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Dogg Obedient -- Rapper Turns Himself in to Cops

11/6/2006 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snoop Dogg: Click to watchFour days after a warrant was issued for his arrest, rapper Snoop Dogg has just surrendered to O.C. authorities.

The rapper arrived to the Orange County Jail in style this morning; rolling up in a dark purple Porsche Carrera, along with a driver and a bodyguard. According to Snoop's attorney, Donald Etra, Snoop was "handled extremely well by the Orange County Sheriff's Dept.," while he was booked on one felony count of possession of a deadly weapon. The charge was filed after security officers at John Wayne Airport found a collapsible baton in the entertainer's carry-on luggage in September.

According to his spokesperson, Meredith O'Sullivan, "Snoop was promptly released on bail and welcomes an expedited trial which will reveal that these charges are completely unwarranted." Bail was set at $150,000.

If convicted, the 35-year-old rapper could be sentenced to three years in prison.

Despite having to pose for yet another mug shot, Snoop was in high spirits on his way out of jail. TMZ spies noticed the rapper generously signing autographs for waiting fans.

Snoop is due back in court December 4th. Every dogg has his day.


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jewish smewish,,    

O SNAP! lmao southern nyc did it now!

2910 days ago


I know they always make me check my deadly weapons with my other luggage.

Maybe last time they lost his luggage with his other collapsible baton so he couldn't beat down who he wanted, and it ruined his life. Wow, money can't buy brains...DER!

2910 days ago

Puh der Baer    

But money CAN buy you enough weed to turn you into a stupid f**k. Way to go, stupid f**k !!!!!

2910 days ago

U Know Who    

With all the hired help around, drivers, bodyguards, chefs.
It would seem Snoop has forgotten to hire a "Common Sense - Guy".

I am available.


2910 days ago

car videos    

i wish the best for snoop and hope he can fix every trouble where he is right now...

2910 days ago

dolly schmolly    

OKAY- I used to work for Mr. Etra about a year and a half ago: Let me just tell you one thing. Snoop is definetly getting off! There is no one this guy doesn't get off. He's gotten rapists off with just probation probation.

Anyone wanna bet?

2910 days ago

Mary Beth    

All of you all making racists comments are really sad. You are, I'm going to pray for y'all, cus you all need help. You sit here saying a " nigga this " and a "nigga that" and a black person this and that, OKAY. So what are you doing that's so good? Your just as wrong as the next person by making rude and racist comments(BLACK OR WHITE) My god people, GROW THE HELL UP! This is 2007. SAD!

*Mary Beth

2910 days ago

U Know Who    

Dolly Schmolly , none of those were federal offenses, of which he comitted TWO back to back.

Your telling me this guy has NEVER lost a case? I find that hard to believe.And in this instance it's vs. the federal government and it's unlimited resources.

FYI - Public Defenders get rapists off with probation also, I'm un-impressed.

NO Federal judge will let this slide. He did the SAME thing even worse just a couple of days later. IF you did in fact work for Etra, you will KNOW judges HATE BACK to BACK , same offense.

Snoop has got some serious "splaining" to do...


2910 days ago


Well the "nigga's" laughing all the way to the bank. And the CEO's pay him how much to show up at their children's parties . . .

2910 days ago

U Know Who    

Okay, so it turns out Donald Etra was in the same Skull and Bones at Yale as GWB in 68.

Now I would agree Snoops odds may not be as bad as say anyone who WASN'T using Donald Etra for a FEDERAL case. Since we all know what the Skull and Bones will do for one another..........


2910 days ago

dolly schmolly    

El Phantasmo-

I didn't work for him very long, but he's the best criminal defense attorney I've ever worked for. He has a very calm serious demeanor and he just goes to work.

I never saw or heard about any convictions while I worked for him. And get this: He's a sole practioner, does all the work himself (no bullshit legal team). I was really surprised that he did so well...and yes he's buddy buddy with Bush and very proud of that...

Let's just watch and see, I have a feeling snoop will get a slap on the hand and some more community service...

As for our public defenders: HA HA HA HA HA...they love "working" with attorneys and will always cut you a deal...that's why you hire an attorney, for the networking and relations that they have, that will keep you out of jail.

I'm bummed I didn't stick around long enough to meet snoop : ( but the pay was GARBAGE

2910 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

why does he want to pimp them little girls out,shame on you stoop dog,I knew you like them youg but this is a shame,I would put you back in jail

2910 days ago

Danny JG my Auntie Grizelda used to say, "You can take 'em outta the ghetto, but you can't take.............."

2910 days ago


Post # 16 EL-Phantasmo!: You happen to be absolutely 100% correct in your comment that Snoop will ultimately be charged with a federal offense in connection with this arrest. Here is my previous post on TMZ when it was first reported here:

This particular offense just happens to be prosecuted under FEDERAL criminal charges, not state, because it occurred at one of the nation's airports under the authority of the TSA (Homeland Security). Given Snoop's previous criminal record, he could face a rather lengtly sentence in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons, if he actually ends up being convicted, based on federal sentencing guidelines. The Feds take this stuff real seriously post 9/11, people are being sent to federal prison for simply 'disrupting a flight crew'!

2910 days ago
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