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Did Anna Nicole Commit Birth Fraud?

11/7/2006 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith tried to persuade a sterile man to put his name on her newborn baby's birth certificate, according to a sworn affidavit.

Unimpeachable sources tell TMZ that Ben Thompson, a real estate mogul who briefly had an affair with Anna Nicole last year, signed an affidavit in the brewing paternity conflict over Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern. We're told in the document, Thompson swears that during her pregnancy Anna Nicole tried to convince him that he was the daddy. That's when Thompson informed her it was impossible because he had a vasectomy.

We're told according to the document, Smith then fessed up and told Thompson that Larry Birkhead, her ex-boyfriend who is currently fighting Smith to establish his paternity, was indeed the father. Sources say in the affidavit, Thompson claims Smith told him that Birkhead got her pregnant and repeated that statement several times thereafter.

Thompson's statement is the second sworn affidavit claiming that Smith copped to Birkhead as the father. As TMZ first reported, Laurie Payne, once a close friend of Smith's, also claims that the former Playboy Playmate told her that Birkhead was the daddy.

We're told in Thompson's affidavit, he claims he was in the Bahamas shortly after Dannielynn's birth. Thompson says that Anna Nicole asked him repeatedly if he would put his name on the birth certificate as the father, even though Smith knew he wasn't. Thompson says he refused to cooperate, and Smith subsequently had her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, sign as the father.


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Anna Nicole Smith n gang are GRIFTERS.

ANS will do anything for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
All of her events, like giving birth, the interviews, the burying of her son are all video-taped, to be sold off to the entertainment networks for $$$$$$$$$$$$.
Finally, we have proof that the real estate developer,
Thompson is also one of her victims- he got away with the baby scam with his visecectomy, BUT he is now in a lawsuit over his Bahamas home, which ANS is staying in.
ANS is a true GRIFTER. Scarrry....

2871 days ago


So, why is it important who the baby's father is? DaSceptic thinks that if Anna Nocile wins her lawsuit to inherit a large portion of her late husbands estate (worth hundreds of million of $$$) she, and the baby, will be extremely rich.

2871 days ago


Get on with the DNA test. She is making herself look worse by trying to skirt all of the issues. She just needs to fess up to all of her wrong doing and let LB start bonding with his new baby girl.........

2871 days ago

blah blah blah    

I knew it was only a matter of time, before the truth come out from behind that vindictive and AND NOT A VERY honorable woman. She is like a black widow spider...................she mates for her gratifications in life, then bites her lovers with venom as to put an end to their death for any future dealings.
She really should check herself into a rehab because the walls are tumbling down upon her now. If it's not too late already!!!
She has made her bed for her own self so she needs to learn how to lay in it for her own self.

2871 days ago


This shit with ANS is definetly a lifetime orginal movie of the week, ths plot is so dam thick now, whats a girl to do, keep on cashing in on her the death of her sone and the daughter of LB, what ashame larry has to see the birrth of his daughter on ET, what assholes Et are, to show this when there is a partenity (SP) suit going on ,what thoughtless assholes, both ANS and Howdy dowdy look so high do they realize what they are saying on national tv is gonna be used against them, the way things are going for the skank and howdy dowdy they both are gonna either end up in the trailer park where they came from or in jail ,i hope jail, all this shit with skank and howdy dowdy makes me sick, I feel so bad for baby and daniel, i just wonder did Daniel have friends, cause i dont understand why there was no memorial for him by his friends or some kinda of vigal outside his home anything, well the great wall of justice is closing on skank and howdy dowdy, I hope real real soon, their world comes crashing down on them , so that baby can be with her real family ,

2871 days ago


The DNA test is going to happen -- she may as well just accept that --

2871 days ago


Way to go TMZ for bringing us the latest news!
And THANK YOU for not publishing the actual Thompson Affidavit.

This is proof that the American public was LIED to in a BIG way by Howard K. Stern when he went on Larry King, and when Anna was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight.

If Anna was begging Ben Thompson to put his name on the baby's birth cert ..... the theory that Anna and Howie "have been in a relationship for many years", and that "Howie is the father", don't seem at all believable.

It seems very skanky ..... Anna concludes that Ben Thompson is RICH .... so he is her number one target to claim paternity, all the while purposely denying the REAL daddy of his rights to his child.

I'm glad Ben Thompson was not scared away from filing that Affidavit.

There are several people now willing to swear under oath that Anna told them that Larry Birkhead is the baby's father.

I hope the judge on Wednesday rules that he DOES have jurisdiction over Anna and the baby, and DOES order a DNA test and drug testing on Anna and the baby.

2871 days ago


ANNA GET OFF THE DRUGS!!!! You're beloved Danny died from them get a clue....Crack isn't Whack! Neither is Methodone, Xanex, Lipator, prozac, Valium and whatever else you're on... Just say NO! I hope for the baby girl's sake, the father, Larry Birkhead tries to get custody of that precious little baby and raise her right with morals in a drug free zone.... God, she makes me sleepy just listening and watching her.

2871 days ago


One has to wonder why ANS is going to great lengths to deny LB a right to his own flesh and blood. If DNA test prove that LB is the baby's father, then it would be ANS, herself that is acting as a 'Higher Supreme Being', judging whether a man has a paternal right to be a father to his child.

Who questions judgement, opinions, conversation and debate? It is human nature to judge, every person judges, whether they admit or not.
The people for ANS actions...the people against.... It goes full circle...
...Now, ANS has decided to judge LB and her verdict appears to be, DENIED PARENTHOOD...reason...unknown?

It has been said, that people need to balance mercy and justice in their dealings with others. Their mercy must not give way to indulgence, nor must justice degenerate into vengeance. are ANS supporters, measuring this reported information?....There comes a time when it is inhumane, to turn away.

2871 days ago


The video of the Birth was on Entertainment Tonight last night. EWW it was a c-section and they showed the doc pulling the baby out. they tried to use forceps but they didn't work and the meds they gave Anna didn't work so she felt all the pain. They needed to give her a higher dose.

I mean, I don't know why ET would even show it. It was gross!

2871 days ago


I think its all about the money with ANS and her fake husband/baby daddy..I hope Larry gets custody of that little girl, before something happens to her while in the care of her drug addict mother, and low life fake step dad...

2871 days ago


OK let me get this straight ans says Daniel was taking ant-depressants because of a girl,( which I think is Bullshit ) Where are Daniels friends???? He was a good kid when I watched that stupid show of her's and always felt sorry for him.I know the amount of drugs he had taken, but I think it was the methedone he got from loving mommy at the hospital that killed him. I just see alot of negligence on anna and howards part. Just get the DNA and get that baby out of there.

2871 days ago

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg    

Howard K Stern is going to be dis-barred after this. GUARANTEED!

2871 days ago

blah blah blah    


That was so very well put!!!
I applaud you for that comment and hope certain protesters who try to bash each and everyone Else's comments take note to that.

2871 days ago


#12 If she had felt them cutting her to perform the c-section she would have passed out from the pain. I have had a c-section myself. What she felt was pressure, which is not painful at all! And, all those moans and groans, give me a freaking break. All those theatrics was so that she could get more $ for the footage. the reason they strap your arms down is so that you do not move yourself and make the Dr.'s screw up! Straping the arms down is protocol in a c-section delivery!!!!!!!!!! She was planning on selling that footage from the beginning.

2871 days ago
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