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Did Anna Nicole Commit Birth Fraud?

11/7/2006 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith tried to persuade a sterile man to put his name on her newborn baby's birth certificate, according to a sworn affidavit.

Unimpeachable sources tell TMZ that Ben Thompson, a real estate mogul who briefly had an affair with Anna Nicole last year, signed an affidavit in the brewing paternity conflict over Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern. We're told in the document, Thompson swears that during her pregnancy Anna Nicole tried to convince him that he was the daddy. That's when Thompson informed her it was impossible because he had a vasectomy.

We're told according to the document, Smith then fessed up and told Thompson that Larry Birkhead, her ex-boyfriend who is currently fighting Smith to establish his paternity, was indeed the father. Sources say in the affidavit, Thompson claims Smith told him that Birkhead got her pregnant and repeated that statement several times thereafter.

Thompson's statement is the second sworn affidavit claiming that Smith copped to Birkhead as the father. As TMZ first reported, Laurie Payne, once a close friend of Smith's, also claims that the former Playboy Playmate told her that Birkhead was the daddy.

We're told in Thompson's affidavit, he claims he was in the Bahamas shortly after Dannielynn's birth. Thompson says that Anna Nicole asked him repeatedly if he would put his name on the birth certificate as the father, even though Smith knew he wasn't. Thompson says he refused to cooperate, and Smith subsequently had her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, sign as the father.


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Howard is NOT married to Anna. He should not have custody.
Anna has NO MONEY for Larry to want.
Anna did the media attention never ending interview on Entertainment Tonight and Howard went on Larry King.
Anna sells photos left and right.
Howard never deposited any "stuff" in Anna .... the DNA test will prove that.

2838 days ago


Wendy? Are you on CRACK?? "I hope that baby is Howards." Duh.

FYI, Howie ISN'T married to Anna, they had a ceremony THAT WASN'T LEGAL, makes sense doesn't it. She asked ANOTHER MAN to sign the birth certificate ad he wouldn't so Howard did - knowing he's not this kids father.

Larry is only in it for the money and attention? Can you please than tell me why for the past dozen years he's been following Anna around like a hound, but Larry has been busy with a JOB, taking photographs, maiking money to keep a roof over his head.

Have you ever heard Howard fight for little Dannielynn once? No, neither have I. And as a single mother for years, you don't know how much it is appreciated when a man steps up to the plate, offers to do a DNA, and fights for a child he's not even positive it is. It's nuts.

Wendy, back away from the paint fumes, they are making logic like a bad LSD trip for ya, sorry kiddo.

2837 days ago


Larry is only in it for the money and attention? Can you please than tell me why for the past dozen years he's been following Anna around like a hound, but Larry has been busy with a JOB, taking photographs, maiking money to keep a roof over his head.

Correction: HKS has been following ANS like a hound - while LB is busy with his own actual job. I would love to see their tax records.

2836 days ago


Check out the newest articles in the Bahamas B2B papers, The Tribune.
I won't put the actual link, but it's at

"Bahamians Know Where The Truth Lies" - Editorial

"Anna Nicole Smith Stirs Up Bahamas" - by John Marquis

Read the COMMENTS at the bottom of the articles too.

In the search box on the top right corner, enter "Anna Nicole Smith", and you will get a list of all the Tribune articles regarding her wreaking havoc in the Bahamas.

2836 days ago


I love Anna no matter what the situation is.

2834 days ago


Anna does not have to prove who the father of that baby is. She didn't commit fraud by saying who she believes to be the babys father. IF she believes its Howards then how is that fraud. She feels it is his from the timing. Larry is looking for Press, 15 minutes of fame and MONEY. Aspire Actor/photographer. WAKE up people.

How would you like to have to prove right now that the child you have isn't yours. If I say to you I'm the father of that baby and sue you to prove it. All it does is make life miserable for you till its proven I'm not.

This man didn't try to evict her till the Larry Birkhead stuff started. Someone is violating rights here. Leaving a baby in a house with out power to evict. Its against the law here to evict any mother with a small baby till they have somewhere to go.

Larry has done nothing but brought grief upon Anna from day one. Give this woman a break. Everyone reacts differently with grief. She LOVED Daniel with all her heart. He was her number one priorty as Dannilynn will be. She has not been given the time to enjoy a new baby let alone grief for the son she had. She has been a prisoner of her own home. Why now is this man demanding money? ASK yourselfs that. Why now? He could have anytime. He picks the time right after Larry Birkhead starts his stupid lawsuits. Hires a Stupid lawyer to talk to Anna on TV ...I'm talking at you Anna Bring That Baby Back for a TEST if you have nothing to hide. Lady if I did or not I wouldn't because I don't have to. I shouldn't have to prove crap to you or anyone.

If we want to really get nasty lets pass a law that demands ALL babies born have a DNA test done to prove who's your Daddy! Now wouldn't that be a great law!

2834 days ago


Karia, I am glad there is someone who sees it the way I do.

While I don't think Anna should be in the house if it's not her house, I think all of the other antics, including those you cited in your post, to be despicable. Debra Opri's grandstanding was beyond disgusting.

And if I had one question for larry Birkhead it would be this: Larry, is this YOUR idea? Or are you easily influenced by your family, i.e., sisters, female friends, your mother or stepmother, your lady lawyer, etc. etc. etc.? You seem like the kind of guy who might be easily persuaded to do something you do NOT want to really do. Are you SURE you want to go through with this? You know, the blood money you wind up with might not be worth it in the end because just because you might finally wind up with that baby girl, you will also be forever tethered to Anna Nicole Smith in quite probably a very acriminous relationship. Is this what you want for yourself and this baby if she is, in fact, yours?

2834 days ago


make that *acrimonious" relationship!

2834 days ago


Tru, is that really what you think? While I have believed all along, because of the timing of things, that LB is strictly in this because of the money, I also believe that if it were proven that he was indeed the baby's father, he would ask for some form of custody and support, but would end up letting ANS keep the kid because, "babies need their mothers", ESPECIALLY if she got some sort of rehab or treatment. This is strictly MY OPINION, not based on anything I have ever heard or read EXCEPT for the timing of his stepping forward. I think he may make a show of having the baby in his possession for a short time, but that would be it, a SHORT TIME. Then I think he would relinquish her to ANS and keept getting the support. I know of a couple of women on the "child support train" who have done this, giving the child to someone else (physically, not legally) to raise as long as they keep getting that check every month.
Just my two cents.

2833 days ago


Tru, AJ, and Karia...haven't the Puritan...witches found you here...puttin in you're two cents...without a rebuttal... ...If they find out you have been going against the true facts you will be slaughtered......haven't you learned anything they have been teaching you?..
Keep up the battle for..for being honest ..not ugly......because the Inquiring minds don't care about them and their fact findings....they are nasty rude arrogant Bitches...poor baby .is their chant....gossip what they are

2833 days ago


Ha, no the puritan witches have not found out yet! Shhhh - don't tell!

I see what you mean.

What I am thinking is that Larry started out with the money/publicity angle in mind (perhaps), but now it appears that he's got too many people stirring the pot with him.

Just look at some of the comments written on this board. What began with, "Larry, get your name on the birth certificate" has ballooned into, "GO GET YOUR BABY, LARRY, NOW!!!!"

2832 days ago


Does anyone know if there is a Declaration of Paternity in the Bahamas? After doing some research, I know that this is a way that, in some states, a couple who is unmarried can declare paternity. It seems that the legality of this declaration varies from state to state.

After watching the Nancy Grace thing on tv tonight, and seeing LB standing there with his lawyer while she was "calling" ANS out, I have to say that I can see how you would question whether LB is doing something he actually WANTS to do, or if he went to this lawyer and SHE has ended up steering that ship. He looks as if he has no idea what she is talking about. I HOPE that IF HE IS THE FATHER, he is able to play the regular role of Daddy to the baby. I also hope that IF he is NOT the father, and its proven, that that lawyer will stand by his side while they are being sued for libel and slander and whatever else ANS could come up with. She (opri) seems like a shark but that could get her in a lot of trouble later, or make her look like a giant fool, if LB turns out not to be the dad.

Just my two cents, folks, so please hold your fire.

And Me, they arent so bad. I can respect anyone who respects me, and if you have read ALL of these posts, you will see that we have all had to go round with these ladies a time or two. I personally have developed a certain respect for MOST of these ladies, although I will admit, not all. Dont take it personally, after all, its not like they know YOU, you are just a name on a message board.

2831 days ago


See if this helps answer your questions.

2831 days ago


So basically, what that link says (and BTW, thanks for that), is that, according to Section three (D), if HKS and ANS were indeed "roomies" for the last three years, as someone reported on one of these sites, then it would be perfectly legal to declare HKS the father of the baby? Is that right, or am I misinterpreting what I read? I am very curious, because if that is correct, and they have been living under the same roof for the last few years, then could this mess up LB's legal maneuvers? I know LB has filed in CA, and they are hanging out in the Bahamas so I would think this would be very murky water, legally, but even if ANS and HKS were never given citizenship, Dannielynn was born in the Bahamas, so wouldnt she be protected under BAHAMIAN law? Is she a US citizen or a Bahamian?

2830 days ago


The basis of the fraud suit filed by LB in the Bahamas is that Howard and Anna PERJURED themselves in the DECLARATIONS they filed with Dannielynn’s birth cert application.

Anna and Howard have the legal responsibility to appear in court and ANSWER the charges in this fraud lawsuit, and to provide evidence that they did not commit birth fraud (proving they lived together for example).

I believe LB will have evidence that outweighs theirs, proving that Anna and Howard both KNOW that LB is the baby's father, and intentionally committed fraud and made false representations on the Declarations that they filed in the Bahamas.

Time will tell .......

2830 days ago
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