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Celeb Politics: Who Doesn't Know Crap?

11/7/2006 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Our fellow Americans, it's Election Day, and with it comes the usual horde of celebrities using star wattage to shed light on issues closest to their hearts -- or so they think.

Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts were just two of the A-listers to lend their support to Proposition 87, the controversial California ballot measure that would tax oil drilling in the state up to $4 billion, which would then be spent on alternative energy research. You know the drill -- don't look too glammed-up (note Julia's specs), seem humble but passionate, talk about how being a multi-milionaire media sensation is a gift and you're just giving back. But Brad and Julia aren't the only ones who are pimping their celebrity to stump for fave causes.

Leonardo DiCaprio, he of the personal hybrid car fleet, appeared with Calif. Sen. Barbara Boxer last weekend to support -- what else -- eco-friendly Prop 87. With all the celeb stumping, pundits are giving the measure a somewhat unexpected 50-50 chance of passing, even with the oil industry's reported $100 million campaign to kill it.

Jennifer Garner, known more for her action-star aptitude than her political action, recently talked up Democrat Jerry McNerney in upstate Pleasanton, Calif., backing his pro-green policies and denigrating the "arrogance and ignorance" of his opponent, Republican Richard Pombo, in a closely-watched race in the House of Representatives.

Perhaps the most controversial celeb endorsement came from Michael J. Fox, who has done TV ads for several candidates who support stem-cell research, and who was criticized by right-wing talk-show and big-fat-idiot, Rush Limbaugh, who accused Michael of amplifying his Parkinson's disease symptoms for dramatic effect. Putz.

Who's the biggest blowhard among these actor-activists? In the best democratic fashion, we'll let you, our favorite electorate, decide. Then go out to the real polls and do your patriotic duty!


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Toyota factory turns landscape to arid wilderness.
The 'green-living' Toyota Prius has become the ultimate statement for those seeking to stress their commitment to the environment.

2886 days ago


I so wish that celebrities would just shut their mouths and keep their opinions to themselves. If you are not intelligent enough to research the issues and form an opinion of your own, then you don't deserve the right to vote.

2906 days ago


Why don't the stars pass a bill taxing more of their income.

2905 days ago


Your characterization of Michael Fox's ads for candidates who support stem cell research as 'controversial' is inaccurate. The Rush Limbaughs of the world get paid-VERY well-to stir up issues such as this one. The fact that he was dead wrong about Fox's symptoms should tip folks off that his comments were more about promotion than substance. Fox is known and respected for his dedication to fundraising for Parkinson's and his education on the issue. Limbaugh is known for his drug addiction and his ridiculous and often wrong fanning the flames, having made his career out of such moves, which benefit him personally and no one else.

2905 days ago

Travis Bickle    

these left wing loser libs just parrot what their lefty political advisers tell them. They can't think for themselves and thus attach themselves to things they just haven't thought out. Besides, it's easy for them to back tax increases because they have the tax attorneys to help them from not paying them.

2905 days ago


So, I'm wondering why Rush Limbaugh is called a zealot, while Michael J. Fox or Julia Roberts is not. Granted, Rush has a nationally syndicated political talk show, both Roberts and Fox are two of Hollywood's most notorious political activists. Besides, who cares about what these people think! They are actors! They live in their little bubbles of self-righteousness and egoism, and think that the rest of us should worship every thing they say. Same with Angelina Jolie. Thousands of regular people risk their lives every day working for NGO's, the State Department, and various other governmental organizations. Do we ever give credit to them? No, we give credit to a woman that thrives off of media attention, breaks up families, and enjoys extracurricular activities such as S&M and drinking her partners blood!

2905 days ago


Benifer II needs to shut up already, can she even spell "ignorance" ? What a famewhore !

2905 days ago


While I feel the utmost sympathy for Michael J. Fox and actually support stem cell research, to call Rush Limbaugh a putz for pointing out the obvious is rather hypocritical. I watched Michael J. Fox on Boston Legal and he was much more able to control his movement when he wanted to. I honestly don't believe anyone out there really thinks Michael J. Fox didn't or shouldn't do the best he could to forward his point of view.

2905 days ago


I choose big fat blowhard rush limbaugh..

2905 days ago


Bennifer 2 is truly a dumbass. She and her husband are a match made in bad actors/self involved heaven.
Actually, most actors are not that bright and should shut the f*ck up.
With the exception of MJ Fox, who is actually talking about something he is actually experiencing.
Anyone who makes $20 million a year has no right to 'speak on behalf of middle class Americans', or anyone else for that matter.

2905 days ago


The biggest activist loser is political blowhard Rush LimpDick and all the Neo-Cons who will eat crow this year for being absolute failures to their country, their families and themselves while sticking thier fat necks in the sand and refusing to address real issues such as a failed war, failed economy, failed domestic and foreign policies and failed domestic security plans.

2905 days ago

David Hoffman    

The TMZ staff finds it necessary to call Rush Limbaugh a "big-fat-idiot". Name-calling is the last refuge for those who can't put together an intelligent sentence, let alone float an original thought.

2905 days ago

Charlie Peters    

The $0.51 per gal. corporate welfare to the oil refiners for adding 5.6% ethanol to California gas is about $500,000,000.00 per year.

The ethanol may add over $1.00 per gal. to the gas profit in California.

That may be about $100 billion in oil profit from California motorists.

The science is interesting but so is the money.

A $4 billion Prop. 87 oil tax may add $40 billion in oil profit.

Charlie Peters
(510) 537-1796
Clean Air Performance Professionals

2905 days ago


Just because these people are celebrities doesn't mean they give up their right to 'freedom Of Speech. They're Americans first and Celebrities second. Whether they're democrats or Republicans I think it's wise of them to use their fame to bring attention to causes that they care dearly about.

2905 days ago


Name calling is the first sign of the uneducated person. God bless people with such horrible afflictions such as Michael J. Fox, but as he has even stated on television, he did not fully read the amendment. As far as Rush Limbaugh is concerned, he is doing what he does. He speaks his opinion and that is what he is paid to do. I would think twice about listening to the mainstreem media before you start name calling.

2905 days ago
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