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Actor Captures Shooting Aftermath on Tape

11/3/2006 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shattered glass and broken parts dangled from the window of a Dodge Charger being towed by "Smallville" co-star John Schneider yesterday, after the actor was apparently shot at while driving to the premiere of his new movie, "Collier & Co."

"Near as I can tell, somebody ... was tryin' to shoot a deer and wound up shootin' the traveler!"

No one was injured in the Deliverance-like escapade. Schneider, who played Bo Duke in the classic "Dukes of Hazzard" TV series, was delighted that the bullet struck his least favorite car and, of course, not him!


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Sammy Davis, Jr.    

He just happened to magicaly capture that on tape. I hate you actors.

10 bucks says TV Land will be re-running the Duks of Hazzard soon.

HollyWood is full of so much crap.

2914 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Crackers in Alabama towing cars getting shot at by "deer hunters"...there's a joke in here somewhere's

2914 days ago


hey john I don't think you mentioned the movie your promoting enough in this clip, even when your almost shot you make sure to use it for promotion really nice and christian. god i hate actors.

2914 days ago


hate to tell you this sport but deer season wasn't open yet.....

2914 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

#3 wolfer
"Pretty fly for a white guy"

2913 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

#3 wolfer ARE white, right??

Tell me, how does it feel knowing that if your mama was just a little tighter, you might have been twins?
Keep smiling!

2913 days ago


ha white dumbasses with a confederate flag on their car wonder why they got shot at !!!!

2913 days ago


I've said it before and I'll say it again. We've got to start getting along as blacks,whites and reds. The real threats come from the browns south of the border. I don't even want to think about the yellow menace.

2913 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

I wonder why is it that white guys are so sensitive?
They love to dish it out but get all pissy when it comes back even a tiny little bit. On this blog any story about a Black MAN results in all the timid racist crawling out from under their rocks. Try and inject a little humor about sterotypical "Good ol' boy" behavior and white feelings get hurt. Or is it White feeling from places that haven't gotten over that the "War between the States" is over and YOU LOST?
Come on MIGHTY WHITEY lighten up and have some fun, pretend its a tennis game: you lob, we'll volley. No hard feelings. I promise not to move in next door or want to be your sister's "baby daddy". I won't steal your chickens and I'll tell you were the slaves are hiding, just don'y beat me massa....

2913 days ago


We dont owe you the right to be racist to us. Your joke would have been funnier with out the "cracker" part. Your the one holding a grudge, not me.

2911 days ago


ok.. there was no flag on this car, its not a General Lee.. it was from his movie, so you can forget that part of your arguement. and if you watch the video before talking, he did NOT video tape the actual shooting, it is video of him taping cleaning the damage up. Also he has a camera with him becuase he is doing a travelogue of sorts for his Myspace that is all about his movie and what happens along the way... and this video was posted on his myspace site, THAT is why he talks about his movie, and the fact he was on tour with the cars FOR the moivie when theis happened.

And Deer hunting season is NOT the same time everywhere in the USA.. It may be Muzzle loading season there already or they may have a earlier deer season... or he was just hoping it was a careless hunter and not some inbred dumb hickabilly taking crackshots at cars as they pass.

So if you want to make stupid accusations.. at least get your facts straight before opening your mouth.

2910 days ago

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