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"Borat" -- Bomb or Da Bomb?

11/3/2006 4:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BoratWith its relentless PR campaign and endless stream of positive reviews, "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" finally opens in theaters today. Despite the good buzz, the film's box office take will be on the watch list.

The movie was originally slated to open on about 2,000 screens, but was scaled back to 837 -- low tracking numbers being the cause. In comparison, "Santa Clause 3" and "Flushed Away" are opening wide on 3,707 and 3,458 screens, respectively. Put the two together and "Borat" has virtually no chance of opening in the top slot.

How far will it fall?

Two of the leading box office tracking websites, and, are predicting less-than-stellar receipts; has "Borat" opening in sixth place with just $5 million. predicts a slightly more positive opening; fourth place and $10.5 million. The budget for the film was just $17 million.

The news isn't all bad for Kazakhstan's least favorite son. surveyed thousands of moviegoers planning to see "Borat" and found that 96% are planning to see it this weekend. The site also reports that through yesterday at 3PM PT, 72% of ticket sales on the site were for "Borat."


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#31, Sorry your ex-girlfriends dad is TOTALLY WRONG. Look up Kazakhstan at least on Wikipedia.
It's also spelled Kazakstan. It's a Eurasian country.

2909 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

#24 & 32 Diane

"Eurasian"...where is that? by...Uranus?

"Wikipedia"? the so-called reference site where people can make up stuff and other people add to or delete will?

Did you read the (#31) post carefully???

"If you have to explain a joke, its not funny?" Dennis Miller

2909 days ago


Note to Leonard: I may be amending my original views on this Borat movie. From what I've seen and heard until today, including the jewish jokes, I found Sasha to be offensive. However, since hearing more about this movie (I heard Sasha himself tried to hand-deliver a movie ticket to the White House, but was intercepted) I am now intrigued by its content. Some friends are seeing it tonite and will report back to me. Might be doing a 180 on this, Leonard!

2909 days ago


Ryan, not only are you wrong, and rude, but your dumb too. Look at a map. Kazakstan is there. I pointed to Wikipedia because there is a map there along with references that are credible. Kazakstani people can be described as generally looking like a mix between Slavic (Eastern European) and Chinese (Asian). It's often described as "Eurasian" for this purpose. It's not Middle Eastern, Asian, or European necassarily. Eurasia is the whole landmass of Europe and Asia. Eurasian is a term used to describe any country that is of Central Asia. Kazakstan is above Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Look up Or check out the U.S Dept. of State's website a t
Oh, and Ryan, I believe that on the U.S. Dept. of State's website, it's listed under "Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs". Would you like to write them and ask them if that's next to Uranus?

2909 days ago


I don't think the comedian is actually making fun of Jews, but actually making fun of Anti-Semitism. So the fact that he is in real life a Jew dosen' t matter. If you can't understand what I just said, pay no attention and keep watching your re-runs of "Friends" .

2909 days ago


Albany, I agree with you. I think he is making fun of Anti-Semitism. While Borat is funny a lot of times, I do understand how a lot of people don't find him funny too. It isn't always because he's "offensive" that some people don't find him funny. I

2909 days ago


Ryan. Oops. Now I see that I didn't read my original post carefully. I meant to address it to #30. Now I really apologize for calling YOU dumb. I'm going to stop posting now as I'm really scaring myslef by writing into a messageboard so many times.

2909 days ago

Sarah Lynne    

some kids i know have to pay for FLUSHED AWAY just to get in to see BORAT (an R rated movie). They loved it and enjoyed every minute of it.....

2909 days ago


yeah, I went to see this in Northern Virginia on Friday, and it was all sold out. Mindless garbage like " the santa-claus 3" and " flushed away" were not sold out. Borat opened in 1/3 less theaters than these other films.
#22 - The Family Guy sucks in my opinion. It IS essentialy made of "like the time i..." or " remember the time i..." with random things thrown together ( like South Park said). The Simpsons sucks now as well ,seasons 1-7 were actually clever, but after that it was dumbed down for your average white trash fool....
Actually funny t.v shows :Curb your enthusiasm, Strangers with Candy, season 1 of Arrested Development

2908 days ago


Wow! So now what do you have to say for yourselves doubters? He made 30 million, and is the #1 spot. BOOYAKASHA.

By the way, Sacha Baron Cohen IS Jewish.

2908 days ago


I went and saw the film today and it was hilarious. Everyone in the theater was laughing so loud I’m going to have to see it again to catch all the jokes. If you're a fan of Sasha's you will not be disappointed.

2908 days ago


"Put the two together and "Borat" has virtually no chance of opening in the top slot.

How far will it fall?"

Check the stats TMZ, you guys are f***ing idiots.

2908 days ago


The funniest and best film of the year. Easily.

And Fox has been very clever promoting this. All over MySpace - which it owns - and free clips on YouTube. Plus the interview circuit, which is free, apart from general costs such as flights etc. The media has been falling over themselves just to give him airplay.

Funny films I like are Zoolander, The Big Lebowski, Anchorman, 40 YO Virgin and this is as funny if not funnier than each of them. I almost fell out of my seat with laughter - and for once the hyperbole is true.

2908 days ago


Diane, #31 It's spelled Kazakhstan, NOT Kazakstan. God, the rest of you've linked directly to Wikipedia, which spells it correctly, and you STILL can't spell it right.

2907 days ago


This movie is great and it does expand our cultures comical side.As for #7 and #14 PLEASE!!!! African Americans make fun of African Americans all the time.Give this predjudice crap a break. People should just relax not take the world so seriuosly and enjoy the movie for what it is.When you see Scary movie 1-2-3 obviously you understand the humor and enjoy it.For those so serious take a chill pill and see that the world is a half full not half empty.HIGH -FIVE

2905 days ago
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