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Adopted Tot Questions Chase Madge

11/2/2006 5:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

No matter how hard she tries, Madonna can't seem to outrun questions about her newly adopted Malawian heir, David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie.

Out with a gal pal for one of her leisurely jogs around New York's Central Park reservoir on Wednesday, the 48-year-old Material Girl, clad in the latest in workout gear--an argyle sweater!--ignored a foreign paparazzo when asked, "How is doing David?"

Madonna has taken flak for adorning her new 13-month-old baby with a red Kabbalah string, which is supposed to protect the wearer from "the evil eye," and is connected symbolically to the tomb of Rachel and defending against ill will. Why are people bugged by this?

Madonna has been in the Big Apple wrapping up a media blitz for her latest children's book "English Roses: Too Good to Be True" and an upcoming edited concert special on NBC, but nearly all questions have been about the controversial third world adoption.

Over 12 million children in sub-Saharan Africa have lost one or both parents. Let's give Madge her props for helping.


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Kim Hutton    

From American Heritage Dictionary: Orphan: A child whose parents are dead

Note: PARENTS, not parent. The child still has a father. The act of putting his son in an orphanage was one of altruism - one which idiotic Madonna recognizes herself - is because his father would not been able to care for him. If she TRULY cared about the child's well being she would invest money into the village to make the father and other villagers have a sustainable way to survive - not just take the child out of the country. She helped one person out here - HERSELF- when she had the ability to truly make a difference. What a loser. I hope they take that child away from her - she is obviously still the unfit whore she has always been

2842 days ago

A stupid American    

Neither Madonna nor Angelina should be given any kind of applause. There are enought AIDS stricken, homeless, abandoned, abused, neglected babies in the United States. This has all been done in the pursuit of glamour and publicity. It's safe for Madonna and countless other celebrities to live outside of the U.S. and then point finger point the finger back across the Atlantic and tell us how we need to change. I think it would be uber-glamourous for Madonna and her friends to take on a poverty stricken town or city in the U.S. How about that?

2832 days ago

Mad Balls    

Sure ,while your at it give her props for overcharging the fools who go to her concerts , give her props for dating that dennis Rodman fool, shes' about three years late on the celebrate bandwagon for Africa . The way I see it the book pays for the orphage -- so she is really out of no money . And so what if she gave 100,000 dollars to that orphanage ...lets see thats about what she makes in an hour ..that like you or me giving 10- 100 dollars of our wages to charity . WHAT A CON !!!

2911 days ago

Anthony Raimondo    

This is a more difficult issue than people want to admit. Yes, there is horrible poverty and suffering Africa, and it is wonderful for a child to be saved.

But do we want to allow third world poverty to enable wealthy westerners to essentially buy the babies of parents who desparately want their child to have an opportunity at life?

Let's not forget that what happened here is essentially the sale of a human being.

2911 days ago

Anthony Raimondo    

Don't give props to people who engage in human trafficking. Rich people taking advantage of third world poverty so they can buy babies is not anything to be proud of.

What's the market price for a healthy child in Africa? Is it cheaper than Asia? I wonder if they have brokers for this sort of thing....

2911 days ago


whore in argyle

2911 days ago


No Props, no props at all. Madge should have adopted a REAL orphan, with AIDS. But she's too self-centered for that. She'll never earn my respect.

2911 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

People who see through this BS!
This is cultural genocide at its worse. She wants to help, how about throwing down some of that cheese this, RHYMES-WITH-RUNT has made instead of adopting one baby, just when she's got some fukaka book coming out?
How about adopting some white babies from one of those sh*ithole countries that use to be part of the Soviet Union?

2911 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

#3 & #4 Anthony Raimondo,
I agree with you. Except this wasn't a "sale of a human being", it's more like a "shoplift"
She took advantage of this kids Dad because he didn't know who she was, if she really wanted to "pay" him, she could have made some kind of arrangements to see that he got some money instead of saying "oh well, I tried, too bad for you."
Good Post!

2911 days ago

Confessions of a Paparazzi    

Why wasn't it a big deal when Angelina did it?

2911 days ago


Every step, Every PR move, Every PUBLICITY trick in the book, Madonna has thought out, she THRIVES on this kind of attention. She creates controversy, and has done this for going on 30 yrs. This gal KNEW her adoption of an African baby would bring her PUBLICITY. She uses the media, public to HER own ADVANTAGE. Her whole "career", has been a controversy. What she lacks in REAL talent, she makes up CREATING a situation that will have people talking about her...

Publicity, even when its bad, is STILL publicity. Yea, she's eating it up...she loves the fact that people are discussing her, rather than the more important news in the world.

2911 days ago


Wht is the big deal over the damn red string bracelet. If Madonna was Jewish and she had him wearing a Star of David , or still a practicing Catholic and she had him wearing a cross would it garner such a response. Doubtful!

2911 days ago


Madonna adopts a child and its human trafficking. Angelina adopts a child during the fallout with her and Brad hooking up (for publicity) and she's applauded. I'm just a little bit lost. What's the difference?

2911 days ago


maybe her intentions were good but, why right when her book was coming out, angelina has done her adoptions without all the media there she kept hers private. if madonna wanted to do so she could have.. but she wanted a sh*t load of attention cuz she's not really doing anything honestly i think she should retire.. im not saying she looks good for a woman almost fifty but... im not interested in anything she does anymore..

2911 days ago


Ok first, "No Props for Madge". Madonna does not need your respect. She has millions of fans all over the world for that not to mention she doesn't know you or any of the critical people on here. I don't get the disrespect I read everyday about so many of the celebs on here. You guys don't know the woman, and you don't know her business. All you know is what you read just as I am sure all you know is what W.Bush tells you and you take it as the truth. Get over yourselves people. Leave the woman alone. You donot know her personally and none of you have any right to disrespect her or anyone, but I suppose my words just go over your head. Doesn't matter. Madonna will do what she does and people can judge her if they like but she'll still be rich, beautiful, and a person who cares for more then herself and her own family and you guys will just be left to write down your evil opinions that she will never know about.

2911 days ago
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