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Angelina Flies Under the Radar (Relatively)

11/6/2006 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Compared to Jennifer Aniston's battle-worthy phalanx of cops at LAX last week, Angelina Jolie arrived at the airport in Pune, India needing hardly any entourage, escorting son Maddox through the corridors and out to a waiting SUV. Jolie is back in town to continue shooting on the film "A MIghty Heart," the story of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and his wife Mariane.

You may think that Pune is just a little village compared to the vast metropolis that is Los Angeles, thereby explaining the lower-key scene at the airport. But -- and let this be your nugget of knowledge for the day -- Pune is actually a major metropolis of 4.5 million people, the eighth largest city in India. Metropolitan L.A., on the other hand, has 4 million residents.


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I'm really tired of all this hero worship thrown at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie is a psychopath. Why any child welfare agency would allow this woman to adopt not one but TWO kids is beyond me.

Unlike the vast majority of Americans, I don't have a short memory. Jolie is the same person who French-kissed (!) her brother in public and carried vials of blood around her neck. That's someone who you want breeding, that's for sure! She also took up with a guy who was married (and gets huffy when he wants to keep in touch with his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend). Projection, anyone?

And let's not forget how she used a brutal African military dictatorship to keep the paparazzi at bay when she was preparing to shit out her kid. MAJOR human rights violation, folks.

As for Brad Pitt: Why this guy is famous, I have absolutely no clue. The guy starred in marginally successful films. The main reason for his "celebrity" (as with most "actors" and "actresses" nowadays) is ubiquitous tabloid coverage. If it weren't for the paparazzi and the tabloids, no one would know his name.

2873 days ago



2873 days ago


People forget that Jonhy Deep used to be a cutter ( he used to cut himself), he used drugs, he had countless afairs , but today he is great guy, right? then why Angelina can't change too?

Stop being sexist, women can make mistakes in theirs lives and still be good person

2872 days ago


Jennifer Anniston is cute in the same way that monkeys are cute.

2872 days ago


I can't believe the amount of time people spend worrying about this crap. You are all even having racial debates because of these two people who, believe it or not, are only humans like you and me.

2872 days ago


wink, bysomeone and 4real! Boy! You 3 are soooooooo totally crazy! Puhhhhhhlease, as if the 3 of you personally know the sheman aka mannister aka chinnifer. What, like you 3 are always invited over for drinks, or something!! Ha! Ha! Ha! now I'm really LMAO on you 3. Face it, you 3 know that this sheman is done with, and that the ever so gorgeous and OSCAR WINNER AJ will ALWAYS PREVAIL over this DIMWIT! Just face it you bunch of LOSERS

2872 days ago


RIGHT ON JULIGAN!!!! My word, juligan, you said it so perfectly!!! I myself have been trying to tell these other idiots this, but they just simply and basically appear to be just that, "stupid idiots", and big time! Its like they are living their life with this chinnifer aka mannister as RERUNS. They must watch this sheman on Friends constantly, for all of them to be soooooo much in love with her. From the looks of it, most of the people that write on here, it most simply appears that tooooooooo many of us are just plain sick of this chinnifer. She's a has been, an extremely idiot with all of her lies, especially to all of her soooooo calllled fans, and she just can't act for s***. So, it appears that these RERUNS keep coming around and defending this dimwit chinnifer because they watch her 24/7 and so now they have become majorly OBSESSED with the sheman. Yeah! good job Juligan. Everyone goes thru phases in their life, and the chinnifer has, BP has, VV has, and so has the ever soooooo talented and gorgeous Angelina.

2872 days ago


I've also gotta agree with juligen.


2871 days ago

kick Bachi    


Just the fact the you'd spend so much time to "explaining". You are either the ugly ho JENNIFER ANISTON or A DUMBF***. Come here to daddy, I'll give you the F*** of urlife ... feed and breed ur both ho-s with my VitaminD.

2869 days ago
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