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Madonna on Her Adoption: "People Don't Know"

10/31/2006 7:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MadonnaIn an interview airing Wednesday and Thursday on "Today" and Wednesday on "Dateline NBC," Madonna tells Meredith Vieira in detail about her controversial adoption of David, a 1-year-old boy from Malawi.

When asked about the media coverage the story has received, Madonna said, "With all the chaos, pain and suffering in the world, the fact that my adoption of a child ...who was living in an orphanage, you know, was the number one story for a week in the world. To me, that says more about what...our inability to focus on the real problems. And our desire to have distractions and to be consumed with people's personal lives and gossip."

Madonna also talks about offering to help David's father financially -- an offer she says he turned down. "When I met him, I said I would be happy to facilitate with you, you know, to bring him back to your village and help you financially raise him. And he said no ... There was a lot of translation situations. And I didn't really -- I couldn't really understand that decision..."

Yesterday, TMZ posted video of Madonna carrying David through JFK airport in New York City. When asked about the red Kabbalah string David can be seen wearing, Madonna said, "Yes, he does [wear the string]. But I believe in Jesus and I study Kabbalah. So, I don't see why he can't too."


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How much does it cost to fly (1st class) from London to Bazuzu Africa?
How much do those designer baby cloths cost?
How much does that snooty school cost?
How much does it cost for those nanny's?
How much does it cost for that security team?
How much does all that overloaded-unnecessary-upscale-life cost?

Every night on TV some celebrity is telling me how for only pennies my money could feed a child.

I am thinking that if I were wanting to be holier than thou, I would aim higher and help a village as opposed to just one soul.
You could feed a man a fish or teach him how to fish and feed him forever.

It would have been better had she done the math and set her ego aside.

2914 days ago


Who cares. Everthing with Madonna is always premeditated, it's impossible to know the real issue at hand or to care. She shoul stick to her own script-music.

2914 days ago


what an absolute idiot! if she things that gossip and celebrities' personal lives is problematic in our culture, why the hell does she go on all these freakin' shows??? she tries to come across as some enlighted individual and she is just a self-absorbed b.

2914 days ago

duh...totally !    

Madonna is RIGHT !


2914 days ago

Joe Blow    

Why is everyone so uptight about this? Go take care of your own kids!

2914 days ago


She is a complete and total idiot. Her fake accent and superior attitude make me insane. The fact that she's dragging her new purchase, who has only been in the USA for a week or so, around the media circuit makes me want to punch her in the mouth. This child has no idea what's going on, but I'm sure he's terrified a lot of the time. My God -- she plucked him from a third world country and brought him here. Her main concern should be getting him acclimated, but no, she's spending her time dragging him all over the damn place. I have absolutely NO respect for her. She is a superficial liar.

2914 days ago

Mad Balls    

Pretty strong words from a Woman who built her fortune on Sex , Anti-religon and common denonmenators ...Maybe this would would have been better if she would donate her proceeds from her shows to help Darfur .I would think more about the worlds problems but I have to work hard to afford that 350.00 dollars general seating to her concert . Is it me or where did those cameras come from that caught her dancing with the natives ?And as far as Focus goes this "MAterial Girl" again shows her arrogance ...THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE POLITICIANS AND CHARITIES FOR SO WE DON"T HAVE TO SPEND OUR TIME DOING THAT ... Jezz this woman is in her own world !! She PAys off the Father , She ignores our adoption laws , She says the translator is to blame for her not giving more to the father and the town ...we are not consumed with you ...We are just tired of the Rich and famous breaking all the rules and then telling us not to .....

2914 days ago


She has an honest point here. Why all the fuss and media wrangling over this adoption. Obviously people think the poor little kid would have been better of dying in an orphanage -- or at least that seems to be what all the people fighting her adoption lead us to believe. And the father or their family didn't want the kid or they wouldn't have dumped him in an orphange at the age of 2 weeks and never come back.

There are serious world crisis' going on and people are dying/starving all over the world. Ugh, it's really depressing.


2914 days ago


Oh we know how you make up things, use your money and lie.. to get your way..

2914 days ago

Mad Balls    

GayRepublicansloveMaddona759 plus Iamrichwhiteandisolated told me to get off my Soap box and give up the list .... Sure but it'll cost you 350.00 a head general seating....The real reason Madonna choose to adopt that Malawi kid...
1. Wanted to go to Dafur but was told her Hypocrosy would get shot off
2. Could have donated millions to Dafur but this got more Airtime
3. Adopted kid will probably be the only one not to write a tell-all book
4. American Adoption Agencies refered to her as " That old slut from Michigan"
5. British Adoption Agencies refered to her as "That old tart from Michigan"
6. Will make an affordable back-up dancer
7. America and the World will see she has changed her self-indulgant sex-filled anti-religous ways ... SOrry I'm thinking of Britney Spears
8. Will make the poor Black folks who live across the track in England feel that she is "on their Side"
9. Since she is ultra-wealthy this makes her more down to earth
10. Lets' face it -- kid- muffin --overcharging for seats -- when you pull that wool back off your eyes SHES GONE !!

2914 days ago


This is so very sad and scary, Madonna the biggest slut on the planet trying to make her self someone respectable - but the thing is she still cant stop doing discusting, rude , and sick things to feel relevent in this world. Her 15 minutes of fame really has past now, she needs to stop now . I feel sorry for her own kids , if they are home schooled maybe it might take a bit longer for them to have peers that will have some very mean things to say about : the sex book, lesbian or bi or stright , hanging from a cross after converting to kaballah pissing Christians and Jews at the same time! Madge dear you may still be skinny but you face tells your real age , so slow down keep righting kids books and speaking in your new English accent. We wont miss you.......

2914 days ago


Seriously there is something wrong with humanity today the world is pist off because she adopted a black baby look closer and you can smell the burning crosses from the media today! Shame on everyone who would scold her instead of commending her she is worth $500 million I dont think she needs publicity she is trying to help a child, World open your eyes!

2914 days ago


'Growing up in an alien environment'
Ethiopian poet, playwright and author Lemn Sissay, 39, was raised by a white family in the north of England. Here he tells how his life often felt like an experiment.
Lemn Sissay didn't properly know other black people till he was 18

2914 days ago


Madonna is 100% correct & i see she hit a little to close to home with all the LOSERS who populate this site & other blogs like it. Your obsession with celebrity & gossip is PATHETIC and a sign of your lack of intelligence.

Oh and to all those losers who linked to ....that's a BRITISH TABLOID you idiots. It's like the friggen National Enquirer. The fact that you believe a word they print is more evidence that you're brain dead.

2914 days ago

Mom of 2 in PA    

I have been a Madonna fan since Holiday came on the radio!!!
I LOVE that Madonna can provide for this child.
Thank God for TMZ and the other celeb sites, keeping the world abrest of whats going on in the celebs lives cause we all want to get away from this war we are in and we all know that ours neighbors lives are not this interesting!!!
ROCK ON Madonna!!!

2914 days ago
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