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TomKat Pulling Up Steaks

11/2/2006 5:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got all dolled up and hit the town last night for a romantic dinner date at upscale Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

Before the steak date began, Katie made a solo appearance at the 2006 Women's Image Network Awards honoring Senator Barbara Boxer. Directly after the ceremony, the couple met up and headed to the pricey Beverly Hills eatery. And if you had any doubt in your mind ... yes, Suri stayed home, again.


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I am sick and tired of you people bashing Tom. What has he done wrong? Oh that's right he has never been stoned or drunk flashing his anatomy all over hollywood clubs, he works out and is healthly and looks far better than anyother actor his age, he totaly supports his adopted children, oh yea and he can ACT.

2880 days ago

Georgia Peach    

Personally, I don't care if Tom is gay or straight. I do care about the fact that he runs around spewing some ridiculous ideas brought about by Scientology. The fact is, there are some people out there that listen to crap like that, and because of things Tom has said, I am sure there are mentally ill adults and teens needing medication and therapy and ignoring that fact because Tom says Psychiatry and medications are bad.....what an ignorant a**hole. He lost me permanently when he belittled Brooke Shields and all other women suffering from postpartum depression and psychosis for reaching out for therapy and medications to assist them. The man NEEDS MENTAL HELP! What a moron! As far as I am concerned, he is a has-been and needs to take his millions and move on. Bet his next film is a huge flop.

And as far as Katie, I think it's pretty evident she has been brainwashed with all of this Scientology crap. Tom has her where he wants his control. I just hope that someday she wakes up and escapes the hell that is Tom Cruise.

2880 days ago


Reminder to everyone- The Cruiser will supposedly be making a movie for Universal, don't forget to boycott it. (Just in case Tom doesn't realize that he has ruined his career and is hated worldwide)

BTW, I have2 daughters 17 and 19. They don't give a flying fu*k about Tom Cruise and wouldn't go see one of his movies if he paid them. My point is where is his audience? The young girls think he's old and the 30's and 40's crowd are smart enough to realize he's a pompous ass shrill for Scientology.

2880 days ago


#45 Sue, You ask what has he done wrong? HEEELLLLOOOO!!!!!
What, were you in the CO$ lab being brain washed when he slammed Brooke Shields? When he slammed Matt Lauer?

You are right in one thing, he wasn't drunk or stoned when he WAS flashing his anatomy to the gays in the WEST HOLLYWOOD bath houses??

And NO, he is NOT in better shape then any other actor his age, can you say (for one)BRUCE WILLIS??

Toms GOOD acting days are WAY over. He is no longer good at ACTING STRAIGHT.

2880 days ago


tom can act?? he's played the same freakin character in his last 10 movies. My beagle is a better actor than that has-been

2880 days ago


instead of going out all the time she should be taking care of her baby. i dont care if she is a celebrity or not, i take my son everywhere i go.

2880 days ago



2880 days ago


YES! Avery and Kirsten, I, too, will be boycotting ALL MGM/UA movies. If I want to see those movies, i will pay for another (produced by another company, like, Paramount) and then go see it. It's the only ethical way. it may be too early, but has anyone seen a petition to boycott MGM/UA yet?

2880 days ago

C. Miller    

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this, but I'm getting sick and tired of Tom Cruise this and Tom Cruise that. It's all about Tom these days. I've boycotted his movies since he trashed Brooke.

2877 days ago


I am a Tom Cruise fan..and I will be in his audience when he makes another film. I seperate the actor from the man...and he is an entertainer and he entertains me...I do not have to care how many times he goes to the bathroom, how tall he is, how many marriages he has etc...and...lfor all of you morons...did it ever occur to any of you that Mrs. Cruise # 3 might just be of the same sexual persuasion his former wives were...Lesbo city. Nicole is on the long list of similar ladies...who is to know...and frankly I don't care. He does not live his life for fans.

2870 days ago

Michael A.    

I was so surprised to see that he has one fan!! This in a long line of folks who are going to boycott any future movies he makes and that line WILL include me and mine!! He is a small man with a small man's complex who obviously thinks that having a woman who towers over him is necessary, if you exclude Penelope Cruz, who is shorter (if that's possible) than he.

I just love the timing of his apology to Brooke Shields. It followed on the heels of his being dumped big-time by Paramount. That he has bought his own studio doesn't change the fact that he has turned off so many people will definitely show at the box office.

I just wish the media would realize that we don't want to hear anything further about Mr. Cruise, et al. He is disgusting and everything he has to say is completely wrong and we don't want to hear anything from his for the rest of his life. Once this "wedding" fiasco is over, I hope he limps home to wherever he calls home and stays there. I personally don't want to hear anything about him again.

2868 days ago
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