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Madonna on Her Adoption: "People Don't Know"

10/31/2006 7:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MadonnaIn an interview airing Wednesday and Thursday on "Today" and Wednesday on "Dateline NBC," Madonna tells Meredith Vieira in detail about her controversial adoption of David, a 1-year-old boy from Malawi.

When asked about the media coverage the story has received, Madonna said, "With all the chaos, pain and suffering in the world, the fact that my adoption of a child ...who was living in an orphanage, you know, was the number one story for a week in the world. To me, that says more about what...our inability to focus on the real problems. And our desire to have distractions and to be consumed with people's personal lives and gossip."

Madonna also talks about offering to help David's father financially -- an offer she says he turned down. "When I met him, I said I would be happy to facilitate with you, you know, to bring him back to your village and help you financially raise him. And he said no ... There was a lot of translation situations. And I didn't really -- I couldn't really understand that decision..."

Yesterday, TMZ posted video of Madonna carrying David through JFK airport in New York City. When asked about the red Kabbalah string David can be seen wearing, Madonna said, "Yes, he does [wear the string]. But I believe in Jesus and I study Kabbalah. So, I don't see why he can't too."


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Come on now people. To say such terrible things about a person that is trying to do something good for this little boy, is ridiculous and immature.

I believe David's father knew what was going to happen when he signed those adoption papers.

Everything was translated to him in his own language. I think he just expects to get some money from madonna. If he really cared about his son he wouldnt be so opposed to having him adopted out.

I think if he was adopted by someone that wasnt famous no one who think anything of it including his father, but since Madonna is a worldwide celebrity people are jealous because of her wealth or god knows what.

I think people should mind their own business and stop criticizing Madonna.

Everyone has their own characteristics and we are all very different.

We all can make our own decisions and should learn to love one another. None of us are PERFECT!

2857 days ago



You go on every damn television show you can get booked on to talk about what????

instead of taking care of this baby???

flying him all over the universe to what???

Go blow chunks you piece of sh*t.

2914 days ago


How would she know where her story rates in the news?????

She doesn't watch television or read the newspapers. Yet, she comes to OUR COUNTRY to feed this publicity.

Get the f*** out of here you old, desperate, weathered HAG!!

2914 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Dear Madonna:

2914 days ago

george vieto    

Madonna is right. I don't know about her adoption of a child in Africa and frankly dear who cares? Madoona needs her private moments unless this is publicity stunt after ticking off Christians with the mock crucifixation story.

2914 days ago


Good for her she needs to clear things up. I can't believe that father has not visited that kid since he was two weeks old. Even though he lives near by. Then he has the nerve to pretend he didn't know what was going on even though it was clear at the hearing, of course I think the media is more to blame than him. Thank God Madonna can open her heart and her home up to this child. This is one lucky kid.

2914 days ago


well if he was an orphan than why the big fuss and if she offered to give him back to the father and provide for them and he said no than what the f*** is the problem here?.......madonna is right people need to worry about more important things like what the f*** is going on in iraq and where the f*** bin laden's dumb ass is.......

2914 days ago

Kevin Johnson/The Famous Guy    

I need a Rich Mama Madonna!

2914 days ago


Here's a very interesting story for everyone. The orphanage basically refutes everything that Manny has been stating on her baby, excuse me, book tour.
1. Father and other relatives visited the child regularly
2. Wasn't severly ill with pnemonia
3. Another woman had plans to adopt little David
4. Malawi does have adoption laws.

Why are people so willing to believe everything Madonna says just because she's Madonna. Hell, that's the primary reason you should question it. At any rate, the link's below.

2914 days ago


Madonna is a lying, cheating sack of crap who bought a black baby for publicity.

it is sick beyond belief. Manipulating this child, his father, his country, his culture.

Just an insulting mockery by a faded, old woman who wants attention

She IS the Ugly American

2914 days ago


Not to mention that this kid is going to be raised by SERVANTS and NANNIES (unless Madonna sees the press around0


This is something more to life than money, and a kid needs to be witth his REAL family and culture- not the creepy, isolated, freaked out "Madonna" existence

2914 days ago


#8 thank you very much for your post and link. If Madonna weren't guilty of everything people are suspicious about and accusing her of...she wouldn't be hitting every talk show that will have i so obvious. She is a liar and a sick manipulative skanky bitch.

#9 Kudos and thanks as well for your post.

2914 days ago

the wife    

I hope she truly loves that child and isnt using him for any publicity crap.

2914 days ago


How sad - Madonna is pushing her new book for children - thus since she can no longer biologically have her own child she is manipulating this sad man & his son.

Can't wait to see the next loser celebrity on Oprah - gee - I can't imagine who that will be!!

2914 days ago


Were there no other American children in orphanages for the cow to adopt?

2914 days ago
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