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TomKat Pulling Up Steaks

11/2/2006 5:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got all dolled up and hit the town last night for a romantic dinner date at upscale Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

Before the steak date began, Katie made a solo appearance at the 2006 Women's Image Network Awards honoring Senator Barbara Boxer. Directly after the ceremony, the couple met up and headed to the pricey Beverly Hills eatery. And if you had any doubt in your mind ... yes, Suri stayed home, again.


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The Duke    

Thanks for the great comment, BabyJane. I am as honest as they get. I'm also gay and think it's quite odd when people assume all gay people are like Mr.Cruise. Like in the comments after BabyJane's. Living where I live, it's not always such a good idea to be really OUT, although I have no problem admitting and being proud of my sexuality. I can surely take care of and protect myself if need be. I'm sure the whole town knows and I could care less. The point I am making is that I look like a logger or construction worker to most people and they never even guess I'm a gay man. I do love that, I must admit, but I will tell them I'm gay if they ask. But, I certainly do not look anything like Cruise, nor do any of my other gay friends, thank you. Guess things are different here in Montana-land. - The Duke

2909 days ago


I think Katie looks great in her suit!!

2909 days ago


"sigh". I just read the news about Tom Cruise being in charge of production at MGM/United Artists. I really feel like hurling, but I guess the best thing to do is relax and not buy any movie tickets produced by MGM/United Artists. At least now it will be easier to distinguish which movies Tom is involved in.


"sigh", well, Tom, you are truly the anti-christ.

Bring. It. On.

2909 days ago


Tom and Katie look like The Jolly Green Giant and Sprout. As for Suri? That's another lie spewed by the Tom's wacky cult!

2909 days ago


The look on Tom's face is very evil and the look on Katie's face is pleeding. CAN"T YOU PEOPLE SEE?!? She's begging for help! Someone help the poor girl!!!

2909 days ago


Look at Katie! She looks so so happy. Don't ask her to run away from Tom because she is a golddiger. Don't blame Tom. I think Katie is a evil as well in different way. I hope she gets what she pays now. She is a good pretender to be innocent. I can see that she is very much enjoying being rich and famous. GOLD DIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2909 days ago


Avery..thanks for the site..they were really well done and informative. I am really reading up on this thing. Intesting that there are people that actually believe these things. Really it takes a certain kind of personality to be atracted to a certain kind of organizations and these leaders are very much aware of the kinds of personalites to recruit and how to recruit them.

The Duke: You are right about the gay thing..Tom cruise is actually an insult to gay men as well as straight men.....Midget is even too good for rhim right now..he needs to see the light, however I think he is seeing the wrong light and in too deep to come out, besides quitting the non wogs will mean he really will have no reason for divorcing Nicole Kidman and NO FRIENDS AMD BILLIONS IN MISCAVIAGES well tailored pockets.

Katy doesnt neccesarily need help. She is enjoying dating a VERY RICH MAN WHO CAN CONJURE ALL HER DREAMS. I dont feel sorry for her, however I feel sorry for her friends and parent . How can a well raised catholic girl change religion in a space of two weeks while she went AWOL. The brain control must be really serious. CONTROLLED ENOUGH TO HAVE SEX AND MOTHERHOOD WITH A CLOSET FAG...(no offense to any gay men out here).At least LRH got that down, if he didnt get the rest of his life.

2909 days ago

J Doe    

TOM HAS PUT ON A LOT OF WEIGHT..YOU CAN SEE IT IN HIS FACE, IT LOOKS ROUNDER...his naggin at katie to lose weight and yet he's the fat pig!!!

2909 days ago


They both look pretty stupid. Tom needs to wear high heels or Katie needs to wear flats.

2909 days ago


You people are ridiculous. Childish haters. Leave them alone for crying out loud. Get a life.

2909 days ago


Don't read or visit here if you don't like. Childish haters? Hello!!!!!!!!! Somebody is from Tom's camp? hahaha.... Tom and Katie look so stupid. What a duo! Congratulations Katie! You're now rich and famous. Golddigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2909 days ago


Oh my God.......she's marrying a midget!

2909 days ago

Mary Worth    

They almost look like sisters. Dya suppose that Tommy will model the wedding dress for Katie? In private, of course. There are pics of Tommy in drag, so he's an old hand at this.

2909 days ago


It's sad to see how much she has changed in her clothing and hairstyle.. She used to look young and fresh, and dress her age.. Now she just look and dress like a woman in her mid-40s. How sad. She has aged 20 years in about 8 months. Looks like she is trying to look older than she actually is. I guess when you're about to marry a guy in his mid-forties..

2909 days ago


to Avery #32, i heard the news as well. Apparently he bought a share of the company so in other words he wasn't hired, he bought himself a job. Still, the challenge here is, is he going to be able to pull this off.. Some many movie-goers have now been turned off by him and his stance on scientology that he may never get his image back. I for one will never ever go see another of his movies ever again, as long as he will associate himself to scientology. And i for sure am not the only one in the case.

2909 days ago
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