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Lindsay Supports Friend

Evades Photogs

11/2/2006 5:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

lindsay-lohan-aolAmidst a flurry of paparazzi camera flashes, La Lohan made her way through L.A. yesterday proudly sporting a mysterious red chip with the words "90 Days" on it -- begging the question, what exactly does it mean? 

Chips like Lohan's are usually awarded to someone who has kicked a habit, or worn by supportive friends of someone working through an addiction. In this case it seems as though Lindsay is playing a supporting role, as her rep tells TMZ the pin was not for her, but rather a "tribute to a friend."


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Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Dear Lindsay,
We've got a chair for you, when you're ready, come on down!

2911 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

see, shes as drunk as ever,sloppy drunk I new she wasnt sober

2911 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

John Kerry is a worthless anti American scum bag..

Why he go and attack all of them service men and women...

I bet he loses again......... OHHHH YEAHHH I SAID IT ....

2911 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    


ITs "My Pappy is locked up in the JOINT, Lowhand"....

That must be degrading to have an old man as Con.

Mine was a medical Doctor... I guess I win ....

2911 days ago


90 days = 90 men?

2911 days ago

I think the chip represents going 90 days without being a drama queen. So obviously, it's not her chip.

2911 days ago


Bet it's for her pops...

2911 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Let me clarify the red chip for all you clones, that is one of our special 90-day bus tokens. Like I have said before, he often have to staple these passes onto our Dumb Blonde Middle School students, so they do not lose it. Firecrotch should have also been wearing her protective helmet, so she does not bump her head on one of the many cameras taking her picture or trying to think of reasons for being out nin public on a school day. Sometimes our students are bashful about having to wear their bus tokens, but it is required if they are going to be let on the short yellow bus. Besides it beats wrecking daddy's car trying to drive without the appropriate clone driver's license. The only rehab Firecrotch is going to is the Niki Hilton Clone Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse Hospital, but according to facility officials, only Niclone, Firecrotches BFF of last week was checked in. Just a note, the Milk Carton Alert for Niclone was cancelled after she was found wandering the streets trying to get her picture taken by photographers for doing nothing.

2911 days ago


Lohan dating Diana Ross' son?

02/11/2006 - 12:24:04

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly struck up a new romance with musical royalty - soul diva Diana Ross' teenage son Evan.

At 20, Lohan is two years older than Ross' youngest son, whose father is shipping magnate Arne Naess, and she's determined to keep the romance out of the tabloids.

A source tells US tabloid National Enquirer: "Lindsay absolutely adores Evan. They're keeping the relationship quiet and won't show up or leave a club or event together.

"Lindsay's loving that, for the first time, she's the experienced one in this relationship."

The reported new romance comes a month after Lohan's relationship with restaurateur Harry Morton ended.

Just read this article...Is this true? Wonder what Diva Mama Ross has to say?

2911 days ago


It is probably for her BFF Nicole, who has been in rehab.

2911 days ago


U guys got it all wrong. . . It's simple U silly willies. The red tage means that she has gone 90 days striaght & strong of snorting coke and drinking her ass off. Now only 265 more 2 go. Peep the musical vibes and heat at as well as because all you guys deserve the very best of the best. Peace&Love.

2911 days ago


Brandon Davis traded her that chip for a line of nose candy.

2911 days ago


These chips aren't supposed to be worn as fashion accessories, you f-ing twit.

2911 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Otto, you don't appear to being doing your job very well. These damned clones are always out and about. Why don't you speak with the powers that be and make DBMS into a locked down boarding school? Someone is likely to get hurt if the clones and clone-ettes continue to roam free after school hours.

2911 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Damn it Mrs. Scott, I'm just a short yellow bus driver,,, sorry had to clone a line from Star Trek. Yes, you are correct, ma'am, looks like we are going to have to make Dumb Blonde Middle School a closed campus. There are to many of these wanna-be D-listers running amok at lunchtime and after school. I will take up the idea of making DBMS a boarding school, it isn't like these clones don't waste enough money on drinking, drugs, clothes and rehab, that they can't pay for de-cloning eductaion. In the mean time, I will discuss having more after school activities with Coach Jokstrap, I'm sure we can get the jello pool refilled and start a swim team. Maybe if we are lucky a few might sink to the bottom, after we deflate a few egos. I agree it is important we find a way to keep the streets safe for free-thinkers. I will also schedule a meeting with Principal Blog to have him add reigning in the troublemakers on the next school board agenda. I also think we are going to need to expand seating on the short yellow bus. By the time we are done, it may begin to resemble a British double decker bus with third-row seating on the top for the overly intoxicated clones (Parasite and the Firecrotch Gang). In the meantime, I will request overtime and start expanding my route to help make the streets safe once again.

2911 days ago
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