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Babs Heckled Again - But No F-Bomb

10/31/2006 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barbra Streisand's Bush-bashing tour made it's way to the hotbed that is red state Florida on Monday.

Barbra Streisand
Babs, who was heckled earlier this month after bringing out a Bush impersonator for a skit during a performance in New York, once again brought out a presidential look-a-like and faced outbursts from members in the audience at Fort Lauderdale's Bank Atlantic Center.

A source tells TMZ that during the skit, "Bush" asked Babs if they could sing a solo together to which Streisand replied "How about "Enough is Enough?" (A reference to Babs' 70s disco duet with Donna Summer) At that point a disgruntled fan threw ice at the 64-year-old diva. Barbra kept her cool, opted against using her now infamous retort of "Shut the F**k Up!," and simply said "It's ok, it's ok."

When fans asked her to sing a song for the Republicans, Barbra's suggestion was "Send in the Clowns." This got another audience member upset, who started to boo loudly at the singer. Some of Babs' superfans came to her aid telling the heckler to "shut up!"

While both the heckler and the ice thrower were escorted out of the arena, Barbra remarked, "If you just want to hear my songs, buy my albums and stay at home." And with tickets for Babs tour going for exorbitant prices, no doubt many fans did!

After her comments filled the arena with a round of applause, Babs got back to doing what she does best with her voice -- singing.

Babs' tour, and the controversy associated with it, winds up November 20 in Los Angeles.


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So what Babs hates Bush. Join the majority of the poeple in the US right now. Check out the polls. You can love your country and still hate Bush. That's what makes America great! Any buddy that pays to see Babs deserves what they get.

2877 days ago


my2cents, I agree with you 100 percent. Anyone that has followed her career knows that she doesn't try to hide her political views. Just go on her website and she talks about her views and the work she does for the Democratic party. I think Rush Limp-baugh and Bill O'Reilly are jackasses, but I also think they have a right to say what they do, I just don't have to listen, therefore I don't .

Freedom of speech doesn't mean you're free to say what you want as long as I agree with you. People need to take the time to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Keep speaking truth to power Babs!

2877 days ago


No, but I'm sure all the neocons talked plenty...good for one good for all..if you don't want to hear it...shut your ears...close the books, tun off the TV, stay in a cave probably don't vote anyway
what does income have to do with being able to express your American rights?

2877 days ago



Because she criticizes our President, she is a " commie" ???

PLEEEEEEZE! Labelling is the laziest way to try to denigrate someone, without having the ability to even ATTEMPT to elucidate the reasons. That comment posted by #38 is a sure sign of a thought process which doesn't exist.

2877 days ago


It is beyond my comprehension as to why anyone would come to the defense of Dubya. Could people that take part in his defense be under some sort of shanhai type spell? I mean it could'nt get more obvious that these guys in our executive branch are clearly profiting from this war and could care less about the daily struggles of the average Americans, Iraqis and soldiers that are dying. Please wake up America.

2877 days ago


#37 Monica Lewinsky is not even in the same realm of the atrocities being committed by George Dubya. F***ing dumbass

2877 days ago


she looks like sh*t.....64? WHOA!

2877 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Q: Which is the bigger crime? Getting a BJ in the White House from someone OTHER than the First Lady, or...Screwing the whole country in the ARSE?
A: You tell me!

2877 days ago


I'm so tired of actors and musicians using the stage to voice their political views on the rest of us. I understand this is a free country and there is freedom of speech, but c'mon, it's not fair to shell out big bucks to listen to their political views when we want to go to a concert or movie for enjoyment. That's the key word people...."enjoyment"!!!!

2877 days ago


The whole point is that she is an entertainer and it amazes me that entertainers think everyone wants to hear their opinions. I hate going to any venue where I expect to be entertained and instead hear a bunch of crap about politics or anything other that what the venue was billed as. I'd be totally pissed and you can guarantee I would never go to another one of her concerts again. Stupid bitch - thinks the world revolves around her and you people are lucky she lets you pay $100 a ticket to see her sing and spew her opinions!

2877 days ago


Jeffrey Stewart,

You are the f***ing dumbass

2877 days ago


I guess that celebrity's are uh..not tax paying American's, should never vote, and are not entitled to have an opinion....and of course they are usually unpatriotic.

So the First Amendment does not apply to them . If Bab's chooses to have a little Bush..Bash...during her show...little break between songs. ..It's her show , her choice to do as she wishes...

So now you know .....before you buy a concert her next show...not to....She will probably use the stage as a political forum, to express her First Amendment, which is her American right to do so...

So don't buy her CD's..burn the one's you have, trash her in public, on here, or with your neighbor, and or anywhere else.............because you... are expressing your right to express yourself..... double edged sword....

2877 days ago

J. Koopman    

Republicans must be haters! I have never seen writing from such foul mouthed ignorant people in my life. For someone to do that to an "entertainer" is obviously mentally ill and totally smashing the republican way right into the ground. You know, if you can't handle the truth, then get dirty. The guy, Steve ?, that impersonates bush and Barbra has on tour with her was on Larry King tonight. Steve is a republican and he said things that made the President look worse than anyone I have ever seen. This is the same guy that G.W. uses when he wants to poke fun at himself. George has a sense of humor, where the hell is everyone elses?

Double standards!!! Letterman, Leno, Colbert, Stewart and even O'Reilly do it and there are no issues there! These people should be embarassed. If I were a republican candidate, I would have these people flogged!

Such tiny minds, so little time............................Tuesday 11/7!

2877 days ago

Mad Balls    

if she wasn't so old I would say it was that time of month -- Maybe it's a ghost period . What gets me is how stupid someone who is rich and famous can be ... We don't want to hear political commentary ...we payed for a show not a debate ..and who said these seats cost 100 bucks ...they were more like 350.00 ... very overpriced for someone who is very prickle with the public and always has been ... The only singer I would have put - up with that might have ratted off too much is Frank sinatra ...even old and croaking he delivered a show . Barbara , you are noo Frank sinatra

2876 days ago


To all of you who whine about celebrities letting you know about their polictical opinions, are you Republicans by any chance. Is that why it offends you? Does it offend you that Bo Derek speaks at Republican conventions? I'm glad celebrities are calling Bush for what he
is - a liar! Without celebrities, what other "liberal media" exists? All there is is FOX news which is basically the Republican channel.

2876 days ago
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