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K-Fed: Haters Are Motivators

10/31/2006 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-FedThe day we have all waited for is finally here. K-Fed's highly anticipated album "Playing With Fire" has finally arrived at a record store near you. To celebrate, TMZ will enlighten your day with genuine pearl of wisdom from the Federleezy himself.

"I won't ever be a back-up dancer for anybody again. I think we all have established that. But I'll do it for myself."

Brilliant. Be on the lookout for K-Fed backup dancing for himself on his current tour of venues that can miraculously sell enough tickets to cover their power bill. Sorry Cleveland.

All kidding aside, the album has generated significant interest around the country, but Kevin is still constantly taking shots from music critics and haters alike. Shocking, we know. But K-Fed says he uses the criticism to motivate himself into being the best Federline he can be. "You can't really get anywhere without someone gawking at you or nitpicking at what you do."

Well in that case, K-Fed, the world is your oyster.


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Did someone say...buttplugs?    

What...what I say?
Whats wrong with penis-to-wife-breast-fun time??
Nellie, if you had funbags I bet "Mr." Nellie would like to "goo you", too!
(as long as you kept your "man pleasure hole" quiet)
Thank you, good night everybody!

2881 days ago

U Know Who    

You people cannot seem to get it through your skulls. That even Kathy Lee goes GOLD, K-FED WILL sell more albums than Kathy Lee. Globally this guys record will do okay.

Sure alot of a**hole bandwagon jumping critics (yes it is "in" to criticize K-Fed) wrote his record off before even hearing it in it's entirety. What the f*** do they know without listening to it? If Hasselhoff, Kathy Lee and Paris can have decent album sales. I Promise you K-Fed will too.

Hate all you want - None of you have a confirmed pop starlet for your wife. No modeling contracts, don't own record labels or get invited to get Smack'd down.

Stay in your pathetic little "everyone that isn't me sucks" bubble, cause that'll get you FAR in life.


2881 days ago


Does anyone know the first numbers for his cd sales?

2881 days ago


I got to be completely honest about my thoughts when it comes to K-Fed.I like most people hate the fact that he married Britney Spears for the fame and money,but we all have to ask ourselves how many people would do the same if given the chance?The most honest answer to that question is alot of us would,and being even more honest it happens to people everyday.Maybe not in the same way(I mean marriage)but we all have our price.Just in case there are a few nieve people out there I'll say this sadly we live in a material world and we do what we have to to get ahead.Don't hate the payers people,hate the game.

2881 days ago


Post #18: You're right. I would dearly love to be the no-talent husband of someone who drives a car with a baby in her lap (duh), and who can't pick a worthwhile man to be her husband, and who sleeps with the guy while he's with someone else (making her as much of a T R A M P as he is a L O S E R), and whose husband is always either making her cry or isn't home to take care of his kids with her. Yep...I'd love to be them. I can think of nothing better. I bout living a nice life with someone who loves you and not having a ton of bucks, but feeling blessed with what you have? to be to be K-Fed...REALLY sucks that their kids have those two losers as parents.

Sometimes it's not that everyone else in the universe is jealous. Sometimes it's just that everyone else in the universe sniffs out skunk when they smell it....and you don't.

2881 days ago


This Wigger just won't quit! I mean, really. Does he actually think he's more interesting than a cockroach's turd? I have a theory: The only reason he won't go away is because Britney (the fool---yeah I said it!) is his safety net, and if this music project fails (which it will) K-FAG will have nothing to lose. After all, Britney will ALWAYS be there to front the $$$ for his stupid ass. But then again, she's probably getting some on the side from that good looking "Manny" she hired a while back. So maybe she doesn't care. Who knows?

And somewhere on another news item in TMZ, was it reported that K-FAG could be "rented" for about $15, 000 for a special appearance at a party or some other type event? (Correct me if I'm wrong). Geeezus! I'm sure someone will pay that much just to kick him in his nuts! WHAT A LOSER!!! And again, Britney you're a big FOOL!!

2881 days ago

in the know    

You may not like k-fed but by posting hate filled messages about someone you don't know is rediculous. How do you talk about people you do really know and dislke? Why do you care what he does? You don't have to buy his CD. Britney Spears certainly has had alot more that 15 minutes of fame and when she wasn't pregnant and married was very talented and successful. The reason she lives the lifestyle she does and has the clout she has in the business is because she has sold millions of records. If you were a backup dancer when you married Britney what would you do?? Get a job at a car dealership? It's her money that he is spending not yours so what do you care if she doesn't? The only thing the guy is guilty of is not using protection during sex. He was with Shar for a a number of years and never married her even though she was pregnant with his second child. Gee lets see..... Shar or millionare Britney Spears living the life of the rich and famous.. Please spare me, any man in his place would have done the same thing and if you said you wouldn't you are kidding yourself.

2881 days ago

U Know Who    

I find it so amusing you all "Claim" to have "true Love' bla bla bla.


You woudl think that our society was optimistic enough to hope for the best give the kids the benefit of the doubt. But you can't so I laugh at all of you who think your Significant other is "all that", yeah so do his or her OTHER lovers.

K-Fed and Brit for all we know are just madly in love. And who the f*** are you to judge the guy for going out once in a while..we see he goes out maybe once twice a month..where do you thi he is the other days?

F***ING HATERS - wow sad sad commentary on planet earth as a whole. You f***s can't be happy for ANYONE except of course YOURSELVES. Too bad your so miserbale all the time.


2881 days ago


When will this piece of wannabe ghetto slime put a gun in his mouth and do us all a favor.

2881 days ago


To Post #23-Shannon,
I understand your point and yes, people would marry for fame and the riches and all if given the change. But really, I don't think that some people would (I know you probably wouldn't and I certainly wouldn't---I've read some of your posts/comments else where on TMZ and you seem like a nice and intelligent person).

But it's GREEDY F*CKS like K-FAG who USE PEOPLE and know not to sh*t on their meal tickets to keep from living on the government/streets. Just remember how K-FAG is: He's a hustler, and for him the game is all about staying alive and living well. He went from BEING a back up dancer to marrying the one who hired him as a back up dancer. And he's never known such comfort and luxury. He's driving around in an expensive car, living in Malibu and pissing away most of Brit's money. Go figure! And now being married to Britney, he thinks this will make him famous without having to actually work at it. I'm sure deep down, K-FAG could really care less about his CD; there certainly wasn't much thought put into it anyway!

2881 days ago

E-BOMB of OZ    

Hey El-Phantasmo!

"MISERBALE" is a great word. Put a trademark on it FAST!

Kevin Federline drones on like an over-exerted 80-year man in that interview.

Listening to that monotone has got to be the best cure for insomnia

I can't believe two women actually were able to stay awake long enough around this guy to get knocked-up.


2881 days ago

Dark Knight    

I saw the CD at Walmart. It was the cheapest new CD you could get at just $9.72 and still no one looked like they had touched it on the shelf. Somehow I have a feeling it will miraculously at least go Gold, even if Britney has to buy them all.

2881 days ago

U Know Who    

Lulu, I'm sorry but you are so stupid it's shocking you can actually work a PC.

"living in Malibu and pissing away most of Brit's money"

She is worth in EXCESS of 250 Million, he couldn't spend all her lott if he tried. Are familiar with the term Royalties? I know your not, but you can bet your ass she gets another couple'a MILLION a year on those. And that check will be coming for quite some time. The Spears/Federline clan is set for AT LEAST the next 3-4 generations if not 5.

"But it's GREEDY F*CKS like K-FAG who USE PEOPLE "

Are you kidding me?

And how is it that YOU KNOW K-Fed so well? I mean you are THE JUDGE when it comes to the guys character. I'm sure your BF/husband is 100times the douche bag K-Fed is. People like you are MISERABLE (yeah you spell it like this), and have nothing of value to add to the earth. Your ilk are a pure waste of resources.You SERIOUSLY have no clue about this man, yet you feel it your duty to TELL IT LIKE IT IS (according to your fatass) about him? I am positive you are a fat ugly skank, who's male counterpart is even nastier. I'll bet my career on it.

And lastly you have no f***ing clue how long he worked on his material. And it doesn't matter anyway good writers, can write a hit in a couple hours.

So basically Lulu - F*** yourself =) you know nothing of K-Fed and Brit.


2881 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Say what you will but the simple facts are these:
Every "famous" person, or person that has a desire to be an entertainer has started out with a dream.
Hard work and sacrfice are not guarantees.
Being in the right place at the right time helps.
Hate him all you want, but I WISH I could be living his dream.
Guys, close your eyes for a minute and think what it must be like to be lying up in da bed watching that major piece of ass getting undressed for YOU! That's why I hate him, really...and the Ferrari...and the Black AMEX card!
Bang her head so hard on the headboard my no talented wigger, bang her once for me, and Chris and Ellis and Larry....

2881 days ago

U Know Who    

# 34

First person to tell the truth in several thousand posts about the guy.

Kudos to you..

The rest of you guys out there wishing it was you, enough of the hate admit it K-Fed won you lose.


2881 days ago
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