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Brad's Unauthorized Vanity Fair Cover

10/31/2006 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt struts his stuff on the cover of December's Vanity Fair -- and TMZ has learned that no one was more surprised to see the steamy cover on stands than Brad himself.
Brad Pitt on Vanity Fair.
A source close to Pitt tells TMZ that Brad shot the photos, taken by artist Robert Wilson, in September 2005, but didn't have any idea at the time -- or anytime since -- that they would be used for the cover of VF. Pitt had agreed to be in Wilson's avant-garde video art project last year, and signed a legal release at the time for the still and video images taken in the shoot. But until the Vanity Fair cover emerged this week, Pitt didn't know that he would be the magazine's coverboy.

Reps for Vanity Fair tell TMZ, "In a letter dated October 5, 2006, and sent to Pitt care of Brillstein-Grey [Pitt's managers], Wilson informed Pitt that a still image from his portrait was going to be featured in the December art issue of Vanity Fair." A source says that Pitt never saw the letter.

Pitt's lawyers are said to be weighing their legal options. His rep gave the following statement to TMZ: "We are very disappointed that Vanity Fair has chosen to put an unauthorized cover on their magazine. It seriously makes me question their integrity and motives."

A rep for Vanity Fair tells TMZ: "Brad Pitt posed for a Robert Wilson video portrait, and in the photo release (signed by Pitt), agreed to allow Wilson to use the portrait or any images from that sitting in connection with any publicity on Brad copies his loversWilson's video project. Vanity Fair decided to do a story on Wilson's video portraits and obtained rights to the entire collection of photographs from those sittings, which included Pitt's."


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This sounds like Pitt and his legal team are just upset that they allegedly didn't receive notice that VF was going to use the photo. My guess is that he really doesn't care that people will see the photo.

However, I also think VF knows that they probably can't get Pitt for an interview, as their interview with Aniston made him look like a jerk. They probably know this would be the only way to get him on the cover and make some money off of his image.

Just my two cents.

2921 days ago


Goofy looking sumbitch, with or without clothes.

2921 days ago


Poor little wanker Brad. Boo hoo. I guess it is just plain hell being famous. F***ing idiot. If you don't want pictures like this to surface, then (1) don't pose for them and (2) if you are stupid enough to pose for them, then don't sign a release. What a wanking idiot.

2921 days ago


If he signed a legal release why is he acting so shocked ?

2921 days ago


This is a good thing. Maybe Robert Wilson will focus on celebrity photography now and we won't have to suffer through any more of his interminable, pretentious, boring "plays" or whatever the hell they are...My condolences to the Pitt family however, it truly must be so horrible to see an unauthorized picture of yourself on the cover of a magazine such as Vanity Fair. The press and public can be so cold, shallow and heartless, the millions and millions of dollars he makes and the choices he is able to exercise in his life are such meager compensation for the sheer horror of existence in the public eye, I'm sure we all can agree on that....(burp)

2921 days ago

Miriam B. Jakubowitz    

Brad Who??????????????????

2921 days ago


Compared to the men on America's Heroes 2007 calendar, Brad just does NOT come up to snuff.

2921 days ago


Atleast he looks clean.

2921 days ago


Hey Pitt- get over yourself. In 10 years you're going to be what a Harrison Ford, Robert Redford or Sean Connery are now- too old. Character actor roles. Enjoy it while you can- that old man skin and the wrinkles and the flabby pecs will be coming soon enough.

2921 days ago

Tazz Devil    

Yummmmmm, finger lickin' good! Good God what a beautiful, beautiful man!

2921 days ago


Hey Fag Fan, Someone ought to shoot you in a dark alley and leave your sorry carcass for the scum hungry rats to eat., Oh, but wait,. You might actually like that..Faygirl...P.S. Hey Brad, this IS a great pic they did a real good job, and the camera does add 10 more look great. Faygirl...

2920 days ago


AS many pictures of Brad Pitt that have been used over the years including tabloids which sometimes are not good are telling me that Brad is upset with this one? Is it because he thought he should be paid for it?
It is a great picture not only of him but the work of the photohgrapher.
I could see where someone forgot to pass on that letter they sent. I mean come you think these stars who get in touble on their taxes actually did it on purpose? No...they had some idiot who worked for them not do their job. The celebrity doesn't keep up on things and they get piles of stuff to read and sign all the time.
Brad....loosen up man. It is a great photo.

2920 days ago

Crazy, maybe not    

These magazines do whatever they want. Big corporations do not listen to people only the gov't. When the gov't dislikes a book like "America Deceived" they have Amazon pull it. When the gov't needs wire-taps they ask Verizon for phone taps. Brad Pitt may have a chance here because he is a celebrity. The rest of us have no chance to fight big businesss.

2920 days ago


clue to Brad Pitt: If you don't want people seeing photographs of you like this, don't let them be taken. Did you think he was only going to display his video art project (w/ promotional still images) on his living room wall to his cats??

2920 days ago


#9, Hey Shelley...or Hillary...whatever your name is...fags are the only friends you'll ever have. Unless you call the men that will constantly victimize your ugly ass 'friends'.

2920 days ago
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