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Did Anna Nicole Commit Birth Fraud?

11/7/2006 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith tried to persuade a sterile man to put his name on her newborn baby's birth certificate, according to a sworn affidavit.

Unimpeachable sources tell TMZ that Ben Thompson, a real estate mogul who briefly had an affair with Anna Nicole last year, signed an affidavit in the brewing paternity conflict over Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern. We're told in the document, Thompson swears that during her pregnancy Anna Nicole tried to convince him that he was the daddy. That's when Thompson informed her it was impossible because he had a vasectomy.

We're told according to the document, Smith then fessed up and told Thompson that Larry Birkhead, her ex-boyfriend who is currently fighting Smith to establish his paternity, was indeed the father. Sources say in the affidavit, Thompson claims Smith told him that Birkhead got her pregnant and repeated that statement several times thereafter.

Thompson's statement is the second sworn affidavit claiming that Smith copped to Birkhead as the father. As TMZ first reported, Laurie Payne, once a close friend of Smith's, also claims that the former Playboy Playmate told her that Birkhead was the daddy.

We're told in Thompson's affidavit, he claims he was in the Bahamas shortly after Dannielynn's birth. Thompson says that Anna Nicole asked him repeatedly if he would put his name on the birth certificate as the father, even though Smith knew he wasn't. Thompson says he refused to cooperate, and Smith subsequently had her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, sign as the father.


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This sh*t is getting BEYOND the ridiculous point! My goodness, the c-section she had, she was so doped up the anesthesia was ineffective. This is definitely something Child Protective Services should be looking into. This woman is clearly a danger to a child, I hope she's not breast feeding the baby.

I thought Larry Birkhead was overzealous, but now I see why! This woman, for some reason does not want it established, that Larry is the father, why? My theory is, she won't have control over the little girl, like she did Daniel. ANS cut Danny's father out of his life and didn't even have the decency to let him attend Daniel's funeral and the fact that she buried him in the Bahamas, instead of the United States, where his family could visit his grave, she has it so SHE and Satan will be the only ones to visit him. HKS has isolated her from her family, keeps her on drugs, plots and scams people that are wealthy, sells pics of her and the baby, then sold her c-section tape to ET, this is most BIZZARE. She and Satan are control freaks, and they know if Larry Birkhead gets visitation rights, he will have a "window" into their lives and the real ANS, whom, to me seems very wicked, selfish, self centered and very immature.

She should be ashamed of herself! Someone needs to look into HKS. ANS mom may have hit the nail on the head with her theory. I hope when the little girl grows up, she doesn't come across one of her irresponsible mothers' methadone bottles and something really horrible happen to her. Clearly, these two are not in control of their faculties, I hope someone does some typeof intervention ASAP!

2905 days ago


Someone, please, take that baby away from her before the baby winds up dead. Her interview with Entertainment Tonight and it was also on the Insiders, she cried like a fool that she is, thinking Howard and her dead son punked her, but yet she did not have red eyes from all the tears. You could tell her and Howard were both high when they did the interviews. I hope other people heard her comment that she was not at the hospital when they pronounced Daniel dead. First reports were she continued to give Daniel CPR, now she was not even there. What gives.

All this is doing is making her money. She is busted, going to loose the home where she is holed up at, and her ass is going to be sent back to the United States.

Then she will write a book, no she is illiterate so someone is going to have to do it for her, she should say off drugs while the book is being written, she will think she will win a Pulitzer Prize for the novel and make more money to support her habits.

I say when and if the real truth comes out, her and/or Howard had something to do with the death of Daniel. And when it is proven, they should both be executed immediately.

Why did she wait 39 days to bury her son? Well, she had to have a custom dress, hat and veil made, and let's not forget her committment ceremony and her and Howard jumping off the boat and her donning a bikini to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken. In the meantime, poor Daniel was rotting in a morgue. More shock value for her. Plus she probably sold the pictures to the tabloids.

I do not mean any disrespect to Daniel, but he is now is a far better place than he was in the 20 years he spent on earth. He is now at peace with his maker taking care of him. He can be the young man he was instead of the parent having to take care of a bi-sexual, sloppy drunk, drugged out pig whore who called herself his mother.

Anna and Howard, remember this, what goes around, comes around. And when you get greedy you get caught. I can't wait for the day you both are caught. Rot in hell the two of you ignorant trailer park trash.

Daniel, Rest In Peace - You Deserve It.

2905 days ago


Request for TMZ - could you post a copy of Daniel Smith's obituary notice which was published in the San Francisco Examiner on Oct. 12, 2006?

I would like to see exactly how "Cyril Wecht", the hired pathologist is mentioned in Daniel's obituary! That seems odd .... and unprofessional .....

And.... I would like to see how J. Howard Marshall II is listed in Daniel's obituary.
And.... how Michael Scott (the attorney who quit Anna) is listed in his obit.

I would like to see if Daniel's grandmother, Virgie is listed in the obit ..... or any of Anna's half sibs - Daniel's Aunts and uncles? Or Anna's estranged father, Donald Eugene Hogan, Daniel's grandfather?

Is it known who prepared this obit? Did Anna provide it?

2905 days ago

the wise old owl    

It was pretty clear from day one who this conieving , deceiving, opportunistic, sea-hag was from the get go. I remember only too vividly how the bloggers on this website jumped all over me like white on rice when I called her for what she is.

I didn't need to see the lies materialize on paper to know it. All you had to do was look at her character and lifestyle to figure that out. Daniel was most likly too embarassed to bring any " friends" around his Mom. Wouldn't you be ? I mean ....come on. I WAS EMBARASSED just watching her.

I did read a quote from ONE friend of his who talked about Daniel's joy when he 1st took a drive in his new truck. That was the only comment I ever heard from a friend. That is so sad. This supposed girlfriend,whom his lying mother says is the cause of his overdose , has yet to even surface. Believe me. If this mystery woman was out there. We would be hearing from her by now.

It's pretty much over now. The evidence against her is piling up everyday. One lie after the other. They are both going down. Can you imagine being on a jury listening to Anna's testimony when the judge instructs you to disregard anything a wittness says if she shows to be a liar.? Talk about poetic justice. Plenty of bloggers will be coming back here to eat CROW. I for going to enjoy every second of it. That interview she did for Entertainment tonight was the finial nail in her coffin. What a stupid girl. Every good lawyer knows that " you keep your mouth shut " when you are under investigation for murder. ( except HKS ) Too bad they don't make designer " orange jumpsuits " in prison. Now that's one outfit I would like to see her in.

2905 days ago


Yes, i agree, Pecker Face will probably be
disbarred and besides he knows nothing about
law or about being honest. Hope he spends some
time in jail, cuz i think he was behind Danny's
death !! Think about it !! Pecker Head needs to
do jail time, Anna needs to be put in a psychiatric
ward, Ben Thompson should kick them out and
get his house back, and Larry should be handed
over his daughter to become a full time dad !!

2905 days ago


You go Piper!!!! All of it works for me!!!! PeckerFace=priceless!

2905 days ago

As u taught me    

Okay let me get this right, she buries her son in the Bahamas where she knew her status as a resident was being questioned to live in a house she knew she had no right to with her faux husband , she thinks of as gross and says she would never sleep with, and baby girl she tried to pawn off first as being Ben`s.all the time knowing he could not be the father , admitted it was Larry`s to everyone around her then finally settles for her faux husband/lawyer/enableler/partener in crime Howard`s signiture..........all the while popping the very same methadone her son died of as she is counting up the millions she thinks she is going to some how convince the courts and juries she, as a good law abiding honest citizen deserves more so than his own loving family??

2905 days ago

Howard Stern is Americas Most Hated Man    

From past history we've heard that Daniel never had a relationship with his father Billy Smith so it makes you wonder if Anna Nicole kept Daniel away from him for her own selfish reasons.
20 years later along comes Danielynne, now Anna has moved to the Bahamas, faked a birth certificate, had a commitment ceremony which in no way resembles a marriage, tried to coerce Ben Thompson to say he's the father and now has her attorney get on national television and blatantly lie. Is this a pattern with this woman? Does she treat her children like objects that she only she can have ownership to?

If Anna Nicole thought that Dannielynne was in danger she'd have contacted the police or used more reasonable measures in the US after all she does know the court system pretty well.

If Thompson were the child's biological father Anna would have been in South Carolina delivering the baby so she could utilize the courts to sue Ben Thompson for child support and whatever else she could get her hands on. She saw dollar signs with him fortunately he was smart and didn't offer to help her out any more. Not only would she be suing him for a house that was not a gift, she'd be suing him for child support knowing it's not his child.

For those that keep saying Larry Birkhead wants Anna's money from the Marshall estate, do you not realize the woman has been suing for TEN YEARS and hasn't seen a nickel yet? WIth the lies and deceipt uncovered in this drama it's doubtful she'll see a dime based on her inability to tell the truth.

At this point if Anna Nicole and Howard should keep their mouths shut to keep from PERJURING themselves any more than they have already!

2905 days ago


To many Drugs have really taken a tole on her little brain. Next thing you know she'll have hair like Diana Ross and outlining her Tatas on National TV again

2905 days ago


Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern are BOTH unfreakeningbelievable! I will probably NEVER watch Entertainment Tonight ever again! I did NOT want to watch the HOME VIDEOS of Dannilynn's live birth! WHO televises such things between 7-8PM in the EARLY evening hours?!! GROSS!! I am just THOROUGHLY disgusted by it ALL!!

2905 days ago


If Anna said that any woman or man would THROW UP watching her C-section delivery ..... then WHY did HKS and Anna sell the video to ET for the public to watch? Oh yeah, I forgot ..... the SYMPATHY factor for Anna.

When Anna and Howie say that "Howard is the father" -- I think they are playing word games. They justify saying that because in their minds, he is the "father" as in he is committed to be by Anna's side as she raises the baby girl -- but NOT as in he is the "biological father". ET's Mark Steines probably should have defined the question a little more precisely, and asked Anna "who is the BIOLOGICAL father"?

OK, now that we have seen the grieving mother and the tortured through child birth mother .... all us mean people are supposed to say .... ohhhhh poor Anna.

- let her have the million dollar home FREE!
- let someone else pay her utility and maid and security and remodelling bills and property taxes.
- let her have permanent residency status in the Bahamas even if she didn't meet the legal requirements for it
- don't give your daughter a DNA test - you say Howard is the father, that's good enough
- let Anna keep taking her drugs
- don't test the baby girl for drugs
- go Anna! keep suing people instead of dealing with the lawsuits already filed against you
- just give us a sexy smile and stick out your ample fake breasts and talk baby talk, and we will forget all rational thought and reason

EVERYBODY is wrong EXCEPT poor innocent Anna!
Shame on any of us for using our brains when discussing Anna!

2905 days ago


Y'all leave that dumb bitch alone. She doesn't even know who the baby's daddy is herself!

2905 days ago


crack is whack remember that Anna Nicole!!! There is hope..Whitney cleaned still have a chance!

with that being said. i have to poop now!

2905 days ago

Howard Stern is Americas Most Hated Man    

Anna Nicole was claiming "memory loss" when Daniel died so it will be most convenient to use "memory loss" again when she's questioned about falsifying a birth certificate.

2905 days ago


#28 -- ROFLMAO -- True, true ...

2905 days ago
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