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Tara -- Starving For Attention?

11/7/2006 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tara Reid: Click to watchYa gotta love Tara Reid; she'll take whatever attention she can get, and work it.

TMZ spotted Reid, who looked a lot more glam than the train wreck we're used to seeing, coming out of Mr. Chow last night with her brother and a man she introduces as the "creator of iTunes," who resembled Mr. Clean in an L.A. City Seal tee shirt.

The resurgified "American Pie" star signed photos for all the hungry autograph seekers and even posed for photogs against a brick wall outside the restaurant. Most celebs at the Beverly Hills eatery are usually in a hurry to escape the cameras, but not our Tara!


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Tara aka Plush    

I have respect for Tara. Earlier this year, she took on a 'huge' responsibility for another person. I don't believe for a second that she's 'begging' for attention, I believe she is escaping from it all. It's easy to judge when a celeb lives life off a script, they awake to it, live it and try and run from it and always having that thought in the back of their mind, "when do I give in"? I say, you got my total support and regardless of what the media says, Hollywood and the lime-light is about to change and a new sun is going to shine. I know Hollywood claims all the time that this 'game' has its 'premier' members and all control for the past 50 years, but that 'idle time' in New York isn't idle any longer and Tara, don't sweat it ... the beginning has just started. So when the media looks at you with their negative comments, tell them to go report in bee-hive .. you're not slummin' anymore.

2841 days ago


This girl is so full of sh*t. Some one needs to tie a bucket around her neck to catch it all, or mayby a 44 galon drum!

2834 days ago


Hey, your suppose to look glam when you've been looking glum for far too long...."Hey it's Tara...look at me...photograph me....PLEASE!!!"... :)

2884 days ago

Mike V.    

SKANKALICIOUS. Just buy her a couple of drinks and you'll be able to get in her panties with no problem.

2884 days ago


yikes, looks like she's sporting the same dead animal wigs on her head as skanky Simpson

2884 days ago

chi chi    

She's been wearing wigs, even on the View, I wonder why?

2884 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    

She is still a horrible actress with bad boobies.

You know she is sitting at home waiting for the American reunion to happen.

2884 days ago


I think she's pretty. She's trying to fix things in her life and I wish her the best. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?


2884 days ago


Has anyone thought she's really trying to clean up her act?Maybe she's at that point in her life where she wants to be taken seriously,settle down and maybe have kids.If this is her goal I wish her the best.

2884 days ago


Looks like she was being a very humble fan friendly young actress. Good for you Tara

2884 days ago


Tara, fame isn't for everyone. Being a famous doesn't necessarily make you a better/ more important person. I find it incredible that you would rather be known as a skank/talentless actress/drunk than not to be known at all.Got to school. Become a teacher. Do something positive with your life. Stop chasing it.

2884 days ago


I say go Tara!! She has had a few bad things happen to her (the boob incident) and she is ridiculed and harrased about it. Come on!! Look at poor old whore bag Paris - This skank will let anyone in her pants, tape it, talk about it, go out in public dressed like a whore, dance on tables naked, steal others boyfriends, make out with whoever looks her way and she is ok? I know, tramps like her sell magazines. That little whore will be dead in 5-10 years. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? GIVE THAT GIRL AIDS-SHE DESERVES TO SUFFER!!!!!!!!!!!

2883 days ago

bad seed    

Creator of iTunes MY ASS.

2883 days ago

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