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Minnie Driver on the Rebound?

11/2/2006 8:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just weeks after world famous illusionist Criss Angel was caught trying to show Paris Hilton his magic wand, it seems the woman Angel had been allegedly dating has moved on.

Minnie Driver, wearing ugg-ly boots, and a new mystery man hit the streets of Santa Monica on Tuesday, holding hands and looking extremely lovey-dovey throughout the afternoon. Take wing, Angel.

Even if there's no real romance between the two,one thing is certain -- Minnie knows how to make a mouse out of a man.


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Okay first I am so happy he aint wit Minnie nomore she is ugly and second I have said it a thousand times.... YOU SPELLED HIS NAME WRONG IT'S C-R-I-S-S NOT CHRIS PLEASE GET IT RIGHT NEXT TIME!!!!!

2885 days ago


and please everyone stop trashing him yall is just jealous that he is hot and Paris can get him ( rumor by the way he is not with her) and you cant guys dido but the other way around okay so quit crying and go somewhere

2885 days ago

Mad Balls    


2914 days ago


Parisite kills yet another relationship. Let's see how the Parisite lovers try and explaine this one.

Yea she's young and single and like flirting with and teasing men regardless of their relationship status, but isn't that the same description as a Hoe? If it walks like a hoe, primps like a hoe, teases dick like a hoe, talks like a hoe, dresses like a hoe and acts like a hoe....... it must be a.... well you get the picture.

2914 days ago


I have to admit..I absolutely love Criss Angel and his show "MindFreak"...but honestly when I saw those pics of Criss and Paris out love for him went down a few notches!!! lol!! :(

2914 days ago


Minnie is wise to move on--Once a cheater, always a cheater! I am surprised that Minnie still dates men--I will never forget the OPRAH show where Matt Damon surprised all--including Minnie--stating that they were over! I wish her happiness and a worthy man...She certainly deserves it!

2914 days ago

Laura loyal    

I am very disheartened to see how Criss has been taken by Paris and also
the drunken-ness involved with that and even on his shows when he does
hits of hard liquor. I don't know about any of you other loyals but I really
latched on to the CA phenomenon as a role model to pull me thru a very
down time. I respect and gain power from his true Mindfreak powers ,e ven
if thrown in with "magician tricks" - a great deal of what he does is thru advanced
Mind Power and I think that kind of training only advances when one doesnot
imbibe in such toxic substances or drunk binges. I'd like to keep him as an
idol. Mabe he should consider offering his Loyals an opportunity to meet him
as well. He'd be much better off.

2914 days ago

Hello Kitty    

Paris must be paying these rat bastards to run off with her, or it must be her so called "celibacy " vow... they must be trying to see if they can be the ones to break it. (Like she is sticking to it)

Well its nice that Minnie has moved on.

2914 days ago


Yuck nasty yuck gross vomit yuck nasty. I will never understand why real women are disgusted by whorish men but whorish men like nasty little so and so's like parasite. Do any of these guys stop to think about how a real woman would react to knowing that he had been with the likes of her? I for one wouldn't touch any man with a 10 foot pole that has been with the nasty disease carrying typhoon mary of the 21st century. I know guys think with their dicks but even a dick should be smarter than that. I seriously don't get it. Do these guys really not care that all they have ever worked to be known for is laughed at after they names are hooked to hers. GUYS....IT MAKES YOU LAUGHINGSTOCKS! Its not your imagination...people really are whispering and snickering behind your backs!

2914 days ago


you people are soooo weird, these comments scare me..... so earnest!
and, those aren't uggs.

2914 days ago


I think Minnie Drivers new man is one of the carpenters from While you were out? Anyone???

2911 days ago

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