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Van Halen's New Bassist? Eddie's Boy Wonder!

11/2/2006 8:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Van Halen has finally found its new bassist -- and it looks like the rock gods are keeping the band a family affair.
Van Halen has a new bassist
TMZ is first to confirm that Van Halen has hired 15-year-old Wolfgang Van Halen -- the son of guitarist Eddie Van Halen and estranged wife Valerie Bertinelli, and nephew of drummer Alex Van Halen -- as the new bassist for the band.

Wolfgang replaces longtime bassist Michael Anthony, who left the band earlier this year. Eddie Van Halen's spokesperson Janie Liszewski tells TMZ that Wolfgang, known as "Wolfie," has already joined his dad and uncle for rehearsals in the studio for a 2007 summer tour. Wolfie played dates with his father during the band's 2004 tour, and the song "316" on 1991's "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge," was named for Wolfie's birth date that same year.

The band is still without a lead singer, despite rumors that David Lee Roth might rejoin.


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He looks like a fat little turd! Shouldn't he be in school instead of playing in a rock band??

2919 days ago


When the novelty wears off, all of you who supported this will be shaking your heads and wondering what you were thinking and why your wallet is so much lighter! This new line-up will only work if , I become the lead singer as I have kids of my own and know how to sing and look after children!

2918 days ago


A Van Halen with DLR is what every " true" Van Halen fans have been waiting for. Don't get me wrong, Van Halen with Sammy Hagar made some great music. All of them should put their differences aside and be grateful that fans still want to pay $250.00 per ticket to see them. Adding Wolfgang to the band is awesome and a keeping the Van Halen legacy moving forward. I am currently watching VH at 1983 US Festival and if they can recapture that energy and showminship, they will be worth every penny to see.

2918 days ago


Eddie is still the greatest guitar player around , but let it go already. Sammy in my eyes can make anyone sound good he is the key to a great band. Sammy keep doing what you are doing, you are the one still smiling. By the way MIchael Anthony great additon to the band he is awesome to. Joe ( Naperville)

2918 days ago

Barbara Righetti    

I had the pleasure of meeting Eddie many times. I was at the East Rutherford show in N.J. and I was there for the soundcheck. My cellphone rang and Eddie stopped playing and asked me who it was, I said my daughter wants to know if Wolfie was there. Ed excitingly called out to his son on the microphone. Out came a quiet, shy boy. My daughter asked Wolfie if it was great to be on a summer tour with your rockstar dad he said, it's good cuz he's with his dad but he missed his video games! lol. Then during the show he called wolfgang out to play a song with his dad. We were 2nd row, they both sat on the edge of the stage with their legs hanging in front of us, Eddie had to kind of remind Wolfie what to do. of course as a mom I thought it was adorable! But someone mentioned "the grooming of Wolfgang by Ed" that's just what it was. He did very well. And his face is all his mom's! I hope to see VH this summer, yes, I'd miss Mike, but these days we are lucky to see the man play. By the way, I saw VH 4 times that summer I had very close seats and Ed was not wasted. This is all just MY opinion! BR

2917 days ago


Eddie, I hope you read this I am speaking to you as your biggest fan trust me . For the fans dont tour with out Michael Anthony. The Fans deserve to see the original Van Halen. I would love to follow Wolfgang and will but put him in another band and have them open for van halen. I will not purchase a ticket if Michael Anthony is not there and I will purchase a dozen if he is. Your tour will not be as good of a success if Michael is not there. and dudes will you please start off the tour in Dallas so that if you guys start fighting @ least we will get to see you guys first.

VH Fan
Rock On

2917 days ago


All of the original members would be perfect but if not Mike then who better then Wolfie? Wolfie's not Mike , Sammy's not Dave and I have listened to Mike's alwful attempt to sing Bottoms up and He is no Dave!!!! Just be glad they are going to give it one more try. P.S The Stones Are not all the original members and Stevie Ray Vaughn was an alcoholic ! How soon we forget!!!!!!!

2917 days ago


Sad that he doesn't care enough about his son to get him help with his weight problem. American's are now passing down their lard to their children. His talent is no excuse for them not to get the boy some help.

2916 days ago


What a sad piece. VH is over, let it go. I wouldn't pay $20 to see a crack head and his son dredge up and destroy all those great song of yesteryear.

2916 days ago


The article is BS. It has not be confirmed. More than likely Wolfgang will be a rehearsal musician. I do not see the band going on tour without Mike on bass. He has never missed a tour, and has been a constant in the band before they were actually called Van Halen. In regards to the person wonderin if Van Halen thinks they are the Stones, of course they don't. Van Halen has better album sales than the Stones. While they may not be quite the tour draw the Stones are, they have out-sold the Stones via albums. Van Halen is a great band, but I hope they do not make the mistake of bringing Wolfgang on as the bassist. I think it could be the final straw for some fans.

2916 days ago


Guy's enough with the weight problems we all have weight problems Michael Anthony must go on tour with them it doesnt matter how over weight Wolfee is. I hope eddie has enough sense to now it. Look @ Aero Smith, Def Leopard, Motley Crue mostly original members from the 80s Van Halen has to go with the originals for the tour to be a success.

Rock On MOW FO

2915 days ago


Good luck wolfie..You are going to need it if roth comes back !!! I really think eddie has had to many metal guitar picks in his mouth !!!!

2914 days ago


Van Halen reunion without Michael Anthony? What does reunion mean? Sorry, no offense to the kid, but if I'm going to pay to see a Van Halen reunion, I need all four original guys. Michael Anthony's soprano-like background vocal parts are an integral part to the VH sound. Please tell me this is a bad dream. I've waited all these years to see Ed and Dave together again, and now Michael is cut out? Give me a frigging break. Somebody needs to get the word to these guys, true Van Halen fans (those of us who've stuck with Eddie and Alex through all their messes since '78) want the ORIGINAL FOUR MEMBERS.

2914 days ago

K-Bob in BK    

Pay $250 to see a line-up that includes a 15 year old kid? Not likely. If DLR and MA arent on stage, I'll pay what I paid when I saw them back in '84: $20. Thats it. The whole EVH/drama queen routine wore thin YEARS ago. Just stfu and play R&R, otherwise stick to writing background music for the porn industry.

2913 days ago

Gary Eckstein    

This is absolutely BRILLIANT!! Now if we can only get Paul and Ringo to team up with George's son and one or both of John's sons - the Beatles can tour again!!!


2911 days ago
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