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Kanye To MTV: You Suck!

11/3/2006 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West was so miffed at not winning the award for Best Video last night at the MTV Europe Music Awards that he stormed the stage and went on a bizarre, expletive-filled tirade to protest.

Even though he'd won the award for Best Hip-Hop Artist earlier in the evening, West jumped out of his seat in Copenhagen when Justice and Simian (no, we haven't heard of them either) won the Best Video prize for "We Are Your Friends," and crashed the award presentation! He told the stunned audience that he should've won for his "Touch The Sky" because it "cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons." And, he added, "If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility."

Elsewhere at the awards, Justin Timberlake, who hosted, won two awards, while the Red Hot Chili Peppers won Best Album.

Mel: I've Got a "Gringo Gut"

Mel Gibson can't handle his booze – and apparently not Mexican food either. He told an audience of Latinos who were actually honoring him for his "Apocalypto" that he has "the gringo gut" and that, during shooting in Mexico, he was "crawling around on [his] hands and knees some days," which, as the AP icily notes, was met with "trails of laughter."

The actor, whose DUI arrest and anti-Semitic tirade will be fictionalized on "Law & Order" tonight, picked up the Chairman's Visionary Award from the Latino Business Association in Beverly Hills. Gibson told the audience that casting unknowns for "Apocalpyto" was like "being at the Super Bowl and getting your quarterback from the audience." He says he cast one actor after seeing him in a juice bar.

For $13 Grand A Month, "SNL" Star Gets Bedbugs for Free

You know that saying about not letting the bedbugs bite? "Saturday Night Live" star Maya Rudolph "Boogie Nights" director Paul Thomas Anderson found out why people say it after their $13,000-a-month Manhattan loft was infested by the tiny creatures. According to a $450,000 lawsuit filed in New York, the couple and their baby moved into the loft last month and immediately found themselves being chewed at night. "The plaintiffs were bitten over portions of their bodies by bedbugs," say the court papers. What's worse, alleges the couple, the elevator in the building was broken so they couldn't escape the infestation easily. The family has moved out -- and have stayed out. The building management had no comment.

Busta Rhymes Busted Again

Yo, Busta: Best not to break the law right in front of the police station. Trouble-prone rapper Busta Rhymes (real name: Trevor Smith) was driving past the Midtown North police precinct in New York last night, reports the New York Daily News, when cops there spotted him talking on his cell phone without a headset while driving, which is a violation of New York state law. The rapper was given a ticket for the offense. In August, Rhymes was charged with assault for allegedly beating up a Bronx man who he says spat on his car.

Party Favors: Cruise's Next Film "Maguire"-Esque ... Streisand Heckler Was – What Else – An Aussie ... Geffen May Have Sold Pollock Dripper for $140 Million

Tom Cruise, newly installed at United Artists, will be making a "dramedy" for UA in the vein of "Jerry Maguire," says FOX News, which adds that MGM has suggested that rather than an action megamovie ... Barbra Streisand's heckler unmasked: The man who threw a drink at Babs during a recent concert was an Aussie with no "political motive or message." Instead, he had just had "one or more too many beers," according to Streisand's flack Dick Guttman (via Page Six). ... Hollywood supermogul David Geffen has sold a famous drip painting by Jackson Pollock for $140 million, believed to be the largest amount ever paid for a painting. Geffen may use the money to buy the Los Angeles Times, says the New York Times.

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No Avatar


Hey Freddy Jr.-
Did you see today that an Evangelical Reverend that was spewing the same filth was taking it up the ass, and had to resign?
Shame and self-loathing are a bitch. You should talk this over with someone.

2874 days ago


What are you talking about Freddy Jr? Shouldn't you be somewhere protesting Disney movies? What does your comment have to do with anything? Was it just time for you to spew out some self-righteous, asinine bullsh*t? People like you are the reason I have not gone to church in years. I believe in God, but I don't believe in people twisting things written in the bible to promote their own beliefs. You sure are vindictive and combative for a "christian." Jackass.

2874 days ago

the wife    

Kanye is such a sore loser....

2874 days ago


You didn't comment on what I said, Freddy...embarrassed? Unstandably so.
Hey, when's your next protest? I'd love to come and cold-c**k you in the face. No pun intended.
Someone at TMZ get this guy off. Instead of working I now have to be here making fun of this assclown.

2874 days ago

Susie Bush    

Erm, Gina? Kanye was at a telethon to HELP the people of NO, not complain that the President hated African Americans o.O Condalisa rice is African American and she works fine with Bush, it's not Bush's job to get the people out of a town, it was the scardy cat mayor and governer who were supposed to get the people out. It's not Bush's job to build THEIR houses, it's THEIR job! If Kanye wanted to help then maybe he shoulda gotten off his high place and actually went out there and helped them o.O as for not winning an award? maybe you shouldn't have put a moron in the video o.O or maybe did a better job

2874 days ago

Ms Kris    

Kanye West thinks he is Gods gift to music.

Has ONLY een around for a couple of years & he thinks he is the best.

Guy, you better go out & make somemore music before you can even begin to think about how great you are.

Yes, other artists win awards, sometimes idiots win. That is the nature of award programs. Think back to the 1978 Oscars when STAR WARS SHOULD HAVE WON BEST PICTURE OVER ANNIE HALL.

Getting mad about it, why?

What an idiot.

2874 days ago


I love hip-hop music...but Kanye REALLY and i mean REALLY needs to get the f*** over himself.....

2874 days ago


Shady, it IS Bush's job to rebuild their houses. It's our government's job, and he is the head of the government. What do you think we pay taxes for? Why do you even vote if you don't care if we have a leader that will actually lead in a disaster, and do his job? DO you even vote? At this point, I hope not.

2874 days ago


I must say that while I think TMZ has gone far beyond it's necessary coverage of Mr. Gibson, which is getting ridiculous (after all the man is only human; has apologized and appears to be trying to get his life in order), I am more angered by the WBC. As a Republican, straight, college-educated with multiple diplomas and being upper-middle-class, I find it sad that in 2006 there are still people who belong in the 1600s. The Dark Ages are more appropriate for this stupidity, this lack of humanity and the utter cruelty that their "church" espouses. Then, again, I'm Catholic so I don't understand why I should take religious advice from any new religion. St. Peter is my pope and last time I checked, his remains rest under the Basilica San Pietro and not under any hilljack's family plot that now holds his "White pride-keep-the-races-separate,get-women-back-in-the-kitchen-barefoot-and-pregnant-not-out-voting-and-buying-better-things-than-our-Ford F150s-slapping-the-Bible-and-beating-our-children zealots. Maybe, I went too far. After all, what do I know since my head cleary isn't buried in my rump like the heads of those at the WBC?

2874 days ago


Kanye gets the Award for "World's Biggest Spoiled Brat Ever". This is what happens to ugly little boys whose parent's never tell them "No". I guarantee you that Kanye was one of those kids who makes a teacher's life a LIVING HELL and when the parents are notified about his misbehavior - they blame the teacher. I HATE KANYE WEST. HE SUCKS. He is not ENTITLED to anything but a good old-fashioned spanking.

2874 days ago


Kayne I hate to say it but you have just become the poster child for the saying"You can take the kid out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of the kid!"
You had me when you ripped on Bush and I even forgave the bible comment but this just shows even Tom Cruise has more class than you. Now I have to wash my mouth out thanks for making me complement that retard.

2874 days ago


God Bless all of you who are taking on Fag Fearin' Freddy today - I just don't have the energy to deal with his type of religious ignorance and Kanye's self-indulgent bull sh*t too.

2874 days ago


kanye west is a racist peice of sh*t. his music sucks and his head looks like a watermelon. i cant believe he acted like that after not winning an award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope EVERYONE hears about him acting like such a little bitch!!!!!!!!!

2874 days ago


actually you summed it up quite nicely.

2874 days ago


Hey Caroline, it is NOT the governments job to rebuild homes. It is the responsibilty of the land owners. The govt does offer assistance, but it is not REQUIRED to do so. That is of course I missed something and the govt has been made responsible for privately owned property.

2874 days ago
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