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Tinseltown Species -- Even Urkel!

Flock to Penguin

11/3/2006 4:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

110306-jaleel-whiteA curious panoply of stars -- au courant, slightly faded, and heartwarmingly vintage -- made it out to the launch of the Penguin store, the new West Hollywood retail outpost of that beloved redoubt of Seventies leisurewear. And TMZ's very own G-Hollywood caught all the marching in and out -- and did some dealmaking along the way.

In waddled Paris Hilton -- blah -- and out sauntered Lindsay Lohan -- eh. Dylan McDermott did his very best to maintain relevance, and Chris Kattan looked suitably, well, grateful to be there. Hayley Duff and Pete Wentz were gracious as ever. We were even touched to witness David Arquette and Jason Biggs' gentlemanly first meeting (wait -- you mean all celebs don't know each other?), and G-Hollywood made like Ari Gold and did his best to get the two together for a movie project.

But --finally, some celebrities we can sink our teeth into -- was that Urkel we just spotted? Why yes, Jaleel White himself, greeting stunned onlookers. And we even got props (ok, for our HD camera, but still) from that ageless emblem of celebrity-for-celebrity's-sake, Kato Kaelin. Thank you, Kato. Your taste in videographic technology is impeccable.


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You still got it goin on STEEEEEEVE! I love you really! #806-584-5631

2890 days ago



2890 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Good for Jaleel White.
A kid that grew up on TV, hopefully made some bucks and is living the dream: Staying sober, eating fried chicken and banging white broads.
It's a joke...come on, a Black guy who's last name is WHITE. How funny is that!

2890 days ago

HaydenPanettiere is a loser    

Nah, we only WISH he had died. Why don't you just FOAD, Urkel. You're NOT wanted in the entertainment industry with your droopy eyes and big lips and speech impediment. Just go, go, go, go, GO......!!!!

2889 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

Would you please, please, please, PLEASE just FOAD, Jaleel White??!! Look, NOBODY wants you living, let alone WORKING in the entertainment industry!

You got these PATHETIC droopy eyes, huge lips and an unintelligible speech impediment that makes you DAMN NEAR USELESS, unless they need a stunt man for the next 'Friday The Thirteenth' movie.

I need not say these very much factual critiques about your appearance and acting skills to purposely hurt you, but to inform you of your severely limited possibilities in the world of Hollywood, so you don't _waste_ your time (not to mention the time of others!) in jobs you'll NEVER get.

2889 days ago

Better than you    

Posters 3, 4, and 4 are pathetic. Take off your Klan hoods and find meaningful productive lives.

2886 days ago


Justin and Jacob Pratt(most likely the same loser) are reacist Pricks with no real opinion and are looking for a way to get noticed. If you want public attention don something productive and hateful because I'm pretty sure you dont have the balls to say that in front of a black person(s) you cowards!

2886 days ago


Wow you racist bastards!!!! what the hell is wrong with you???

"Better than you" couldn't have said it better.

ps- Steve Urkel is hotter then you douchebags

2886 days ago

urks pal    

posters 3 4 5 ur miserable. hatin on a cool dude like urk will get u nowhere.

2886 days ago


Just so everyone knows, he's not an actor anymore. He works for the NBA. As in sports. You don't have to look good to work in sports, not that I'm sayin he doesn't look good.

2886 days ago


Jaleel White is soooo cool! I loved him in Family Matters & I love him still. Commentors #3 and #4 are just jealous!

2885 days ago

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