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Calls Sen. Kerry

'Mel Without The Booze'

11/1/2006 3:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, in a fit of right-wing pique, called Sen. John Kerry "Mel Gibson without the booze" over his remarks on troops in Iraq on "The View" this morning -- and Joy Behar didn't like it one bit.

Elisabeth and Joy began their sparring when Joy criticized President Bush and his lieutentants for "making hay" out of Sen. Kerry's remarks on Monday when he suggested to group of students that a poor education would lead to their being "stuck in Iraq," offending troops and politicians everywhere (Kerry said yesterday that he mishandled a joke, and meant to criticize the Bush administration.)

That persistently doctrinaire right-wing political thinker Elisabeth jumped all over Kerry (and Joy), equating the Senator to "Mel Gibson without the booze," slamming his flip-flops, and then defended President Bush for his "higher IQ" and "better grades" than Kerry while the two were at Yale. Joy was having none of it, and the two exchanged a flurry of invectives.

But -- surprise! -- it was Rosie defusing the situation with a few bars of her favorite Barbra. And it all made that other Barbara -- Walters -- put her head down in (perhaps not-so-mock) exasperation.


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Wow, some of the people supporting Bush and slamming Kerry barely seem as if they can put together a logical sentence... I guess that show's me who the intelligient people support.
John Kerry did not say that uneducated people "need" to join the military, what he meant was that Bush will protect the college students and kids from wealthy families while our lower income families will have to lose their children to a draft, or will join the military because this government will give them no other options! #9 & #24 go back to your Nascar race on TV and stop pretending to even know what's going on!

2852 days ago


#40 you still have not explained why joy has more of a right to express her political views over elisabeth. i have degrees in both english and political science, i assure you that an english degree does not qualify anyone as well-versed in politics.

btw, sounds like you're a little jealous of elisabeth's good fortune.

2852 days ago



2852 days ago


Better then debate was Joan Collins saying she hasn't done anything to her tight and frozen face! And also Barry Manilow lip sinking... in which the track started before he did! (TMZ... you should show those two highlites...)

2852 days ago


um now you've confused me (k).....why would i be jealous of elizabeths good fortune? and when did you ever ask why joy get to express herself more than elizabeth? i have a MA in math from UC Davis, and i'm only again please clarfiy why i would be jealous of her?

2852 days ago


Hasselbeck really needs to be thoroughly tested by a qualified neurologist in order to determine whether or not she actually has ANY brain cells whatsoever left in that tiny head of hers!

2852 days ago

U Know Who    

No matter what your college degree says or where it is from. Doesn't instantly make you smarter or more well versed than anyone else, except maybe in that specific field.

I mean GWB has an MBA from Harvard, I don't think anyone is going to call him genius. And before ANYONE dares say it, NO you cannot buy an MBA from Harvard. Family influence wont help with that, as much as I KNOW you all want to say it did. He is the only US President to hold an MBA while President. And he is not the brightest star in the Southern sky. So please drop the "Her Degree is better than Her Degree" bit.


2852 days ago


oh and to answer your question, yes my parents are extremely proud of me and my software engineer i am still racking my brain trying to figure out what i am suppose to jealous of!!!!!

2852 days ago


well, in my opinion, what Kerry was SUPPOSED to say, is true. what he DID say, is somewhat true, but not needed to be talked about. Bush went into this war with no cut and dry plan. our troops have been over there, dying for five years, and for what? we are no safer over here than we were five years ago, now are we? I am not a republican or a democrat, I think it takes an even balance of both to make things work. but Bush is pretty stupid, and it will take a new president to turn things around in Iraq

2852 days ago

Mr. Maine    

for the record:

he said: get good grades or you'll get stuck in Iraq.

he meant to say: get good grades or you'll get us stuck in Iraq.

he did not intend to imply that soldiers are not educated. he meant to imply that Bush was not very smart. unfortunately, Kerry's not that smart either.

but whatever.

by all means, let's talk about it 24 hours a day for two days while, in Iraq, we just left a soldier behind because Bush and Rumsfeld have lost control:

Why isn't this on CNN all day long?

2852 days ago


K, the way you rationalize is so stupid.

Elisabeth has a right to her own opinion, just as people on this board are entitled to their opinions about her!

If she bashes John Kerry does it necessarily mean shes jealous of his good fortune to get as far as he did politically? no!

If anyone on here bashes Elisabeth its not because they wish they had what she does!

They bash her because they wish she HAD A BRAIN!

2852 days ago


Elizabeth is a trainwreck out of control. I seriously have lost respect for Barbara Walters for how much she puts up with that idiot. Has it occurred to Elizabeth that she is not a celebrity, she's a nobody and because she's got a chair on the view, she talks like she's Secretary of State. Who wants to chip in for a one way ticket to the Middle East for that idiot? Imagine being her husband and having to listen to her go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about her day. He probably really never gets sacked, he probaby JUMPS into the sackers. Ugh, she's a frikkin nightmare.

2852 days ago


No matter what Kerry intended to say he needs to apologize for what he did say. If he wants Bush to be accountable for things that he has said and done then it would only make sense for Kerry to do the same. If Kerry was slamming Bush then please tell me why he wasn't mentioned at all during his entire speech not to mention it just goes to show how completely robotic Kerry is that he can't even pull off a joke that was supposedly written and right in front of his face. IF I were goint to deliver a speech right before election time I would be sure to get that one right or at least clean it up right after I botched it and said something totally different.

2852 days ago

Mr. Maine    

Can't buy a Harvard MBA?

If you're one of the most powerful families in the history of this country, you can buy whatever you damn well want.

But I agree that Bush is smarter than people think. He ran this country straight into the ground, just like he wanted (and just like his buddies at Enron did to that company.)

In times of war and suffering, the rich make soooooo much money.

Smart boy, Georgie. Smart and evil.

2852 days ago


Kerry just had the guts to say what most of us are thinking, so more power to him!

BUSH SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2852 days ago
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