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Van Halen's New Bassist? Eddie's Boy Wonder!

11/2/2006 8:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Van Halen has finally found its new bassist -- and it looks like the rock gods are keeping the band a family affair.
Van Halen has a new bassist
TMZ is first to confirm that Van Halen has hired 15-year-old Wolfgang Van Halen -- the son of guitarist Eddie Van Halen and estranged wife Valerie Bertinelli, and nephew of drummer Alex Van Halen -- as the new bassist for the band.

Wolfgang replaces longtime bassist Michael Anthony, who left the band earlier this year. Eddie Van Halen's spokesperson Janie Liszewski tells TMZ that Wolfgang, known as "Wolfie," has already joined his dad and uncle for rehearsals in the studio for a 2007 summer tour. Wolfie played dates with his father during the band's 2004 tour, and the song "316" on 1991's "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge," was named for Wolfie's birth date that same year.

The band is still without a lead singer, despite rumors that David Lee Roth might rejoin.


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Pink Rocks    

Wow, I can't believe you are all missing the greatness of this. A 15 year year old, groomed by Eddie himself, a VERY great guartists, Ok not Clapton, or S. Ray Vaugh, who was the GOD of them all in my ears, but come on Eddie rocks too. Can you imagine what he taught Wolfie?
I'd pay $250 too, but front 10 rows, to see this. Just for the novelty of it. Come on, Eddie Van Halen and his son. Who cares about lead singer, if his son can jam who needs words? Seriously though David Lee Roth wasn't bad ,last time I saw them..........OK long time ago, and he does look rough now, but just let the guitars wail.

2909 days ago


Van Halen is my absolute favorite band, and I don't feel like a teenager writing this either... Wolfie has been definately taught by one of the best. If I could only choose one band to see in concert, it would be Van Halen, these guys rock and remember, the / our children are the future...

2909 days ago


I would be willing to see this kid play. I bet he ROCKS--just like his dad and uncle. Lots of family resemblance in that picture!

2909 days ago

John C jackson    

The only problem is he should be replacing his dad, who looks like a walking corpse. Can EVH actually still play? He looks like hes a 70 yr old woman on crack and/or meth these days.

The VHs screwed up by f-ing over Michael Anthony and everyone else not in the family. Good for Michael Anthony for leaving. Would you keep playing in a band that you helped make famous, yet they considered you an employee and not a full band member ( and the only reason you got any royalties was because Sammy Haggar stood up for you?) ?

2909 days ago


To bad Eddie told the world about this on Howard Stern 3 weeks ago.

TMZ was NOT the "first to confirm."

2909 days ago


Give the kid a chance. It's Van Halen and he's a Van Halen, isn't he? Groomed by his dad. If he stinks the message will be delivered by the audiences (or lack of them).

2909 days ago


Awesome!! I would go see this show. For Ed and Dave to be on stage together alone is amazing. Good Luck Wolfgang, & don't pay any attention to the negative comments about this gig. You will do great!! Hoping it happens

2909 days ago

Mike V.    

Eddie mistake has always been his big ego. The reason why Mikey isn't in the band is because he's happy touring with Sammy Hagar. There is no ego there. Plus they play all the good Van Halen songs that Sammy wrote with Eddie. Eddie is'nt Eddie no more. I saw them on their last tour with Sammy and he played really sloppy, and he was totally f***ed up. Diamond Dave is a has-been. I seen him playing at a casino not too long ago and he stunk up the place. I would have rather of seen a cover band then him. I want to see what version is going to show up at the Rock and Roll hall of fame when they are inducted.

2909 days ago


Where this article is mistaken is in saying that Michael Anthony "left" the band earlier this year. As far as I know, Michael's never left the band. Even back when they went on their reunion tour with Sammy, it was said that Sammy had to tell Eddie and Alex that there was no reunion to be had without Michael Anthony along. And comments I've read from Michael say that he has no idea what the brothers Van Halen are up to because they don't contact him anymore.

I think VH is going to miss those background vocals, AND once they get a few shows into the reunion tour with Dave, they'll be missing Sammy as well. I'm a VH fan of both eras of the band, but I can guarantee you it's a heck of a lot more easy to get along and tour with Sammy than it will be with Dave!

2909 days ago

I Am The Real Bella    

I've seen Wolfie perform in previous VH concerts. Eddie has had him coming on stage for years. As they say the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. The kid is talented I'll give him that and I'm sure in the years to come we will be hearing more from this mini me of a son. Just hope he doesn't follow in his father's drug/alcohol problems.

Back in the day I use to see VH before their first record. They disappeared for nearly a year to do that 1st album and when they resurfaced with that album it was so awesome. But as the years have gone by I am saddened that the VH brothers have turned a tad eccentric. I also know first hand when I was working in a hospital several, several years ago back in L.A. that while Eddie was married to Valarie he was constantly in and out of rehab over his drinking and drug abuse. Which is very sad. Has anyone seen how scary he looks lately?

Look at the last 25 plus years and how many lead singers they keep going through! And now Anthony is gone and playing w/Sammy Hagar. The mere fact that Anthony has jumped ship from VH tells you that there is something really dysfunctional with those 2 brothers. It's too bad cause I've always been a fan and just wish that these 2 could keep a lead singer these days to complete a tour or do more than one or two albums w/the same lead singer.

I hope that they can get their shite together and offer us in the near future an awesome album!!!!!!!!

2909 days ago


what is wrong with this band. I have been the biggest VH fan for what 25 years or so. ok so they kick David out for 22 years and now just when the pieces are falling back into place with David coming back and now Eddie kicks Mike out of the band. If I was dave I would say to the VH brothers to stop this mind game of kicking people out and then taking them back. lets get one thing straight about Wolfie. he is not and never will be in my mind a full member of VH no matter what his last name is. he wasnt even here when we were all listening to Jump. ok maybe he is eddie's son but he is not a member of this band in my mind. and as big of a fan as I am I will not be seeing them if Mike is not in the lineup. eddie you're a GOD and the DEVIL at the same time. thanks for this stuipid ride we have all beeen on for years now... in total disgust even with a reunion on the horizon...time to listen to more FOO fighters.. see ya..

2909 days ago


Oh come on......his Son? This is definitely hitting the bottom of the barrel. Van Halen had their time in the spot light, now it's over! Money running out? I am glad Michael Anthony left! Personally Michael should have beat his bitch ass for treating him the way he did over the years! Wolf, I mean what do they say when he is missing? Where Wolf? lol

2909 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I'm sure this kid has more talent coming out his ass after a bean burrito that I ever could hope for, but I gotta say it: On tour...with your fifteen year old son...couldn't find a baby sitter?
Really people.
Doesn't look like the Wolf boy has missed too many "devil dogs"

2909 days ago


Come on people!!!Quit being Fun Suckers!

Maybe he's good and yer all just jealous, if you can play just as good, then contact VH, maybe you can be the next Michael Anthony!!!!
I wish Wolfie luck and would love to hear what he's got!!!


2909 days ago

Tandy Danimere    

What a freaking joke... a fat, 15 year old kid as the bassist and a washed-up old man as the singer??? What the hell is going on? Michael Anthony is Van Halen! Not only is he the best bassist around, his backup vocals are a crucial part of the Van Halen sound. I think it's time to throw in the towel Eddie and Alex... you're washed up hasbeens!!!

2909 days ago
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