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Britney Spears

Files for Divorce

11/7/2006 5:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has filed a petition for divorce from Kevin Federline.
TMZ obtained the legal papers, filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, citing "irreconcilable differences." In her petition, Spears asks for both legal and physical custody of the couple's two children, one-year old Sean Preston and two-month old Jayden James, with Federline getting reasonable visitation rights.

As for money, sources tell TMZ the couple, who married in Oct. 2004, has an iron-clad prenup. Not surprisingly, Spears is waiving her right to spousal support. She's also asking the judge to make each party pay their own attorney's fees.

Spears gives the date of separation as yesterday, the same day she flaunted her incredible revamped physique during a surprise appearance on David Letterman's show. Sources tell TMZ there was no single reason for Britney pulling the plug, rather, it was "a string of events."

Spears has hired powerhouse celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who has repped a number of celebs, including Angelina Jolie, Nick Lachey and Kiefer Sutherland. We're told Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe asked Wasser to rep both of them in their split, but Wasser declined for personal reasons.

Significantly, Britney lists the date of her marriage as October 6, 2004. There was an uproar around the time of the wedding because the highly publicized "secret" ceremony was held on Sept. 18th, leading many to question the validity of the ceremony. Now the divorce documents indicate that the lavish ceremony was not the official wedding.

Click to read the petition for divorce documents.
Click to read the documents!


No Avatar


Ummm... if I don't recall correctly Britney took K-fed away from a then 8mo. pregnant Char Jackson.It was more than obvious that this would happen as you can tell nobody's all that suprised, but many people seem to be forgetting the lengths she went to to get him regardless of whether or not he was allready involved let alone with a baby on the way! If you ask me she had it coming to her . I guess money can't buy everthing...but we allready knew that, somebody just needs to tell Britney .I bet Justin is looking like the perfect daddy right about now too bad.

2908 days ago


oop! she did it again.

2907 days ago


Q: What does Haley Jo Osment say when he sees BS & Kevin Federline enter a room?

A: "I see dumb people."

2907 days ago


Kerry NO two ppl should stay in a marriage when they are obviously not happy with each other..Parents separating that some families just have to go through . I think its good Britney finally decided to leave him. She should've known what kind of man he was since he left another woman who was pregnant with his child to be with her. He wasn't going to change. And for ppl to stay married for the sake of being politically correct is idiotic!!!!!!!

2907 days ago


I actually kind of feel sorry for Britney. I know how hard it is to be the person trying to keep the relationship afloat. The thing I don't know about is all the publicity. I couldn't imagine trying so hard and in front of the camera and harsh words by everyone. A marriage is just that, work. It doesn't fall in to place all the time and i think people just needed to stay out of it.

2907 days ago


I think it is awfully funny to see these comments. When the roles are reversed we say poor Britney. But such is not the case here. No one forced Britney to have these kids. The only losers here are KFed and the children. Shame to you Britney. Oh, and lets hold the women up to the same standard as we hold the men.........

2907 days ago


I knew that it was comming, just not so soon. What did she see in him anyway? You cant really blame him though...I mean think about it , If she found him attractive enough to date, marry, and have not one but two kids by this clown you def have to question her. Everyone puts her on this pedestole like she is so innocent please! She wanted a bad boy to rock her world, and he turned her out, left her strung out and now she has nothing but two kids to show for. I mean really he left shar jackson made her a baby momma, now he's doing it to Britney. Oh well didnt she know that guys like that are only good for "f'-ing" we def dont use them for reproduction!

2907 days ago


i think its about time i got sick of hearin about them! though i do feel for the kids they dont deserve all the stuff that they are about to go through!

2907 days ago


It's brit's fault ,she's the only one to blame, all she is now is a baby maker.

2907 days ago


He is such a jerk. I searched on my space for him not much there but in his profile under children his response was love kids, but not for me...

2907 days ago


So glad she finally woke up! I'm sure here personal life and career will bounce back in no time.

2907 days ago

Fady Mansour    


2907 days ago


i am not surprised by this divorce news, i'm surprised it lasted as long as it did! i have no sym for Brit. Who in their right mind would hook up with a guy with a pregnant girlfriend? You get what you get! I feel sorry for shar and her 2 kids not britney or kevin. There's no sense in getting mad at Kevin...britney is the one you should be mad at, she put herself in this she's gotta fight to keep her money and kids and that sucks!

2907 days ago


haha...this is funny, I'm loving it! All I can say is Brit, you got yourfan back!!!!!

2907 days ago

Millwrights Rock    

If this doesn't make her get up & dance....what will??!??

Hey - I hear Nick Simpson is single.

2907 days ago
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