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Kanye To MTV: You Suck!

11/3/2006 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West was so miffed at not winning the award for Best Video last night at the MTV Europe Music Awards that he stormed the stage and went on a bizarre, expletive-filled tirade to protest.

Even though he'd won the award for Best Hip-Hop Artist earlier in the evening, West jumped out of his seat in Copenhagen when Justice and Simian (no, we haven't heard of them either) won the Best Video prize for "We Are Your Friends," and crashed the award presentation! He told the stunned audience that he should've won for his "Touch The Sky" because it "cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons." And, he added, "If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility."

Elsewhere at the awards, Justin Timberlake, who hosted, won two awards, while the Red Hot Chili Peppers won Best Album.

Mel: I've Got a "Gringo Gut"

Mel Gibson can't handle his booze – and apparently not Mexican food either. He told an audience of Latinos who were actually honoring him for his "Apocalypto" that he has "the gringo gut" and that, during shooting in Mexico, he was "crawling around on [his] hands and knees some days," which, as the AP icily notes, was met with "trails of laughter."

The actor, whose DUI arrest and anti-Semitic tirade will be fictionalized on "Law & Order" tonight, picked up the Chairman's Visionary Award from the Latino Business Association in Beverly Hills. Gibson told the audience that casting unknowns for "Apocalpyto" was like "being at the Super Bowl and getting your quarterback from the audience." He says he cast one actor after seeing him in a juice bar.

For $13 Grand A Month, "SNL" Star Gets Bedbugs for Free

You know that saying about not letting the bedbugs bite? "Saturday Night Live" star Maya Rudolph "Boogie Nights" director Paul Thomas Anderson found out why people say it after their $13,000-a-month Manhattan loft was infested by the tiny creatures. According to a $450,000 lawsuit filed in New York, the couple and their baby moved into the loft last month and immediately found themselves being chewed at night. "The plaintiffs were bitten over portions of their bodies by bedbugs," say the court papers. What's worse, alleges the couple, the elevator in the building was broken so they couldn't escape the infestation easily. The family has moved out -- and have stayed out. The building management had no comment.

Busta Rhymes Busted Again

Yo, Busta: Best not to break the law right in front of the police station. Trouble-prone rapper Busta Rhymes (real name: Trevor Smith) was driving past the Midtown North police precinct in New York last night, reports the New York Daily News, when cops there spotted him talking on his cell phone without a headset while driving, which is a violation of New York state law. The rapper was given a ticket for the offense. In August, Rhymes was charged with assault for allegedly beating up a Bronx man who he says spat on his car.

Party Favors: Cruise's Next Film "Maguire"-Esque ... Streisand Heckler Was – What Else – An Aussie ... Geffen May Have Sold Pollock Dripper for $140 Million

Tom Cruise, newly installed at United Artists, will be making a "dramedy" for UA in the vein of "Jerry Maguire," says FOX News, which adds that MGM has suggested that rather than an action megamovie ... Barbra Streisand's heckler unmasked: The man who threw a drink at Babs during a recent concert was an Aussie with no "political motive or message." Instead, he had just had "one or more too many beers," according to Streisand's flack Dick Guttman (via Page Six). ... Hollywood supermogul David Geffen has sold a famous drip painting by Jackson Pollock for $140 million, believed to be the largest amount ever paid for a painting. Geffen may use the money to buy the Los Angeles Times, says the New York Times.

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No Avatar

Susie Bush    

I totally agree #80 Kanye isn't all that great of a singer o.O there are alot of singers out there with carrers that have no singing talent what so ever o.O IE: Hilary Duff, Haylee Duff, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson and most of all..KANYE WEST!

2878 days ago


whine whine whine, everybody's racist, we don't get any help. enough already. did you see any of the videos where emergency workers werre trying to help but the black /looters/thugs were shooting at them? for every person who was genuinely upset that a hurricane had ravaged their town there were an equal number proclaiming "Weez gettin somethin for free"

2878 days ago


oops I meant to say to Brittany that Louisiana is not gonna get the same outcome as FL, My Bad :)

but everyone knew what I meant anyway

Much Love! This makes the time pass till 5 pm in the office much more fun today!

2878 days ago

Susie Bush    

ya know, for a person claiming to have parents that are retired, you sure are acting like someone who still lives with their parents IE: K-12

2878 days ago


Then why don't you tell me why Mississippi who was actually hit harder then New Orleans isn't crying????????????? Sweetie, I know you can't tell me Mississippi is a "white" state. Come on just give up because you are always going to lose with me.

2878 days ago


i'll bet it makes the time pass. Let me venture to guess, a $5.15 an hour government worker who sits on her fat ass all day and doesn't get any work done. Our tax dollars hard at work. Thanks for proving my point

2878 days ago



There is a massive difference between the Big Dig and Katrina. It is up to the Mayor and Governor to set up protocol for when a disaster hits....which obviously didn't happen New Orleans. Nagin is just as much to blame as the Governor, b/c they had no plan in place.

The federal government takes consideration when a state requests money to make repairs or build new structures that are to the benefit of the people(bridges, levees, highways), has Louisiana ever made such a request? (Seriously, I don't know, but I highly doubt it.)

Nagin issued mandatory evacuations only a day before the storm surges breached the levees, which was hardly enough time to get everyone to safety.

Here are some quotes:
"Within the United States and as delineated in the National Response Plan, disaster response and planning is first and foremost a local government responsibility. When local government exhausts its resources, it then requests specific additional resources from the county level. The request process proceeds similarly from the county to the state to the federal government as additional resource needs are identified. Many of the problems that arose developed from inadequate planning and back-up communications systems at various levels."-regarding Katrina and which government is responsible

"Some disaster recovery response to Katrina began before the storm, with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) preparations that ranged from logistical supply deployments to a mortuary team with refrigerated trucks."-FEMA's role

About Giuliani, the same could be said for Nagin....

2878 days ago


Brittany hehe youre really gonna be pissed now.

Missisippi is even Blacker than Louisiana. According to the Census Bureau Report, Mississippi is 62.37% white and 36.66% Black. So much for "knowing that I cant tell you it is blacker"... I just did!

How do you know they are not crying? Are all the complaint letters addressed to you?

Youre being Pussy Whipped by Arctic Kat over and Over.
If I were you Id look up the facts and give up!

Its nothing about me being a know it all, you just make it TOO easy!

2878 days ago

Susie Bush    

well instead of being all "big and bad" to a bunch of girls, DO YOUR JOB

anyone agree that Arctic reminds them of that Mayor dude? in NO?

2878 days ago


Artic, we (FEMA) had to wait for the go ahead before we came in. It is just how it works.
People think we're going to rebuild their homes and pay what their insurance won't cover. And when we tell them their applications have to be reviewed, they start bitching at us telling us what pieces of sh*t we are and how we don't do a damn thing. We have to have their applications reviewed because we can't just go handing out the money we do to people who apply more than once and people who don't even need the help, and trust me, we get PLENTY of those.

It is NOT our job to respond before the disaster happens. We have to get a call from the mayr then they call the guard then we come in.

2878 days ago


Sweetie -- that is exactly the answer I wanted. My point made perfectly -- thank you for running straight into the arms of Brittany's trap. If Bush is racist and is not helping because these are not "white" communities then why is Mississippi not crying. The reason for that is that they had competent local and state government that took the precautions necessary to stave off a disaster like NO. If you look back to my first post I was pointing blame and criticism towards Nagin and you just proved my point. Thank you, have a nice day, GAME OVER. Ha.

2878 days ago

Susie Bush    

you wanna talke Racial Diversity now eh? look at this this is the Racial Diversity of NO.

White 135,956 28.1%
African-American 325,947 67.3%

2878 days ago


My work is sporadic. they have assignments for me, I get them, I do them, and I do them well. Today is a slow day. If I dont have anything to work on I sit at my desk and surf the net. some days I dont write on these because I have assignments. But U dont pay me so you dont get to tell me to work :)

Ive read my news for the day online but blogging is cool.

My parents are retired. I am 24 and I live with my kitty and I rent the house in MA in their name from them. Its a sweet arrangement, I admit. So now that you know my life story, get used to the fact that it doesnt mean youre right and I am wrong :)

2878 days ago

Susie Bush    

talk** and YOU TELL HIM BRIT!!

2878 days ago


Reverse racism is such a bullsh*t phrase . . I can't believe I'm still hearing it and it's 2006 . . .

2878 days ago
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