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No Prenup

In Witherspoon-Phillippe


11/1/2006 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

reese_ryan_excl_getty_200-1TMZ has learned that Reese Witherspoon's fortune is fair game as her marriage to Ryan Phillippe comes to an end-- specifically, there is no prenup.

The financial consequences are enormous. Witherspoon now commands $20 million a movie. In 2005, Witherspoon raked in a total of $30 million for two movies, "Just Like Heaven" and "Walk the Line."

Phillippe has been commanding around $2.5 million a film, making him bankable, but clearly not in his estranged wife's league.reese-ryan

Under California law, without a prenup, earnings during a marriage are divided up 50/50.

Connected sources also tell TMZ on a scale of one to ten, one being a peaceful breakup and ten being Hasselhoff, the Witherspoon/Phillippe split is a three. And, we're told, it will almost certainly stay peaceful, partly because of the children and partly because of the couple's personalities.

We're told there is no talk of reconciliation and that divorce papers are merely a matter of time.


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Reese is the more poplular talented actor. Ryan should just let her and the kids have the money.

2921 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

People in Hollywood shouldn't marry, if you they do GET THE F***ING PRE-NUP!

2921 days ago

duh...totally !    

I'm sure Reese will handle all this very privately and with class....unlike her pig of a husband !

very sad, thought they were a good couple w/ non-Hollyweird values....
If he is seen hanging out w/ Paris , Jessica or Lohan next, I will SCREAM!

2921 days ago

Purita White    

What a jerk!!! AND A BIG LOOOOOSER. I totally have no respect for this man. Who can disrespect his wife and his children. Parading his affair like that. Same goes for the bimbo Abbie Cornish. What kind of woman is that??? Oh slut did you say. I feel if the marriage is over, END IT!!!
before you go parading your stupidity. Hello Grow up. Hello!! you have all this money and talent but don't know what to do in the real world. Dude you end it up with the looser, you're sooo sadd. . Reese is so much more prettier, and so much more of a better person. You deserve her. You and that other looser deserve each other. I'm sad for you.

2921 days ago


Ryan confessed to Reese that he was having an affair with his co-star. Then he told Reese why don't we just end it now. I know that in California there is community property and when they divorce they spit anything that they earned after marriage 50/50. Any money that was earned before marriage they get to keep for themselves. I believe that if either one inherits money from someone, it is not community property.

I don't believe in community property. Ryan is able to work and support himself.

2921 days ago


I hope Ryan takes Reese to the cleaners. It's about time for men to start demanding and getting big divorce settlements the way these greedy women have been doing for all these years. Besides, Reese is a bitch.

2921 days ago


He cheated which means his take from the divorce should be nothing.
He even cheated with a woman that looks almost exactly like Reese.
I mean, why cheat with a woman that not only makes less money than your wife does, but looks just like he as well?

2921 days ago


Ryan is going to get rich !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2921 days ago

Karen M    

I for one am completely surprised by this. I thought someone as level-headed as Reese would've chosen someone who wouldn't blow it so badly. Do you think he pushed the envelope because he just had his first big hit movie? If they divorce now, Reese doesn't get half his earnings from his next "big" film...

2921 days ago


Unfortunately, I had an idea that something like this would happen. Reese is too big for him (celebrity wise, of course) and you know how ego's are.

2921 days ago


I think that they were really good together, I guess if they can't make no really has a chance to in any realtionship. Say they do keep it civle then it will be good for the kids, and it is always good to have a healthy divorce.

2921 days ago


If there was no prenup, then he is entitled to 50% of what was earned during the marriage. Doesn't seem fair, but it is the law.

If I were Reese, it would truly "gall" me to have to let him have 1/2 of it, but lets face it. One can only have just so much money to be happy. And, half of what they have is truly enough to make anyone happy.

What goes around comes around, and he will be sorry he committed this sin, and live to regret it. She will go on and find true happiness with someone she can trust. She will probably have to leave Hollywood to find that love and happiness.

2921 days ago



# 16 ................CHECK IT OUT

2921 days ago

in the know    

They were married for seven years. During that time Reese admitted that Ryan took care of the kids while she was filming movies and referred to him as a house husband. He also filmed moviies during that tilme and made an income. He should be entitled to a settlement, whether he earned it or not. The movie he co-starred in last year won an oscar for best movie and the movie he was just in has oscar buzz. I am sure he can make his own living. Just about every man in Hollywood cheats and if they don't they leave for younger woman. That's what pre-nups are made for. There are two sides to every story and unfortunately for Ryan the media is only promoting Reese's side. No one knows what goes on behind close doors. He mentioned on Howard Stern even though he shouldn't have that they went a long time without sex after the kids were born and she wasn't interested in sex after she had kids. Who knows why? She said at his movie premire that he embarassed her. Maybe she wasn't in love with him anymore either. Woman are devastated when men cheat whether they are in love or not because of their ego is bruised. I've heard many women talk about the other woman being ugly or not as pretty as them. Don't they get it? Men cheat because something is lacking in the relationship that the other person is able to provide for them. Looks are rarely an issue (unless you live in Hollywood). I still think they should just end the relationhip instead of sneaking around like a coward. One thing I've learned is most men never leave a relationship unless they have a woman waiting in the wings...

2921 days ago

Mrs M Shadows    

Of course he should get half! He earned it. He had to sleep with that ugly thing.

2921 days ago
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