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Kanye To MTV: You Suck!

11/3/2006 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West was so miffed at not winning the award for Best Video last night at the MTV Europe Music Awards that he stormed the stage and went on a bizarre, expletive-filled tirade to protest.

Even though he'd won the award for Best Hip-Hop Artist earlier in the evening, West jumped out of his seat in Copenhagen when Justice and Simian (no, we haven't heard of them either) won the Best Video prize for "We Are Your Friends," and crashed the award presentation! He told the stunned audience that he should've won for his "Touch The Sky" because it "cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons." And, he added, "If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility."

Elsewhere at the awards, Justin Timberlake, who hosted, won two awards, while the Red Hot Chili Peppers won Best Album.

Mel: I've Got a "Gringo Gut"

Mel Gibson can't handle his booze – and apparently not Mexican food either. He told an audience of Latinos who were actually honoring him for his "Apocalypto" that he has "the gringo gut" and that, during shooting in Mexico, he was "crawling around on [his] hands and knees some days," which, as the AP icily notes, was met with "trails of laughter."

The actor, whose DUI arrest and anti-Semitic tirade will be fictionalized on "Law & Order" tonight, picked up the Chairman's Visionary Award from the Latino Business Association in Beverly Hills. Gibson told the audience that casting unknowns for "Apocalpyto" was like "being at the Super Bowl and getting your quarterback from the audience." He says he cast one actor after seeing him in a juice bar.

For $13 Grand A Month, "SNL" Star Gets Bedbugs for Free

You know that saying about not letting the bedbugs bite? "Saturday Night Live" star Maya Rudolph "Boogie Nights" director Paul Thomas Anderson found out why people say it after their $13,000-a-month Manhattan loft was infested by the tiny creatures. According to a $450,000 lawsuit filed in New York, the couple and their baby moved into the loft last month and immediately found themselves being chewed at night. "The plaintiffs were bitten over portions of their bodies by bedbugs," say the court papers. What's worse, alleges the couple, the elevator in the building was broken so they couldn't escape the infestation easily. The family has moved out -- and have stayed out. The building management had no comment.

Busta Rhymes Busted Again

Yo, Busta: Best not to break the law right in front of the police station. Trouble-prone rapper Busta Rhymes (real name: Trevor Smith) was driving past the Midtown North police precinct in New York last night, reports the New York Daily News, when cops there spotted him talking on his cell phone without a headset while driving, which is a violation of New York state law. The rapper was given a ticket for the offense. In August, Rhymes was charged with assault for allegedly beating up a Bronx man who he says spat on his car.

Party Favors: Cruise's Next Film "Maguire"-Esque ... Streisand Heckler Was – What Else – An Aussie ... Geffen May Have Sold Pollock Dripper for $140 Million

Tom Cruise, newly installed at United Artists, will be making a "dramedy" for UA in the vein of "Jerry Maguire," says FOX News, which adds that MGM has suggested that rather than an action megamovie ... Barbra Streisand's heckler unmasked: The man who threw a drink at Babs during a recent concert was an Aussie with no "political motive or message." Instead, he had just had "one or more too many beers," according to Streisand's flack Dick Guttman (via Page Six). ... Hollywood supermogul David Geffen has sold a famous drip painting by Jackson Pollock for $140 million, believed to be the largest amount ever paid for a painting. Geffen may use the money to buy the Los Angeles Times, says the New York Times.

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No Avatar


I love making political posts on here.

to Freddy Jr..... I guess since every other anti gay high profile clergyman (Ted Haggard) or Politician (Mark Foley) have proven themselves to be scandalous closet homos exposed, you just might as well follow-suit and come out of the closet already. Since youre so passionate about it and all. Poster-cases of homophobes in the closet. Just come on already, I see that youre dying to get it out of your system.

TO all those other losers who are going off over the Music Awards. Yeah what Kanye did was cocky and stupid, but everyone on here is going off that he is racist.

Bush really doesnt care about Black people..... If you notice, when FL is in a state of emergency Bush cancels everything on his agenda to go down parade FEMA aid with JEB because of the PR. Thats all for white trash and old people. Its not the mayors job to arrange the aid, its FEDERAL. The mayor was used as a target by scaredies who wanted to make an example of someone. Why do you think the top guy at FEMA was fired? It was because in the midst of all the chaos down in Louisiana, he was emailing fluff to his coworkers about what kind of things he was going to buy later, and basically being negligent and nonchalant about the Emergency instead of being proactive. Katrina was on national news for days, how can anyone claim they didnt know? Stupid. I do blame Bush, because he stopped what he does to provide TX and FL prompt aid and there no "good" reason why New Orleans didnt other than that no one gave a F*ck. Kanye just stated the Painfully Obvious. The only people it infuriated are the people who cant handle the truth.

For all of you crying "Racist" over something as stupid as the MTV Europe awards, youre just as dumb.

And to anyone who wants to challenge me today, BRING IT ON

2911 days ago


Kanye West sounds very very greedy. He already won one award and to cry and scream and ruin the moment for the winner is just plain cuckoo!

2911 days ago


Artic Cat I agree that GWB is racist. Some people just can't handle the truth. If it was Texas instead of New Orleans that go hit the miliatry would have been there in a new york minute to save all Bush's rich oil tycoon neighboors. It took them how long to get to Louisiana? The press got there before them! Kayne West was correct to call Bush what he really is!

2911 days ago


Kanye is like the little bitchie kid on the elementary school playground that you wanted to beat the sh*t out of.

2911 days ago


Hey Freddie Jr....what the hell is your MALFUNCTION?

2911 days ago

Susie Bush    

Thanks Nuggy for the help :o) it is NOT Bush's job to help
them get out of a place they KNEW was going to be flooded , it was the "Mayor's" job to get them out safely, instead what did he do? and what is he STILL
doing? hiding, he's a low life jerk who doesn't care about his state,
it is the STATE AND LOCAL governments job to help those people,
instead what do they do? hide and throw marti gras parties instead of
cleaning up their OWN STATE!!

2911 days ago


Sorry to inform you Brittany but the white NO'ers are doing the most complaining...they sh*t jacked up stop with the hate.

2911 days ago

Susie Bush    

umm, it's the Mayors city, there for it's THE MAYORS job to fix it and get the people out, instead of looking up FEMA look up what it means to be a Mayor before you go and call someone stupid o.O

2911 days ago



Did I say anything about Black people or White people complaining. I didn't think so. I made a general comment about the people of NO. I said something about Nagin playing the race card. i.e. " If this was a white community this would not be happening." I am way over the race card, it is way over used and makes me sick.

2911 days ago


I wanted to highlight this exerpt from my last post for shady, since he loves to claim that it is the mayors job, and not bush's job to rebuild.

Stop repeating the same crap over and over again.
This should get you to STFU:

-- Lead national, state, local and private sector efforts to restore services and rebuild communities after acts of terrorism, natural disasters, or other emergencies.
Service -- Serve the public effectively by facilitating lawful trade, travel and immigration"

yes, that means, LOCAL AND STATE, report to FEDERAL.

You just got your ass handed to you BY ME.

Have a great weekend dwelling in your defeat and your own incompetent FILTH :)

2911 days ago


I'm really overwhelmed at all the hate, and racist attitude that I've read here today. Ignorance of ones own defects of character tends to be reason enough to focus on others defects, or a race, or nation....... or behavior. I do not condone negative behavior, there are things I like and dislike about peoples behavior, but to waist my energy on what I cannot change, is simply a sad and destructive use of power.
I am sad that Kanye chose to behave in that way, but I guess it was my perception, of who I thought he was, that let me down, not the man himself. He is human, and he has the right to be allowed all the opportunities in life to see him self, and change the things about himself that he is not happy about. He is not a God and nor are we. Now if he were the president, or a man of great power, then he would have to be accountable for his actions, but he is not.
Yes, we have our right to our opinions, but our opinions don't change people, people change themselves when they are ready.
Ciao. Theresa

2911 days ago

Susie Bush    

I agree Brittany, Ray Nagin is as raciest as Kanye West o.O "I want this to be an all chocolate town" umm? how raciest is THAT? if people stick up for Nagin or Kanye or any other raciest jerk, they really need to get hit by reality o.O

2911 days ago

Susie Bush    

well you're the one that said it wasn't the mayors job smart one

2911 days ago


Brittany, the thing is, FL and TX are whiter than the Arctic, and this didnt happen to them.

If this was nantucket, this wouldnt have happened to them.

If this was Long Island, NY, this wouldnt have happened to them.

If this was Myrtle Beach, SC this wouldnt have happened to them,

Have fun vomiting over cold hard facts.

Its funny!

2911 days ago


Oh God not another Spike Lee. You lost Kanye big f***ing are acting like some spoiled a**hole...maybe theythought you werent that good-they seem to like Justin Timberlake and with good cause....he's not a cry baby...last time I purcahase your music and this time I will throw your tired cds in the fireplace where they belong...Grow up PRICK KANYE.............

2911 days ago
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