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Babs Heckled Again - But No F-Bomb

10/31/2006 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barbra Streisand's Bush-bashing tour made it's way to the hotbed that is red state Florida on Monday.

Barbra Streisand
Babs, who was heckled earlier this month after bringing out a Bush impersonator for a skit during a performance in New York, once again brought out a presidential look-a-like and faced outbursts from members in the audience at Fort Lauderdale's Bank Atlantic Center.

A source tells TMZ that during the skit, "Bush" asked Babs if they could sing a solo together to which Streisand replied "How about "Enough is Enough?" (A reference to Babs' 70s disco duet with Donna Summer) At that point a disgruntled fan threw ice at the 64-year-old diva. Barbra kept her cool, opted against using her now infamous retort of "Shut the F**k Up!," and simply said "It's ok, it's ok."

When fans asked her to sing a song for the Republicans, Barbra's suggestion was "Send in the Clowns." This got another audience member upset, who started to boo loudly at the singer. Some of Babs' superfans came to her aid telling the heckler to "shut up!"

While both the heckler and the ice thrower were escorted out of the arena, Barbra remarked, "If you just want to hear my songs, buy my albums and stay at home." And with tickets for Babs tour going for exorbitant prices, no doubt many fans did!

After her comments filled the arena with a round of applause, Babs got back to doing what she does best with her voice -- singing.

Babs' tour, and the controversy associated with it, winds up November 20 in Los Angeles.


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Go Barbra!!!!!!!

But, come on TMZ, somebody "through ice"?

2857 days ago

blah blah blah    

You don't have to be an idiot to know that bashing the president or voicing her political views on shall I say "THE CONCERT STAGE" is not the kind of entertainment you pay hundreds of dollars to go and see my friend!
There are a lot of sensitive people out there when it comes to there own personal view of politics. That is why she got iced in the face and booooooooooooooooed.
Therefore...................... I say again, stick to what she does best:
Her vocal career. Not insulting comedy!

This was not an attack on you, I only challenged your opinion. Just a different opinion, as like the others in this blog. But if it is your style to bash people, then take your next shot. I'm not impressed.

2857 days ago

Mary Johnson    

babs is completely self centered. the poor thing is so hideous to look at so she tries to make for that by being overbearing. it's sad, really. bottom line, if you don't like her politics don't go to see her. if enough people stop going to her concerts she'll get the message. i'm sure if she never performed again she has plenty of money to carry on with her life.

2857 days ago


yay tell em' girl...hooray for you. Bless you.

2857 days ago


Deborah...first of all, she was iced in the face by ONE concert goer who was obviously too much of a whiney bitch to take it like an adult. And she was BOO'ed by again ONE other concert goer with no sense of humor. Once they were escorted out everyone clapped and cheered. I agree with the posters who say it's her stage and she can do what she wants and her political reputation and her tendency to voice her opinion proceeds her. If you go to a Babs concert, you really should know what to expect.

And the agrument that "no one cares" about a celebrity's political opinions isn't an argument. I mean, does anyone really CARE about ANYONE else's political opinion? No. Not really...unless you're running for office, who cares? However, just because it doesn't matter doesn't stop anyone else from saying how they feel. That's because we live in what's called a "free" country. That seems to be a foreign concept to many people these days.

2857 days ago


He either "THROUGH" ice or he "THREW" ice. Which is it? Geez, someone on staff needs Hooked on Phonics. Harvey, handle it.

2857 days ago


My point is she can say what she wants and you do not have to pay to see her. It's a choice you make in life that you have control over. Who forced these people to buy tickets? No one. And as I've already said, if you don't know that she always talks about her politics then you haven't been paying attention. At no time did I bash you any more than you bashed me so drop the poor me bit. I'm just saying don't pay to see her if you don't like what she has to say. The people that did and then felt insulted were idiots.

2857 days ago


i wish celebrities would shut their big fat holes about politics. i dont wanna hear about ur political beliefs. especially since these people are making 10 mil (at least) for a picture. its free speech, but u know what when i have to turn on my computer and read about the sh*t they're spouting its annoying. if i wanna read about their political beliefs ill look at a political web site. And as far as she is concerned with making fun of the president, where was she when monica lewinski was on her knees with clinton. i'm sure she wasnt saying anything when that was going on. u know, i'm glad there's starting to be a backlash against people making fun of bush, he's an idiot but he's just slaughtered by everyone which is really sh*tty.

2857 days ago

U Know Who    

Right a Patriot Supports their country bla bla bla.

She doesn't suuport her country any way you slice it, no matter WHO is in office she will still bitch and moan. These ungrateful celebs make me want to barf. They seriously ought to relocate to Venezuela, they all seem to be so in love with Hugo Chavez anyways.


2857 days ago


"I feel strongly that Everyone is entitled to their opinions and the free expression thereof." This is a direct quote from you Loyal Opposition. You said it best....EVERYONE is entitled to express themselves freely...including Barbara Streisand. And I'm with you...I don't like Bush or Barbara Streisand. But I think she has a right to her opinion just like you and I do.

MORE COWBELL!!!!! WHOO HOOO. My favoirte Will Farrell sketch EVER! =)

2857 days ago


I have to agree. I don't like her so I didn't pay to go see her and hey I wasn't insulted at all. Worked out well for everyone.

2857 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

When I go to a hockey game, I expect to see a fight,
when I go to a fight I expect to see the Black guy wail on the white guy
and when I go to see a concert I expect to see a preformance and them getting up on a soap box. I really don't see why I would go somewhere and pay good money knowing on the front end my delicate political sensibilities might be offended. THE PERFORMER IS THE SHOW, NOT SOME SCHMUCK IN THE AUDIENCE. Don't like Streisand, Madonna or Lil John and the East Side boys save your money and don't go to their shows!
And who the fu*ck is this Hugo Chavez guy?

2857 days ago


Long live America!

Long live Free Speech!

Deport those who do NOT uphold these principals on which our country was founded.

Par for the course of living in a free and democratic society.

If you don't like it, move to Cuba, or Haiti, or any other place with a dictatorship.
THERE, you can have people silenced, and killed for saying the wrong thing.

God bless America, and free speech.

2857 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Dear TMZ:
How about you hiring people who can spell and someone to do IT work on your site? Just for the record, I did NOT mean for my post to be posted more than once. I apologize to you all. Thank you

2857 days ago


Babs is just an idiot. When I pay good money for a concert, I want to be entertained, not get p*ssed off at the singer. As always, she has freedom of speech but the audience have a right to boo her.

2857 days ago
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