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Putting the Ho in Hogan?

11/7/2006 4:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan makes it pretty clear on his show "Hogan Knows Best," that he refuses to let his only daughter flaunt her sexy figure in order to sell records. So why don't we ever see her clothed anymore?

It appears that all the talking was just for show. Brooke has been making numerous publicity rounds with lots of flesh -- most notably wearing next to nothing on her recent cover of notorious man mag, FHM. The reality TV singer has also been walking red carpets in barely-there outfits. In a recent appearance on MTV, The Little Hulk wore a Britney Spears-inspired schoolgirl outfit ... just after dad kvetched about manager Larry Rudolph, not wanting him using Brookie's sex appeal like he did with former client Britney. Who's zoomin' who?!

To top it all off, Brooke's new CD cover features her in a revealing bathing suit -- yah, that's more demure. Uh huh.


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Brooke is awesome, I'm glad she's not a stick figure, she looks like the average girl. Everyone that is hating is just jealous that they don't have the money she has. Losers.

2884 days ago

Oh Wow!!    

She's not the skinniest girl in the world, but she's not fat either. To be honest, I looked just like that when I was 5 months pregnant also. I ate anything I wanted, and I'm 5'4", but I honestly did look just like that through both my pregnancies. Anyways, she's not ugly, and she's not overly beautiful, but she is a clone. Britney, Chistina, and Jessica ALL did exactly as she is doing, so she has not an original bone in her body. I choose not to buy the shit she's peddling, but I do wish her well. Obviously all that unoriginal bullcrap sells, so she'll do fine.

2884 days ago

Mad Balls    

yes her face is hard to deal with -- she has the face of her dad . her bod is very nice and simulates the gonads . But she really cannot sing -- You dolts out there who think she can better get on the whispering voice bandwagon . AND HER VOICE IS COMPUTER ENHANCED ..anyone with overdub experience would know that . NO I would not buy or listen to her music -- Yes I would not kick her out of bed !!

2884 days ago


hmm. she is kind pretty.
but her money makes her hotter
&&she can sing w/ or w/o the money!

2884 days ago


Why is she orange? A fake tan and she lives in Hawaii? I know skin cancer, but she'd look better minus the fake tan.

2884 days ago


Gives a new meaning to the words "thunder thighs", yuke. Put those away.

2884 days ago

D Obai    

I met Brooke in Clearwater and found her to be very pleasant and absolutely gorgeous. She's tall, built very nice and well mannered. She is absolutely gorgeous and the girl can sing. She's going to be a welcome addition to the hot girl singers scene. You go Brooke!

Big D

2884 days ago


I know the big push that is behind her to be a STAR! It is being run by her parents.
However, it is not her singing on her record. It is all a sham with a hired voice (she isn't singing and neither do many of the TEEN stars)

2884 days ago


brooke is not only georgous ,but she is a great singer.she also is not a stupid hick like britney spears. go on with your bad life to it's fulliest.celebrate all the hard work you've done.don't listen to all the haters ,they don't know what there talkin about. peace

2884 days ago

The Time Is Near    

Please some of you people are assholes , most in fact..she has a TERRIFIC body and is pretty hot looking tooo..stop this shit that she's fat lol , she has a nice bod , no doubt. She is also sweet and this selling albums with sex is what all these girls do now. Ever since Madonna started it , to be a hot selling singer you better have a hot bod and you need to flaunt it. Thats just the way it is.

2884 days ago


Chill out...Not knowing what's behind all this. Yet speaking as if everything is known.There is more than meets the eye.Obviously i do not know her. But this goes to everybody.geeze, maybe she likes being in bathing suits.maybe she hates it. who knows???

2884 days ago


Y'all need to stop hatin' on Brooke. I went to elementary & middle school with her, and maybe she's making a mistake trying to be sexy, but you shouldn't diss her for that.

2884 days ago


She is a pretty girl, not gorgeous, but pretty. I don't see why :The Hulkster" should be upset. He puts on the protective daddy act really well, but he is pimping out his entire family. Are you that hard up for cash, Hulk? It's a pitiful sight the way all of the washed up stars are pimping themselves and their kids for a dollar. Get a real job! Brooke Hogan is just a new piece of ass for the music boys and she will be dumped quicker than you can say "yo yo yo Hogans". Stop spending so much money on sun tans and plastic surgery for yourself and Linda, it's ok to get old.

2884 days ago


OTTO - your nonsensical epistles (#5 and #17) are boring, not to mention that you left your riders off at the wrong stop today, and they somehow got access to a computer. Please take #3 Matty, #29 Watch, #21 Colleen and #31 SoSad to their homes, so that their mommies can spank them for being naughty.

2884 days ago


Is it just me?? She looks like a 40yr old transvestite! I'm not kidding.

2884 days ago
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