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Celeb Politics: Who Doesn't Know Crap?

11/7/2006 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Our fellow Americans, it's Election Day, and with it comes the usual horde of celebrities using star wattage to shed light on issues closest to their hearts -- or so they think.

Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts were just two of the A-listers to lend their support to Proposition 87, the controversial California ballot measure that would tax oil drilling in the state up to $4 billion, which would then be spent on alternative energy research. You know the drill -- don't look too glammed-up (note Julia's specs), seem humble but passionate, talk about how being a multi-milionaire media sensation is a gift and you're just giving back. But Brad and Julia aren't the only ones who are pimping their celebrity to stump for fave causes.

Leonardo DiCaprio, he of the personal hybrid car fleet, appeared with Calif. Sen. Barbara Boxer last weekend to support -- what else -- eco-friendly Prop 87. With all the celeb stumping, pundits are giving the measure a somewhat unexpected 50-50 chance of passing, even with the oil industry's reported $100 million campaign to kill it.

Jennifer Garner, known more for her action-star aptitude than her political action, recently talked up Democrat Jerry McNerney in upstate Pleasanton, Calif., backing his pro-green policies and denigrating the "arrogance and ignorance" of his opponent, Republican Richard Pombo, in a closely-watched race in the House of Representatives.

Perhaps the most controversial celeb endorsement came from Michael J. Fox, who has done TV ads for several candidates who support stem-cell research, and who was criticized by right-wing talk-show and big-fat-idiot, Rush Limbaugh, who accused Michael of amplifying his Parkinson's disease symptoms for dramatic effect. Putz.

Who's the biggest blowhard among these actor-activists? In the best democratic fashion, we'll let you, our favorite electorate, decide. Then go out to the real polls and do your patriotic duty!


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First off, why does TMZ automatically assume that one of these celebrities doesn't know what they are talking about?

My guess is that these actors have spent more time investigating their respective issue than your average person on the street. If more people had listened to these actors back in 2000, we wouldn't have ended up with our current president who doesn't even believe in global warming!

Also, Rush Limbaugh doesn't get respect because he DOESN'T DESERVE IT.
He his a hypocrite, a liar and a prescription drug abuser. His opinions are stupid, ill-informed and therefore inconsequential. If you believe his garbage, you probably don't know how to read or create original thoughts.

2817 days ago

Research before popping off    

You might want to check out the facts first. MJ Fox admitted to purposefuly not taking his drugs before interviews before congress so that the effects of his ailment would be magnified. He also admitted that he had not read the proposition he was advocating. It is a ammendment that focuses on cloning and has no direct ties to stem cell research. Stem cell research was included in the name in an attempt to ride on the coat-tails of the current stem cell arguement. I guess being right (in this case correct) gets you called "a big-fat idiot" and a "putz"

2817 days ago

Pete Bachran    

Michael J Fox admitted that he had OVERmedicated and that caused the apparent exagerated movement. He admitted in his book that when appearing before congress he didn't take his medication to cause the same shaking. The fact that Rush discussed this makes Rush a bad guy. Most of what has been written about him is deliberate lies. Go to his website and listen to that actual broadcasts that started this.

2817 days ago

randy willingham    

bottom line.....neither the loony left. nor the right wing gives a crap about
average american working people.the left is ruled by super -rich actors
singers, media moguls and trust fund journerlism hacks..the right by super
wealty ceo s and realestate moguls. neither party has any reason to try to make
life better for the 80% of us the working stiffs who buy there product,or pay for
concerts, movie tickets ect, do so would undermine their wealth and power.
so get a clue lefty, take a hint righty, if your like me in that 80%...your screwed !!!

2817 days ago


Oil Companies spent $100 MILLLION to try and KILL that bill????? That's where our extra $1.50 a gallon went! Ummm...what's wrong witht his picture when many are struggling to keep up with price increases and the oil industry can just unload 100 million.

2817 days ago


Your 'vote' above on who knows their issues doesn't have a "none of the above", which is the appropriate choice.

As others have stated, Fox never read the proposition he made an advert for; not only that, President Bush is the only President who HAS allocated money towards embryonic stem cell research; private funds for it are negligible but promise is shown for ADULT stem cell research. Unfortunately and perhaps understandably, MJ Fox has been caught up in the furor.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a hypocrite who rents out private jets to funnel him and his girlfriend du jour around, at great cost resource wise but lectures us for not having a fleet of eco friendly cars. Stars like Streisand who have multiple homes have caretakers keep the heat on all the time in case they decide to stop by on the spur of the moment. Idiots like Cameron Diaz go on Oprah to claim that women are about to lose everything in America, while the real danger is fascist Islam, which thinks nothing of shooting a woman in the middle of the street for a breach of sharia law. Know their issues indeed...

These stars are unwilling to live the middle class life we all live but feel they can lecture us while telling us to donate to their pet causes. Jolie gives money to various causes but give me a break! She's worth hundreds of millions and gives a pittance here and there, adopts an orphan and we should kiss her @ss? People in America take in crack babies, physically handicapped children and REALLY sacrifice and live a difficult life and don't get the props that so many people see fit to drip all over celebs who break a nail while closing the door of their FlexFuel car. Give me a break.

2817 days ago


"You might want to check out the facts first. MJ Fox admitted to purposefuly not taking his drugs before interviews before congress so that the effects of his ailment would be magnified. He also admitted that he had not read the proposition he was advocating. It is a ammendment that focuses on cloning and has no direct ties to stem cell research."

Yes, do check out the facts.

Such as Fox didn't take the l-dopa before appearing before Congress, and that to do so gives you the jerking and frozen-spastic movements of Parkinsons, while the advertisements he's filmed are actually showing you the side effects of being on high doses of l-dopa.

Also, at least in the cae of Missouri, it is NOT a cloning bill, and in fact if you read the text of the bill, the first clause says "This will not allow cloning of human beings."

Finally, it's not "magnifying" the effects of a disease to not take medication. Medication is a choice, and not something that people are obligated to do. Taking medication for a chronic condition is a serious decision, and one that isn't made to "look nicer" for other people. Medication masks the effects of illness, making someone much more socially acceptable - all this does is reinforce the notion of stigma that comes with having a chronic disease. Having to take continual medication means having to deal with a host of side effects, many of which require medication of their own to treat.

There's nothing wrong with deciding to live with the effects of a chronic disease without medicating; it's by far the most honest approach. Medication fosters the lie that things are better than they really are - and always at a cost. To say that people MUSt medicate, and that there is some sort of lie going on if they don't, is pure ignorance, nothing more.

2817 days ago


I for one am VERY HAPPY to have millionaire stars fly in their private jets, from their home states of New Mexico, New Jersey and Illinois, out to California to tell ME that I need to conserve.

How else am I going to know how to vote. I mean, if they had not BURNED fuel to tell me to CONSERVE fuel, I would of been lost.

And I am happy that these millionaire stars, that live in other states, want my taxes to go up. That is so very kind of them to want MY hard earned DOLLAR to go some place that no one has to account for.

As for MJF, "Reading is FUNDEMENTAL".

2817 days ago


One of you says Michael J. Fox OVERmedicated and the other says he DIDN'T medicate... maybe you guys need to read a newspaper sometime....

Michael J. Fox has to TAKE drugs to keep his body from locking up (you know, he has Parkinson's...) and he wanted to be able to speak clearly, so he took his medication. He did several other ads where he didn't shake as badly just because of good timing. Try finding an actual quote where you can back up ANYTHING you said about Mr. Fox.

As for Rush Limbaugh, he has been addicted to Oxycontin - a drug he obtained illegally - which makes him a HYPOCRITE. He had said in the past that drug users do not deserve sympathy. He believed that - until he became a drug user.

He also believes that torture in Abu Ghraib is just a bunch of "college hazing".

Face it - he is an IDIOT, and his opinions are irrelevant because he can't be trusted.

2817 days ago



Face it people - these movie stars don't live in the real world!

Let's hold an election to vote these sht for brains to a desereted island where they can keep their foie gras stuffed mouths shut.

2817 days ago

Jamie Crowley    

"Who doesn't know crap about politics?"
First off, if you're talking Hollywood actors we could be here all day. All of them are just overpaid, arrogant, hyppocritical liberals, who do what ever they can to make themselves feel good (ex. "I care about the environment so I'm a good person and because you don't, you're an evil, stpuid moron!")
Second, Let's go to the writer of this article. If you had done even the most miniamal of research, instead of jmpiong into the herd with the rest of the liberal media, you would have leaned about Fox's oueruse and uneduse of his meds to make himself look more pitiful and you would have heard (if not read on his site) and would have been able to make a more intelligent comment about the actual incident. By the way I'll take the high ground an refrain from calling you a "big, fat, idiot".

So my vote goes to every hyppocrictal Hollywood millionare, Michael J Fox for being an admitted fraud, and to the real author of this article (whomever it is, because apparently he's too scared to put his name on it)!

2817 days ago


I am sick and tired of the writers being biased in their reporting, this idiot calling Rush Limbaugh an idiot when he does not have a clue what Rush REALLY SAID! Reporters are supposed to report the facts and not through in their political agenda, but I can see that is not the case with TMZ, so after this note I am deleting TMZ from my favorites and will no longer even waste my time with liberal bozos who will drive this country to the dirt. Write what you want I am gone TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!

2816 days ago


Halleluiah it's raining Dems!

2816 days ago


Who ever made that comment about Leonardo Dicaprio flying private jets..let me inform you, Leonardo normally flies on economy class in charter planes to get across...on occasions he has used private jets only when he needs to get somewhere at a specific time...As most charter jumbo jets do run on a specific schedule. Leonardo has been a strong enviromentalits for years, and as one of the first celebrities to buy a hybrid car. Robert Redford, Al Gore, Bill Clinton are also strong environmentalist, who also had to use private jets, to meet certain deadlines. How do you expect these environmentalist to get to other countries? by bicycle? The reality is we live in a modern world, and as the modern world progresses..we must find alternative ways, to try to make a differance towards the environment, if everyone does their part, it can be achieved. Its a start in the right direction, and I salute to everyone, including stars who can make a differance. So why not if they voice their opinions, they're also citizens who vote too. As long as they know what they are talking about, then its fine by me. At least their doing something about it.

2816 days ago


For anyone who thinks they are the experts on Parkinsons just because they listen to Rush Limbaugh of all people, you really need to find other sources. This is just like Ann Coulter and what she said about the wives of the victims of 9/11. You wanna believe people who think and rationalize like you do, because they, like you, are just mouthing off to yet, another threat to the GOP.

Rush Limbaugh, like many americans, love to assume medication as a quick fix to everything, and that is why he is with the addiction he has. he expects everyone to react to meds as an all or nothing solution when it is never that black and white.

MJF isnt the only one to speak out on this issue. Plenty of patients with Parkinsons spoke out along with him backing up everything he claimed.

People get angry with what Kerry said about the troops. Oh, so cancer patients are fair game, because Rush Limbaugh said so?

No wonder the GOP LOSt , lost lost

2816 days ago
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