2923 days ago


To Post #13-Wise Old Owl and to #9-Stix&Stones
CRUISE CONTROL is right!! Why can't Suri be out with her mother Katie? Why can't Nicole attend her children's soccer events? Why do any of these women have to be under Tom's controling thumb??! (really-no pun here!)

I'll tell you why, because Tom's a VERY INSECURE PERSON to start with. When Tom was married to Nicole he didn't realize that she was quite independent and able to stand up against that control freak. After they divorced, Tom was sort of a lost soul, but it didn't take him long to find someone to fill the void. Enter Katie Holmes. She's young, beautiful, impressionable (gullible?) and he practically swept her off of her feet. Katie fits perfectly into his control plans for his life and family.

Does anyone remember how angry and upset Tom was when he found out about the "secret meeting" between Katie and Nicole last year? He almost blew his stack because he thought these two were going to conspire against him! What a paranoid freak that guy is. Soon after he began to lay down the Scientology law on Katie pretty heavy. Why do you think Katie was being escorted around with this Scientology assistant named Jessica? Because Tom couldn't trust Katie anymore. Scientology forbid if Katie decides to take her daughter out publicly, or for a visit with her Catholic grandparents!

And finally, to Post #3-Liz,
You're absolutely right! Brooke is a 1000x better of a person than both Tom, Katie and the whole rediculous Scientology institution put together! Brooke has more class and social graces than Katie will every have. For as long as Katie remains with Tom, her reputation is just as marred as his. Katie can take a few lessons from Brooke on life in general.

2923 days ago

Susie Bush    

Lulu I COMPLETLY AGREE!!!! I think the only reason why Suri isn't out is because Tom said she couldn't go out, Tom's a really rude control freak who needs to stop acting like such a jerk to everyone, then maybe his carrer would be doing better o.O it's pretty sad when a movie has to come out to DVD a day before everyone else's does because they don't want anything to do with MI:3 LOL! ever since that thing he said about meds, that lost like...half his fan base, is it that hard to be a nice celeb now a days?

2923 days ago


So I was curious about Scientology and motherhood/raising children. Now at least I can assume that connor and isabella are busy doing the chore of raising suri , till she can be idoctrinated wholly into the church. The first article gives an insight as to why their granparents are miissing from the picture..Such Wierdos. Seems Nicole became mature and was able to resist this nonsense ( I wont be suprised if the church was active in getting Midget man to divorce Nicole..maybe he couldnt attaint the highest rang of power till he had a scientologist family...enough to make him want to find the nearest puppet) ............. only to be replaced by a young woman who cannot resist the charm, control , fame and money that comes with Cruise. Mr and Mrs Holmes do something..Are you not normal enough to be concerned about this nonsense. :

A little literature for Katies parents below...WAKE UP

2923 days ago

can you guess?    

I beleive Baby Suri is a clone of Brooke Sheilds Baby, its the only thing that makes sense.. Tom's outlash against Brooke for seeking help, the "polite' run-in between Kat and Brooke
I beleive she aslo a reincarnation of my gold fish, Prometheus
who died last spring due to food poisoning from Jack-in-the BoxMabe they should make sure that their babies never eat the Box

2923 days ago

Susie Bush    

LOL!!! Mt. Vesuvius that was hilarious! honestly, Tom should not have kids, because all he cares about is himself o.O

2923 days ago


Brooke is a class act. I feel really sorry for Katie, and even more so for her parents. Can you imagine your granchild's father being the Cruiser? The HORROR!! If they ever divorce Tom will use all his wealth, influence and $cientology connections to get custody of that child. Just look at Nicole's role or lack thereof in her kids lives. No amount of wealth is worth being married to him. He creeps me out

2923 days ago

Susie Bush    

Tom and Drama are great in the same sentance, he doesn't need
a movie to "come out" (if you know what I mean) or Suri out with him to cause Drama o.O just needs to open his big mouth, which needs to stay quiet once in a while.

2923 days ago


I think Katie carries Suri around in those enormous purses she's always seen carrying. There was soccer pic the other day where she had to lean to one side just to keep the purse up!

2923 days ago


All these years Tom was married to Nicol why did he not want children from her?

Answer, This is his third or fourth marriage and she knew she was getting better reviews for her movies and it was easy for him to divorce her and marry one who isn't to great.
So now they have baby.

Big deal

2923 days ago


I'm waiting for Katies forked tongue to nab that kid.

2923 days ago


Did anyone ever think that Nicole might be the reason Tom and Nicole never had kids? Tom has a biological kid, does Nicole? Oh wait, she is busy with her husband in rehab. Ahh.

2923 days ago

Susie Bush    

Tom Cruise (24 December 1990 - 8 August 2001) (divorced) 2 children

adopted or not, Tom Cruise should NOT!!!!! have kids o.O

2923 days ago

Susie Bush    

Hey, at least Keith went in on his own and didn't hurt innocent people in a car accident

2923 days ago
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