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Kirstie Alley:

Junk OUT the Trunk??

11/6/2006 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the biggest thing since Oprah fit into jeans -- or maybe we should say the smallest? Maybe not.

Almost a year ago, Kirstie Alley promised Oprah that she would show off her body on Winfrey's show, when she got it down to a bikini size. That moment allegedly arrived this morning, when Kirstie dropped her wrap and showed the world her newly "hot" bod. You be the judge.

The crowd went wild and Oprah was clearly proud of the Jenny Craig spokeswoman.

Kirstie wrote on her blog that she "spent most of her life in a Speedo," so she must be thrilled to be back in a skimpy suit, although you may not be.

Take a look at the video, if you dare, and tell us what you think.


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in the know    

I gained about 20 lbs recently when I started working out of my home. I walked all the time, did sit-ups etc and could not lose the weight. Whatever she did to lose that musth weight ,it had to be very hard!!!! She deserves to wear a bikni. I see worse than that ever summer on the beach. Maybe Oprah will try it next??????????

2846 days ago


Actually, I read these posts and never can understand the hostility behind them. Are people so unhappy that they have to take out their frustration and anger on others they don't even know? Seems like there are worse things and bigger things to worry about in the world. Really, it is kinda junior high like. IMO, anyway.

2846 days ago


Bravo, finally someone that doesn't look like a walking skeleton.

2846 days ago


Hey Dr, put down the twinkies...that always works. Or stop talking on your cell phone when you're on the tread mill....just because you are "working out" doesn't mean that you are working.

2846 days ago


Those of you who say she's too fat must like the sound rattling bones when you fuck a chick. Tighten up what you got Kirstie. Don't lose too much more baby. Not everyone like making love to a stop sign.

2846 days ago


Hoorah for Kirstie! She must have been a nervous wreck but she looked wonderful and showed some class as well!
She looks better than all those model stickfigures any day!

2846 days ago

in the know    

Matt, I wish I could say I was eating twinkies or slacking, I am hypoglocemic so twinkies are not a option. I just turned 40 and my metabolism just shut down. Thats what I meant when I said I commend her for her weight loss. I had to take a weight loss supplement to lose it.

2846 days ago


To Matt . . .
Oh how I long for the days when children weren't starving themselves b/c america thought being healthy, being literally bone-thin, and being attractive were all synonymous. Kristie looks dang good her stomach is flat, so what there no six-pack she still looks amazing.

2846 days ago


Daa-um!! I hope I look that good at 55!

2846 days ago


For GOD'S sake people, she's 55 years old and she's lost 75 POUNDS! That's no easy feat, and you can't expect her to look like a 20-year-old supermodel. Why do people have such unrealistic expectations of women, that we're supposed to look like pinups our entire lives? It took enormous courage for her to do something like that, (appear in a bikini on national television) and I respect her for it. No, she's not Heidi Klum or Gisele, nor does she purport to be. But she's comfortable in her own skin, she's much more fit, and I thought she looked great. Kudos to her. She provided an example that we don't all have to be size 0 to look good and be fit.

I wish people would start to put aside their ridiculous expectations of women's bodies and begin to see beauty in diversity. Why is it so repulsive that she has curves? That's the way a woman is supposed to be, by the way.

2846 days ago


I think she looks wonderful...and to the critics...well, you are probably the same 'tarts that complain about the unrealistic demands made on women to be skinny. "Haters hate, it's what they do!" lol

2846 days ago


Well, MATT (Poster number 15),
Oh how I miss the day when the average size of the american MODEL-SEX SYMBAL was a size 12-14.... Oh what a day that would be, it wouldn't put such a strain on these women to feel as though they needed to be anorexic to be beautiful. Take a look at the famed artist of our past, you will see where their beauty was found.

2846 days ago


Well if you read the article..It stated that she is five foot eight and whe weighed 220 and has lost 75 the math...she is 145 so she is in the ideal range for her bmi...= }

2846 days ago



2846 days ago


This is why so many women have eating disorders and suffer from body image dismorphia, because immature idiots (I won't mention names) make stupid comments about "thunder thighs" etc.

She has come a long way!

And I'm sure she's STILL working hard.

You go girl!!

2846 days ago
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